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Is justice actually achieved in the current judicial system? – Part 5

Disclaimer – I am writing this blog in my complete sense and I do intend to point the finger towards the Judiciary, as well as, the law enforcement and investigation agencies. Although, in no way, I aim to disrespect the Judiciary, however, if asking honest questions hurt the sentiments of the Honourable Judges then let it be. If the honourable judges think that it’s in the larger interest of the Motherland India to put me behind the bars then I am ready to face any legal consequences as well, in order to keep our democracy intact.

Isn’t it a matter of extreme pride for our judicial system that an innocent person has to wait for as long as 24 years just to get justice? Further, what he gets in turn, after waiting for this long a period is worth mentioning here as well. The combined compensation of the trauma caused on account of a fake case and the loss of the ‘productive’ 24 long years of an individual’s life is adjudged to be merely Rs. 50 Lakhs, that’s it. Do we even realize that how big a loss it’s for our country to lose a talented scientist in the name of the prolonged judicial proceedings?

Yes, I am talking about Late Mr. S Nambi Narayanan, the learned and intelligent Ex Cryogenics Project Director of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). Mr. Nambi was trapped in a fake case by the Circle Inspector (CI) and his entire personal life and the professional career was just ruined. A fake case which emerged out of a CI’s lust resulted into trapping a number of people in espionage charges (spying against the country), on baseless grounds.

Post getting arrested on dated, 30th November 1994 Mr. Nambi was brutally beaten up in the police custody and kept under inhuman conditions. Over these years, he was so broke that at times thought of committing suicide as well. It was only because of the family support that he chose to live. [Reference: News article published, on dated 22nd September 2018, in Dainik Bhaskar, Hindi Daily Newspaper]. We can’t even imagine what they have to go through during all these years.

Mr. Nambi was recently acquitted from all the espionage charges. However, it’s pathetic to note here that Mr. Nambi went into the coma before the pronouncement of the final order by the Honourable Supreme Court of India and eventually died. It’s a matter of extreme shame for our country. We don’t even deserve to mourn on the death of the late scientist Mr. Nambi. Tell me, could we even term it as justice in a real sense? To be very honest, not only the people who trapped Mr. Nambi in such a fake case are responsible but each and every one of us is equally responsible and answerable to Mr. Nambi and his family.

Isn’t it so easy to ruin the life of any person in our country just by throwing garbage on them, without any circumstantial pieces of evidence? What was Mr. Nambi’s mistake? Why his family has to go through all that humiliation over these years? Shouldn’t the law enforcement and investigation agencies, as well as, our judicial system be ashamed of delaying justice for as long as 24 years? Are we ready to answer all these questions? No, just like any other case, we have moved on after celebrating the outcome of this case as well, forgetting the painful struggles of an innocent citizen and his family.

An innocent person trapped in a fake case has to wait for as long as 24 years in order to get justice. This is the pathetic state of the judicial system of our country which claims to be the world’s largest democracy. Still, they want the citizens to have the full faith in our judicial system. It’s hard to understand that what faith they are talking about? Are they advocating a blind faith, where we blindly trust the person or the thing and are brainwashed to believe that everything around is going on well?

Isn’t deep down in our heart we very well know that we are just being fooled and our emotions are being played with? Still, we choose to keep quiet and suffer? But, for how long are we going to continue like this? Isn’t it a threat to the very democracy of our country, which we are so proud of? When the person of this calibre could not get ‘timely’ justice then we, the common citizen of India, can just imagine the worth of our life.

Shouldn’t an enquiry be held to dig out the actual reason of delay in providing the justice in this case and for that matter in each and every single prolonged case? Doesn’t the Constitution of India provide the basic right of justice to each and every single citizen of India? If yes, then isn’t justice delayed equivalent to justice denied? Isn’t it the duty of the judiciary to ensure that not even a single case is prolonged for unnecessary reasons just to delay justice?

Are the honourable judges, law enforcement and investigation agencies, over and above the Constitution of India? If not, then is it justifiable to close a ‘fake’ case in as long as 24 years? Until and unless, the honourable judges and each and every single person who is a part of the judiciary are held responsible for overly pending judicial cases, it’s not possible to achieve timely justice in the current judicial system. Until that time, it would be right on my part to say that “Timely justice is just an illusion”.

I wish that may the Almighty give good sense to each one of us.

God bless you all!

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Peyush Jain