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Ae Dil Hai Mushkil… – Part 2

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (Hey heart, it’s difficult)…Yes, once again, it’s difficult to understand that how come, in a democratic nation, a political party (having a regional presence), has got the license to distribute “Patriotic Certificate” to the citizens of our country. For your information, “as of now”, they have fixed the charges of obtaining this certificate as Rs. 5 Crores, to be deposited in the Army Relief Fund. It’s indeed good news and an opportunity to grab, for all those who want to flaunt their patriotism by hanging the “Patriotic Certificate” on the wall of their Drawing room. Hurry up, go and grab this offer, before it gets expired or the rates are revised. After all, who knows, maybe it’s a limited period offer or a Diwali gift offered from the ‘Supremo’ of the so-called political party. So, better don’t miss this opportunity and get yourself certified, just by paying a ‘ransom’ oops donation of Rs. 5 Crore.

Is fixing the price by the self-acclaimed contractors of patriotism, their way of giving tribute to the sacrifices done by the soldiers of Motherland India? Wow, what a patriotic move, isn’t it? It’s just unbelievable that anyone can fall to such level. I wonder whether these people ever miss any opportunity to bake their political bread. Just for fulfilling their political agenda, they can very shamelessly take advantage of even the martyrs who lost their life protecting our country from the enemies. I fail to understand that what kind of politics is this which purely breeds on threatening the citizens of India, every now and then? How can the members of any political party be allowed to take law in their hands and destroy public and national property, in the name of patriotism?

Surprisingly, people from the Indian Film Industry, who were claiming themselves to be patriotic by publishing their videos, didn’t take long to bent their knees in front of the ‘Supremo’ of a political party. Just to get their movie released in that specific state, they agreed to the unlawful demand of the politicians. Doesn’t this in itself proves that their priority is only business, even if it requires parting away with the ideology? Just for the sake of saving themselves from a financial loss, they agreed to such terms, which any person who has a little bit of self-respect would never ever agree to. Alas, those who were claiming to be a soft target, themselves proved that they are soft enough to be threatened and compelled to act as per the orders and willingness of those who want to target them.

What was the government of that specific state doing when this deal among the contractors of patriotism and the persons related to that movie was taking place? Is it that they didn’t have any idea of such deal taking place? Or were they acting as a mediator to resolve this issue and came up with this fantastic idea of authorizing that political party to ask for an amount of Rs. 5 Crore to be deposited in the Army Relief Fund? Is the state government so helpless in front of all those who were publicly threatening that they won’t allow the screening of such movies in their vicinity? Didn’t the respective state government failed completely in tackling this issue and sending a strong message to all those who are behind the disturbances taking place in our society, time and again?

A serious question that comes to my mind is that whether the election commission takes note of all such incidences or not? Can’t the election commission cancel the registration of any political party based on the kind of violent activities they are always involved in? Is election commission only active at the time of elections or do they have some kind of a role to play in monitoring the actions of political parties, on an ongoing basis? Should political parties with a violent mindset and agenda be allowed to operate in a democratic nation?

All of us should think seriously that what kind of people are ruling over us. Does such kind of steps taken by the government, sends the right message to the peaceful citizens of our country, who always abide by the law? Will the common citizens ever feel safe, when those who govern them are themselves appearing helpless in front of the political parties? This deal should be an eye opener for each and every peace-loving citizen of Motherland India. It’s rightly said that a sleeping citizen is a threat to its nation itself. It’s a high time for all of us to wake up before they start threatening us and debar us from each and every legitimate right of ours that is bestowed to us by the Constitution of India. I do hope that the awakened citizens unite together and send a strong message to the political parties and their leaders that their violent agendas are not going to threaten us or not going to help them to win elections.

I wish that the Almighty give good sense to each one of us.

God bless you all!


Peyush Jain

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Ae Dil Hai Mushkil…

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (Hey heart, it’s difficult)…Yes indeed it’s difficult to understand that in a democratic nation, a Pradhan Sevak can make a surprise visit to the neighbouring country, but movies which cast artists of the same neighbouring country can’t be released in theatres simply because some of the political parties and politicians thereof openly threatened that they won’t allow the screening of such movies in their vicinity. Incidences like this occurs, time and again, but when the government, as well as, those responsible for enforcing law and order themselves look helpless in front of a few politicians, then it somewhere leaves the common man thinking that whether it’s a democratic or a “dominatic” nation, where a few politicians/political parties can dominate others as per their wish.

Just to enlighten all those who are opposing the release of such movies, coincidently the surprise visit of our Pradhan Sevak and making of these movies, more or less, happened during the same period, when our relations with that neighbouring country were supposedly not as sour as they are at the current time. So shouldn’t both these actions be analysed with the same mindset? Why are we differentiating between the working of artists in the movies and the surprise visit of Mr. Pradhan Sevak? If the visit of our Pradhan Sevak is seen as a gesture of friendly relation, then isn’t giving an opportunity to those artists from that very country, also a gesture of friendly relation? Why is it, that, on one hand, the political parties are so keen to take credit of each and every single attempt of theirs towards building a friendly environment with our neighbouring country, while, on the other hand, friendly steps by other individuals/organisations are being questioned, as well as, their patriotism is being challenged?

Undoubtedly, we have to always stand by the side of our soldiers and support our armed forces. I also agree that war and trade can’t go hand in hand. However, shouldn’t that logic apply on each and everything? Shouldn’t we first end all ties with that specific nation, before we brag about not allowing the release of any movie? Did the government of India end all the ties with that specific country, which, for your information, is still on their list of “Most Favoured Nation”? If not, then why are the movies being targeted? Doesn’t such action somewhere justify the point, which the film fraternity keeps on raising, time and again, i.e. “Indian Film Industry is a soft target”?

Before blindly supporting any such acts, we should first give it a thought that is that action socially or politically motivated and does they really have some kind of social cause behind their actions or not. Just getting carried away in the name of false patriotism, is not at all justifiable on our part. People with malicious intentions make a fool of us by playing with our emotions. Tell me, what benefit will we gain by stopping the release of a movie which is already completed? Stopping the release of such movies will only result in a loss of our citizen and in turn to our economy, as a whole, while the artists of the neighbouring country will still get their remuneration in full. So instead of helping our country, these self-acclaimed patriotic souls are, in some way or the other, helping the economy of our neighbouring country, by their violent demonstrations.

Most of the times, these politicians and their political parties (most of which has a regional presence), acts as if they are the Supreme Power in this nation. It somewhere leaves me thinking that is it their weapon of attaining cheap publicity, and, in light of that, fulfill their political ambitions? When the Constitution of India doesn’t give anyone the right to take law in their hand, then how can these politicians think of threatening the citizens of India, every now and then? Who on earth gave them the right to be physically violent against citizens and destroying personal and national property? I fail to understand that why no one in the government has the guts to stop such nuisances happening in a democratic nation. What is stopping them from taking any strict actions against all those who are openly threatening the citizens of our country? For once, can these politicians, think and act, over and above, their selfish political motives?

Herewith, I would like to request the government of India to make their stand clear on allowing any ties with the neighbouring country or not. As the “politically governed” The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has taken a stand of not playing cricket with the neighbouring country, in the same way, the government should issue a guideline with regard to transacting with the neighbouring country, till the time, relations with them are back on track. In absence of a clear message from the government, disturbances like these are bound to occur, every now and then. If the government believes that stopping the release of such movies is a right step, then they should come forward and inform the common citizens of India about the same, in loud and clear words, or else, they should condemn all such violent thoughts and acts. At the same time, the government should ensure that, no matter what, no one is allowed to take law in their hand and those who still dare to do that, should be strictly punished so that they don’t think of doing it in the future again.

I do hope that this controversy ends soon with a peaceful solution and without any loss to any person or property. I wish that the Almighty give good sense to each one of us.

God bless you all!


Peyush Jain


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Udta Punjab –  Girta (Falling) Censor Board

Discretion: I leave it to the sole discretion of the readers to decide whether they want to read the word Censor Board in this blog as “Censor Board” or Nonsense, Oops “Nonsensor Board”. However, I want to make it very clear that, by all means, my good intentions are to address it as Censor Board only. Now please stop giving me those mischievous looks. My-My, do you seriously believe that I meant Nonsense Board? *Rolls my eyes* OMG! You guys are smart enough and I don’t think that smart people actually need any kind of censorship, for that matter.

At the outset, I fail to understand the reason behind so much hullaballoo going on the issue of censorship axe ‘advising’ (to be read as ‘threatening’) to slash away the scenes from an upcoming film “Udta Punjab”, which is based on the drug menace that is haunting one of the states of India? It’s beyond my intellectual competency to figure it out that what’s wrong in that? Can’t a board perform its duty diligently? I mean, till now, with my tiny brain, what I could understand is that “to ax” is the foremost duty of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), which is often referred “out of love” as Censor Board.

Oh wait, by any chance, does the “issue of certificates for films” also falls under “one of the many” responsibilities that the Censor Board officials carry on their shoulders? On a second thought, I guess yes, the board was initially formed to issue the certificates for Indian films, but it has always functioned in a manner of a ruler who is so engrossed in the intoxication of his/her position that he/she only loves to flaunt the axing talent, ‘mostly’ at places where it is not required by any standards. No wonder the honourable High Court in the “Udta Punjab” case advised the Censor board “Don’t act like a grandmother”. Wow, what an Appreciation Certificate, the Board “that certifies films”, got from the honourable High Court. Kudos to the learned officials of CBFC! Sigh, at what level you guys have taken the board too.

Once again the Udta Punjab censorship controversy raises questions on the working style of the Censor Board and the competency of the officials holding important positions in the office of CBFC. At the same time, whenever such controversy arises with regard to suggesting cuts in a film by the Censor Board, a lot of insane questions keep hammering my mind. The questions that usually irritate my brain cells are like – Whether the cuts advised by the censor board were actually required or not? Whether unsolicited censorship is intentionally or unintentionally killing the creativity somewhere down the line? Whether it is sending a wrong message to the film industry and thereby to the society as a whole? Whether the cuts were the sheer result of some kind of rivalry between the Board officials and the people associated with the respective film? Whether it is just another kind of a propaganda stunt to gain publicity? Whether the people responsible for managing the affairs of the board are competent enough or not? Whether the Censor Board is actually performing its duty of censoring the cheap and objectionable content or not? Whether the Censor Board is even concerned about the impact of objectionable, cheap, double meaning and porn content that is easily accessible to those who are not even adult yet?

Our beloved Censor Board has travelled a long way, from the days when it refused to grant UA certificate to a film, until and unless, the scene where the actress was not wearing a Dupatta (Scarf) covering her neck was removed from that film to the present day, when movies which are cheap by all standards i.e. both visually and vocally are served to the public. It is a high time for the officials governing the Censor Board to do introspection that whether everything in CBFC is functioning properly or not. Else fingers will continue to be raised on their functioning and people will be forced to ask them that were they sleeping when someone was humming songs like “Bhaag bhaag DK Bose, DK Bose, DK Bose, Bhaag bhaag DK Bose DK bhaag” orI swear! choti dress mein bomb lagdi mennu“? Oh, I am sorry, the double meaning words are beyond censorship arena, right?

To be honest, I am really scared whenever such objectionable material is being telecasted on the television and the kids in my home are innocently enjoying them because of the peppy music “without even knowing the actual meaning of these sick words”. The present era is of “easy access” to everything. Now, that is where the real censorship should be levied upon. Easy access to porn on websites, easy access to ‘A’ certificate movies, you name it and it is easily accessible, everything seems to be just a click away. I feel helpless at all such times, whenever I think about easy accessibility of such objectionable material, which is undoubtedly in the reach of our innocent kids. God knows how badly it is going to impact the future of our kids.

Wake up guys before it is too late else the smart public will censor the Nonsensor Board itself. I do hope that the Censor Board takes appropriate steps to revamp its functioning and will divert its energy and resources in censoring the objectionable material, rather than censoring the creativity. May the Censor Board soon turn into a Sensible board from the existing Nonsensor Board.

I wish that the almighty bless each one of us with good sense.

God bless you all!

Peyush Jain