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The Martyr’s soul will indeed be Proud

Miss Gurmehar Kaur, a 20-year-old student of Delhi University, is being trolled and threatened for opposing one of the acts of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP). She basically hails from Jalandhar, India and was a part of the campaign run against ABVP on social media platform. Herewith, please be noted that it is being alleged that the members of ABVP were involved in the violence that took place on dated 22nd February 2017 in the campus of Ramjas College, New Delhi. Now it’s for the authorities and the investigation agencies to investigate and reveal the names of all those who were involved in that violent act.

However, it seems that as a “customary act” once again the attention has been deliberately shifted from the main issue to the opposition of that very issue. So, before reaching to any conclusion, it will be prudent for us to know that what this girl was actually opposing. Was her stand in favour of any Anti-Nation activity? Was she opposing any kind of legal activity? Above all what exactly she wanted to convey? And to find the answer to all such questions, we will have to go through the post of Gurmehar Kaur. If anyone with sane mind looks at her post, they could easily figure it out that she was simply opposing any kind of violence in the college. Further, to voice her stand against violence this brave girl openly dared ABVP that she is not afraid of them.

Now, I seriously fail to understand that what is the mistake of this girl in raising her voice against a serious issue? In a country whose “Father of the Nation” was himself against any kind of violence is it wrong on the part of a Martyr’s daughter to raise her voice against violence? Nowadays, how easy it is to pronounce anything as an Anti-Nation activity. If someone raises their voice against any kind of injustice, they are held as Anti-Nation. What kind of democracy is this where one who speaks against violence has to leave the city and those who were actually involved in that violence are still roaming freely in that very city?

Shame on us that in the heat of opposing someone we can fall to such a low-level, that we don’t even hesitate in threatening people from raping them. What kind of society is this where the educated youths are indulging in violence and still they get support in the name of Patriotism? However valid our point may be but who on earth gave us the right to take law in our hands? A democratic nation should have a zero tolerance policy against any kind of violence. Only then we can make our country a safe place to live in.

Surprisingly, the tech savvy Central Government always keeps mum whenever such incidences take place, especially in which people related to their political party are involved. While, at all the other time, the Central Government’s ministers including our Pradhan Sevak are super active on social media platforms. Why can’t the Central Government take a strong stand against any kind of violence and come out openly to oppose all those who were involved in such kind of acts? I hope they know it that they are a People’s Government, not a Party Specific Government.

A Central Minister on this incidence commented that “The Martyr’s soul must be crying”. Mr. Minister, it’s not the martyr’s soul, rather we should be the one who should be crying on such a treatment with a martyr’s family in our country. It is the same nation to which Late Captain Mandeep Singh gave preference over his family or any other thing. It is the same nation for which he gave away his life in the 1999 Kargil war. It is the same nation for which the martyr’s father too served in the armed force. And for all this sacrifice and love towards the nation what he gets in return?

His daughter is not safe in the same country, she is being threatened with rape and murder, she is getting trolled for voicing against violence and above all she has to leave the city for security reasons. Is this the way a martyr’s family should be treated within his own country? Forget about showing respect towards the martyrs, these people can’t even respect the dignity of a female. However, it is commendable that in spite of all the threats the brave girl stands against the sick minded people. Seeing her daughter’s brave stand, the martyr’s soul will indeed be Proud.

I would like to end this blog with the hope that may we always choose a peaceful and a decent way of protesting against anything that we want to oppose. Let there be freedom of speech and expression in a real sense. For the sake of this nation, I urge everyone not to link each and everything with an anti-nation act. I wish that the Almighty give good sense to each one of us.

God Bless you all!

Peyush Jain

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Minimal Mimic – What’s our tolerance level?

We are a nation where art is considered as a divine blessing, and at the same time, we do worship the god and goddess of art. People even treat and worship the artists as god/goddesses. They have a lot of respect towards the artists and, in reality, are crazy about them. Hence, when a mimic is punished in such a nation, then a lot of questions are obvious to evoke in our mind. In this blog, I have tried to jot down the questions that hit in an unbiased mind i.e. questions that come from the side of the performer, as well as, the questions that arise from the side of those who gets hurt, whenever any such incidence takes place around us.

Now, before anyone advises me to watch the act and decide for myself about the incident, let me make it very clear that it’s my good fortune that I haven’t seen the “much talked about” act, till now. As such, I am in a good position to write this blog without any preconceived notions in my mind. I have tried my level best to think about the issue from both the point of views. I hope the readers could dig and come up with the replies to all these questions in their mind.

Questions from the point of view of the performer – What is the kind and level of satire which is treated as ‘bearable’ based on the parameters set by the people of this country? Are there some kinds of ‘untouchable’ subjects which are not to be joked about in our society? If yes, then who is going to decide about those subjects? Isn’t mostly anything that is fun for someone, a reason of hurt to the other? Does that mean one should stop joking at all? Was it something that was not taken in the right spirit by those who got hurt? Before getting hurt do we take into consideration the intentions of the person behind it? If no, then is this the right way to treat a professional artist? Are we so intolerant against something that is not meant to be taken seriously at the very first place? Are we not mature enough to take things in a lighter way? Do we have enough freedom of speech in our democratic society?

Questions from the point of view of the persons who got hurt – Is making fun and mimicking the idols and known personalities, the only talent that is left with the artists to showcase? Was it a cheap comedy that hurt the sentiments of the followers? Before coming up with any material do we consider the repercussions and take a conscious decision to showcase it? If yes, then what is the need for seeking forgiveness? Or is it that we take the content and feelings of the people so casually that we don’t bother about the after effects? Can’t there be a clean fun where we don’t play with the emotions and feelings of others? Have we taken the society for granted that anything that is done in the name of fun is going to be accepted? Does freedom of speech means that anything could be said and done regardless of whether it hurts anyone or not?

As enjoying or getting hurt is solely based on personal views, so are the answers to the questions raised in this blog. Now, it’s for each one of us to find our answers and decide what our tolerance level is, whether we are ready for the full blown mimic or a minimal mimic is our choice and could anything be accepted and taken in a lighter sense or not.

I hope we all are mature enough to think before we speak and act, as well as, take things in the right sense, as they are meant to be taken.

God bless you all!

Peyush Jain

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Tolerance towards Intolerance

Freedom is our birth right and no one can compel us to breathe in a suffocating world. Intolerance against anything that tries to snatch away our freedom is actually the first step towards attaining freedom in a real sense. Just imagine, if no one in the past would have shown intolerance against the British rule, then could India has achieved Independence? Intolerance is the seed that generates a remarkable change in our life and the failure to realize the intolerance breeding around us, leads to a revolt.

What happens when we try to force an equivalent reaction towards any action? The outcome is a revolt against the dictatorship. We can stay happily for some time with the thought that everything is going fine within our cosy false bubble, but the day that bubble gets busted, we would not be in the position to face the world with our lame excuses. If we ignore what is going on around us and tend to watch everything with the spectacles of our self-made egoistic perspective then the panorama will definitely be distorted.

Intolerance has always been and will always be a part and parcel of our life. It has to be that way. We may debate about the level of intolerance getting increased over the years. But we cannot deny the fact that intolerance against injustice have erupted time and again, in the past too. Intolerance has always been there in our society, for e.g. intolerance against the rape cases eventually outburst in a mass movement in the Nirbhaya Case. So in the present situation, is it right to think that intolerance is used as a propaganda on account of a planned agenda to stop a particular person from performing well? It may be that the people are more aware, awake and have a medium to raise their voice and get heard on a larger scale in this era. However, refusing it all together that there is no level of intolerance in the present society, will be a big mistake by the ruling government, the law enforcing agencies, the judicial system, other governing bodies/departments, as well as, the innocent public etcetera.

It is better for each one of us to realize that intolerance is an important ingredient of the lives of all living beings and we should have the “Tolerance towards Intolerance”. We should do the root cause analysis of every situation before jumping to the conclusion or before pointing a finger towards others by raising doubts on their credibility. Great human beings and leaders are the ones who do not oppose things just for the sake of opposing because they have to support a certain ideology etcetera. Instead, they have the courage to stand by those things that are factually correct.

Whether returning of awards is politically motivated is not the main issue. What is important is to diagnose that is everyone out there who believes that there is an air of intolerance in the environment is a fool who knows nothing? Are we trying to question the thinking ability of the writers/artists? Are we saying that every writer/artist who returned their award didn’t have their own thoughts behind doing so? Do we mean that every person who thinks that there is some kind of intolerance in the society is lured or brainwashed? Could every sane person be influenced? We may have a different stand with regard to whether returning of awards for showing their dissent is a right way of protesting or not. However, who gave us the right to question the credibility of all those people without any proof?

We know that the best way to attract attention is to throw garbage on a known personality. But do we expect the same kind of behaviour from the responsible and learned people? Shouldn’t they be responsible enough to understand the nerves of the public before accusing others of creating a drama? Losing an election would not matter in the long run. What will matter is our failure to grab an opportunity to learn lessons from our past mistakes. Did we fail in understanding the feelings of people and realizing the ground realities? We will be judged on the criteria that whether we realized the actual issues at the early stage and took timely actions to understand and resolve them or not.

Hope instead of running away from the core issues, we will always show enough courage to accept the hardcore realities and work upon them, to build a happy, peaceful and a progressive society.

May all of us stay peacefully and have good sense always. Amen!

Peyush Jain

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Navratri – Time to worship a Goddess, in real sense

It’s the time of the year that marks the celebration of Navratri in India. Navratri is the festival of worshiping the goddesses of courage. The goddess which symbolizes a lady who is courageous enough to stand for her rights, a lady who is not afraid of anything, a lady who doesn’t differentiate between the doers of injustice, but instead make sure that whoever is the culprit gets punished for their acts, a lady who don’t sulk in pain, a lady who is an idol in real sense. So it’s the right time to recognize and show our respect towards the real living goddesses on planet earth i.e. all those ladies whose conducts showcase that they overcome all the odds in life with the courage they carry.

At the start of this blog, let me make it very clear that I am writing this blog, with all my senses, and I have no regrets for anyone who is “intended” to get hurt because of the contents of this blog. This blog is meant to hurt the feelings of all those females “who think themselves as helpless”. However, this does not imply to hurt all those females who are trapped in such a situation, wherein it’s impossible for them to make their voice heard. At the same time, this blog will serve its purpose, if it is also able to hurt the feelings of all those hypocrites, who publicly preach about the rights of a woman, but in reality, don’t hesitate in snatching away the dignity of the ladies that comes on their radar. Most importantly this blog is to recognize and respect the real goddesses around us, who are brave in their thoughts, as well as, in their conducts.

It is rightly said that tolerating sin, is a sin as well. Not only the one who do injustice but the one who tolerates the injustice done with them are equally responsible. So, all those females who think that they are helpless, and hence don’t stand against the injustice done to them or don’t even try to disclose the injustice that has happened to them, should also be held responsible for any misdeeds that happened with them. Yes, if you don’t have the guts to come out in open and speak for your rights or drag the culprits out and bring those wrongdoers in public eye, then you are making your life miserable. And mind it, by you being silent, not only you alone become the victim of such insane people, but in a way, you help them in victimising the other girls too. Have the courage to speak out ‘LOUD’ at the very first incidence; else you are going to be slaughtered with many such incidences, every now and then, in your life.

Even children know that when they are hungry they have to cry and make a sound for their mother to realize that the child is hungry and feed them. Then aren’t we all in a far better position to understand that without making our voice heard, we may not get what we deserve? Hence, until the time you unveil about the misdeeds that are happening with you, you are not going to get any help, neither you will be able to come out of that vicious circle, nor you can stop such ill minded people. Girls you got to wake up before it’s too late because no one else will help you until you help yourself. If you are afraid that what people will say when you disclose any such incidences, then keep getting scared because people have to say something on everything, and sorry to say that you have no other option then to sulk in pain. And for all those who fear for their life, do remember that it’s better to sacrifice our life fighting against the injustice, then to keep tolerating the misdeeds and continue living a life in pain.

Instead of begging for sympathies for all the wrong that happened with you, have the courage to come out in open and disclose the culprits. Till the time you do this, nothing is going to change the fate. Sympathies are for the ones who fight for their right, not for the ones who choose to live their life getting submerged in the quicksand of injustice. Whatever choice you make, it’s your life and your decision, but do remember that there are girls out there who are bold enough to take their first step and ensure that such ill minded people get what they deserve. All such living goddesses portray that although the circumstances forced them to encounter the worst moments of their life, but still all that suffering could not shatter their courage and they came out bravely in public like a tigress, against all those who did injustice towards them.

Hypocrites, who preach about woman’s right in public, but actually take advantage of all the females that come in contact with them, are like a sleeper cell. They may be living a respectful life around us, as an admired personality. They can be the father, brother, husband, neighbour, boss, senior, colleague, or in any other form. However, their real intentions are known only to the one who gets victimised by their acts. There is no other way to identify such lechers, till the victims open their mouth against them. So, ladies, you have to come out in open and reveal the identity of all these offenders.

All the hypocrite souls out there, do remember that when these ladies overcome their fear, it will be your last day to live a respectful life hiding behind the fake mask of decency you wear on. So better you stop your sinful acts and show respect towards other ‘living’ beings. Don’t treat women as a mere object to satisfy your lust. Don’t dare to misuse your positions to take advantage of the ladies that are in your vicinity. It will be your biggest mistake if you think that the woman is a weaker gender. It’s a woman who kept you in her womb and tolerated the immense pain during the delivery, which males can never ever think of going through. So the next time before you even think of snatching away the dignity of any woman, do remember that she could be a real goddess to slaughter you and your lust.

As I always say that “It’s a high time we male take a pledge, that let the female be our mother, sister, friend, colleague, wife or in any other relation to name with but never ever be our victim”. So sooner the better every male realize woman as an important being on the planet and not an object to fulfil their undesirable lust.

This “Navratri”, make it a point to worship a real goddess, in a real sense. Worshiping in real sense means that we not only give them the respect they deserve as a living being but also recognize their hard work, their pains, their courage, as well as, stand with them in their time of needs. I would request all the females that do realize your strength and never ever consider yourself as helpless. Every one of you is a goddess of courage; it’s just that you have to realize your potentials. As Mr. Muhammed Iqbal rightly said that “Khudi ko kar buland itna, ke har taqdeer se pehley, khuda bandey se khud poochey, bata teri raza kya hai”.

It’s a request on this day of Navratri to all the brave ladies out there to accept a bow, as a gesture of respect. Hats off to all of you, for the courage you depict and sorry that at times you have to bear a lot of hardship. Be safe always in all the ways.

Happy Navratri!!!

Peyush Jain