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Father don’t be Farther


Father, you are a Superhero,

You are an epitome of energy,

You are a reservoir of inspiration,

You are the guiding link between the generations,

You are the fruitful reason behind our creation.


You pretend to be strict,

You scare us with your stick,

Your way of expressing love might sound weird, but eventually, we realize,

You prepare us to face the brutal reality,

Your thoughts always have that clarity.


We were at ease crawling, but you ensured that we walk,

We were happy communicating with our sign language, but it was you who made us talk,

We fought, failed, fell and cried every time we lack, but you never wiped our tears, instead, you taught us to fight back,

Whenever we lost our confidence, the comforting touch of your palm was always felt on our shoulder,

We have never seen you scared of anything; Trust me; I am yet to come across anyone bolder.


But, hey Dad, in this tough journey of being a father,

You didn’t realize when you turned Farther,

Father, my only advice to you is that -Don’t take much load,

There is nothing wrong in laughing your heart out sometimes, and showing your smile that is so broad,

It’s okay to demonstrate your emotions; it’s perfectly fine to reveal your compassion,

Hiding behind that tough shell will only lead you Farther, oh Father.


Peyush Jain