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Do we deserve to be called as Republic anymore?

What an irony that just one day after our Democracy was publicly assaulted, we, very shamelessly, are celebrating our 69th Republic Day. To be very honest, there is nothing left to feel proud of. Sorry to say, but the whole administration, law enforcement agencies, and even the government WILLINGLY ALLOWED an army of a few hundred goons to kill our constitution, right on the streets of Motherland India. This is simply a disgrace to the sacrifice of the freedom fighters. Did they fight for this day?

The Padmavati controversy is, in fact, an eye-opener. It clearly shows that there is nothing more important than Vote Bank in our country. Yes, you read it right, nothing matters to these selfish politicians other than the Vote Bank. The government, very conveniently allowed the public property to be destroyed, kids, females, senior citizens to be manhandled and law and order situation to get out of control. It’s a shame for our country to be ruled by such coward people, who prefer to be a mute spectator in such situations.

Even the judgement of the Honourable Supreme Court was not only disrespected but not been followed as well, and that too right in front of the ruling government. Yet, those in power simply choose to cover their eyes and plug their ears. What more could be said, when the advocate of the Supreme Court himself commented against the judgement of the Honourable Supreme Court, in a language, which indirectly provokes the public to act against the order. Isn’t all this a contempt of court?

Now, it’s the moral duty of the ruling government of the respective states to resign immediately as they apparently failed on every aspect to maintain the law and order situation in their constituencies. On the contrary, they just gave a free hand to all those who bring unrest to our society. On a second thought, to expect morality from people whose only motive is to do Vote Bank politics is actually foolish on my part. In fact, it’s we the citizens, who give them the authority to take advantage of us, so let’s face the consequences.

At a time, when most of the issues are intentionally coloured with communalism, if we still don’t apply our brain to think then beware, more of such life-threatening incidences are waiting to erupt. Take my words, this is just a trailer of the bloodshed communal movie, staring all of us, that’s about to be released anytime soon. Some people just want to brainwash us and engage us in some, or the other communal issues, in order to distract our attention from other prominent issues concerning us.

It’s a high time for the citizens of Motherland India to get awake. If we don’t raise our voice now against all the injustice happening around us then mind it, future won’t forgive us. Don’t ignore all this, just because it’s happening with someone else and not you. Do remember that today it’s someone else or their family, who is a victim of such nuisances but tomorrow it could happen with you or your family too. Until we get awake and unite together we don’t deserve to be called as Republic.

Democracy has always been our strength but we need to fight for it and preserve it for our generations to come. I do hope that we realize the true worth of being Republic and save our Motherland India before it’s too late. I also hope that the Honourable Supreme Court takes some serious action against all those who are directly or indirectly involved in supporting or acting against its judgement.

I wish the Almighty give good sense to each one of us.

Stay in touch. God Bless!


Peyush Jain