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Let the Farmer’s protest, after all, who cares, right?

On dated 30th November 2018, India’s capital New Delhi witnessed thousands of Indian farmers marching towards the Sansad Bhavan, the house of the Parliament of India. As a matter of fact, it was the fourth march of the farmers during the tenure of the present Modi Government. How disheartening it is that instead of undertaking the extremely important agriculture activities, these farmers are ‘forced’ to gather and protest at the Ramlila Ground, New Delhi, against the present Indian Government and their policies.

I deliberately used the word forced in the above sentence because these innocent farmers are being cheated since ages. The ground reality is that the farmers have lost all their trust in any of the political parties to name with. Hence, in anticipation of getting their voice heard they have left with no other option but to peacefully protest against the inconsiderate governments. In spite of all this, the big question is – Are the farmers in our nation even being heard or are they still very conveniently being ignored by the arrogant politicians?

Herewith, let me make it very clear that I am not pointing my finger only towards the present ruling government. Indeed the present Modi Government is responsible and guilty of not fulfilling the promises they made to the citizens of India before coming into the power but at the same time all the earlier central governments and current, as well as, the past state governments are equally responsible for the pathetic state of the farmers, as well as the agriculture sector, as a whole.

The fact is that the farmers are merely considered as a vote bank by the politicians, irrespective of the political parties they belong to. There is hardly anyone to lend their eyes and ears to the pain these farmers have to go through. The political parties remember the farmers only at the time of elections, after which they are left at the will of the fate, while the politicians get busy patting their own back, by publishing their achievements reflected by the fabricated data, on the social networking platforms.

The Minimum Support Price (MSP) as declared and promised by the government is yet another deception technique used to fool the farmers. Most of the times, the farmers aren’t able to recover even the cost of their produce, forget about making any profits on the same. Keeping aside these facts, none of the governments miss any opportunity to praise themselves by making false claims that the farmers across the nation are able to sell their produce, at least at the MSP as declared by the respective government, even when the reality is far from this.

In addition to this, the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY) sprinkles salt on the wounds of those farmers, who have lost their produce on account of some natural calamities like drought, flood, or any such reasons. As a matter of fact, the very purpose of such Crop Insurance Scheme’s since inception has always been to benefit the insurance companies and not the farmers. These insurance companies make huge profits out of these schemes by misleading the innocent farmers in the name of complicated clauses.

As far as the agriculture sector is concerned, it’s always the middleman and the industrialists who gain and get rich day by day. Just because these farmers deal in the perishable products, which could not be stored for a longer period, they are being dominated by the middleman and the industrialist’s lobby and compelled to sell their products at such a cheap price that most of the time they are unable to recover even their cost. Hence, the actual producer of the agriculture products always stays poor and ends up indebted generation after generation.

Above all the irony is that the same agriculture produce which is procured at such a cheap price from the farmers is sold at huge margins to us i.e. the end users by these middlemen and the industrialists. Again, we have no other choice but to purchase it at the price demanded by these middleman’s/industrialists in spite of knowing that we are simply filling the pockets of the greedy and not the needy ones.

It’s the high time that we, the common man, stand by the side of the farmers to enable them in getting the much-deserved respect and price for the laborious and thankless job they do. Sooner the better, we realize that it’s only because of the Annadata (Farmer) that we could enjoy our daily meals. Isn’t it sad that although these farmers fill the stomach of the entire nation yet they and their family has to stay empty stomach most of the time?

India is an agriculture-dependent economy so it’s also in the larger interest of the nation as a whole that we resolve all the issues faced by the farmers and uplift them if at all, we want our nation to evenly grow at a faster pace. If we leave the farmers as it is or for that matter if we aren’t considerate enough towards all the sections of the society then we would never ever be able to make an all-round development.

I would like to end this blog with the hope that the politicians realize that there are living beings other than themselves and their closed ones too. Do remember that none of the countries can progress leaving any section of the society untouched.

I wish that may the Almighty give good sense to each one of us.

Stay in touch.

God Bless!

Peyush Jain