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Are political parties democratic in their conduct?

Once again it’s the election season in India, and as usual, the politicians have started throwing garbage on each other. Irrespective of the parties they belong too, these politicians specialize in passing loose personal comments or accusing the rival political parties and their leaders for reasons that have nothing to do with the current issues faced by the common man of that very constituency. In reality, no one actually cares to talk about the public issues.

Continuing the same trend, the issue of “Democracy in the political parties” has recently been raised. Referring to the election of Party President in the rival political party, the politicians of the ruling government has raised the issues of dynasty politics and democracy in the political parties. Well, there is no argument that it’s a case of dynasty politics. However, before questioning the democracy in other political parties, every politician should first thoroughly analyse the functioning of their own party.

As a matter of fact, either the topmost position in the political parties is crowned through the dynasty rule or else it’s the most favoured person of the then Party Supremo, who is elevated to take up the senior most position in the political party. More or less, almost every political party functions in the same way. So the big question is that “Are the political parties actually democratic in their conduct”?

Don’t the political parties majorly function based on the willingness of its Party Supremo and rarely as per the willingness of the majority of its members? Can any politician raise voice against any wrong decision taken by their party or any misconduct done on the part of any other politician belonging to their party? Still, if a few of them dare to do so, aren’t they been sidelined, expelled or demoted?

When none of the members of any political party is free to raise their concerns, when the parties are more or less following the agenda of Party Supremo and when every member is expected to agree to all the decisions taken by their party, irrespective of whether such decisions are against the public interest, then where is the place of democracy in such parties? Pointing finger towards others is easy but when it comes to questioning our own conducts we just overlook our shortcomings and failures.

What an irony that the same people who sidelined the senior politicians to sit on the topmost position, people who don’t care to lend their ears to the genuine voices raised against their functioning, people who believe in taking decisions on their own without considering the advice of others are pointing the finger towards democracy in other political parties. My only advice to them is that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others.

It seems as if in the current scenario there is no scope left for an “Agenda based politics”. At the same time, none of the political parties has a clear-cut roadmap to present in front of the citizens that what exactly they intend to do post-winning the election. Hence, these politicians resort to such time-tested practice of bringing out irrelevant issues to divert the attention of voters at the time of the election.

Frankly, there are very few politicians left who actually care about public pains and this is the very reason why common man hates politics so much. I do hope that someday these politicians will realize that “Charity begins at home” and start conducting the affairs of their political parties in a democratic fashion before pointing the finger towards other parties. I also wish that the political parties, as well as the voters, realize the importance of an “Agenda based politics” over anything else.

At last, I would like to appeal all the voters to cast their vote based on a sound decision, without getting affected or allured by any external forces.

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God Bless!

Peyush Jain