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Re-live your Relations (An unbreakable bond) – Online Story Challenge 2017 (Television Series)

This story was written in the year 2017, as part of the assignment of a Story Challenge for a writers program. The word-limit set for this story was between 1200-1500 words. Obviously, I was not selected for coming up with such a crap and a boring story (*winks*).

Note: The beginning of the story was provided by the company itself to the applicants, who in turn had to come up with a television story that could go on for about half a year. For copyright reasons, the beginning of the story is not being published here.

So, here it is, my version of the story (in summarized form, considering the word limit) –

Main Characters Introduction:

  1. KAVITA GUPTA (48) – A “calm”, “emotional” and “adamant” housewife. She cooks finger-licking food and culinary art is one of her major learning’s post-marriage, taught by her extremely talented mother-in-law.
  2. RAJENDRA GUPTA (56), Kavita’s husband, is a University topper and a “shrewd” person. A chemical engineer by qualification and presently holding the post of Executive Vice President (EVP) in a Cement Manufacturing Company.
  3. AADYA GUPTA (26), their elder daughter, is an “obedient” and a “generous” person. She even got married last year, at the will of her parents. Like her mother, she is a good cook too. Presently, she is 6 months pregnant.
  4. SAISHA GUPTA (22), their younger daughter, is a smart and a confident girl, who lives life on her own terms. She is a “good negotiator” but bad at keeping secrets.

 Story Challenge:

  1. Business Venture – KAVILICIOUS – Kavita starts her Cake and Pastry start-up named “KAVILICIOUS”. Thanks to her awesome culinary skills, it is an instant hit. Further, with mouth publicity, orders keep growing in number.
  2. Too much workload – Kavita soon realizes that she needs to hire more staff to cope up with the expanding workload. She explores the available options externally but could not find the right fit.
  3. Seeking SAISHA’S help – Kavita and Saisha share a very cold relation since past 3 years. Hence, with conflicting thoughts, she asks Saisha for help. But Saisha bluntly refuses, as she wants to concentrate on her studies.
  4. Some hope still left – Saisha visits home after her last semester exams and observes the activities at Kavilicious.                                                                                                             At first, she thought that her mother’s success was a beginner’s luck, but after going through the working, last few months business figures and orders, she realizes that it is the result of hard work and determination.
  5. Change of mind – Saisha informs Rajendra, that since she has nothing productive to do at home, so she is joining Kavilicious to help her mother, until she gets a call from the Universities abroad, for further studies.
  6. Rajendra’s reaction – Rajendra gets angry and disappointed. He makes a failed attempt at convincing Saisha to first complete her studies.                                                    He also states that Kavita is just doing it to keep herself busy; it’s not a business in the real sense.                                                                                                                               Further, the entire credit for her initial success goes to the curiosity factor among the public, to try something new.
  7. Saisha at work – Saisha eventually starts streamlining the activities and re-negotiating for competitive prices. Kavita and Saisha both realize that two things have to be dealt with on priority i.e. Finance and Recruitment.
  8. Sign of a volcano eruption? – Saisha strongly recommends borrowing funds from her father, since outside financiers don’t easily agree to lend a new entrepreneur. However, Kavita rejects it altogether.                                                                                      Saisha was too furious, but Kavita, as usual, was adamant.
  9. Aadya brings the lady luck – Aadya has less than 3 months left before the expected date of delivery, so she arrives at her parent’s place. Having nothing much to do, she too starts helping in the business.                                                                            While conducting interviews for the post of Sous-Chef, Aadya, fortunately, learned about a mid-size bakery available for sale.
  10. Opportunity knocking – After getting a nod, Aadya immediately sets up a meeting with the owner of the bakery Mr. RAHUL SHARMA (34).                                                         Rahul is a first generation entrepreneur, who is passionate about earning money. Although, he is good at getting things done, however, he has lost his self-confidence in light of the current setbacks.
  11. Grab the deal – They like the place and the bakery machines were also in decent condition, so much so to last for 2-3 years, without much maintenance work.                                                                                                                                                                                            Although, a renowned Bakery house “TASTY AFFAIR” was also interested in the deal and was close enough to finalize it, however, Aadya was able to snatch away the deal from them.                                                                                                                Similarly, Saisha was able to convince the financiers to restructure the terms of the outstanding loan.
  12. A roadblock – Even though the entire bakery was kept as collateral but the financiers also requires an additional personal guarantee of Mr. Rajendra Gupta. Saisha knew that Kavita will never agree to this.
  13. A secret agreement – At first, Rajendra was reluctant to give the personal guarantee, but he can never say no to his daughters for long. So, a secret agreement came into existence.
  14. A new beginning – Kavilicious shifts to a new premise, with a new organisational structure.                                                                                                                                                       Rahul has been hired as an Operation Manager, as suggested by Aadya. The Chef of the old bakery Mr. Hussain Toastwala (27) is retained as a Sous-Chef to work under the supervision of Kavita.
  15. Setback for Kavilicous – Soon after the takeover, Kavilicious experiences its first setback, when a big order is rejected on account of staleness and this negative news gets published in the local newspaper.
  16. Kavita’s health takes a toll – The negative publicity and trolling takes a toll on Kavita’s health and one fine day, while working on an order, she faints and fell on the floor.                                                                                                                                                                                       She is rushed to the nearby Hospital, where they diagnosed her with low Sodium and Potassium count.                                                                                                                   She was hospitalized for the next 5 days and later discharged, with a strict instruction to take complete rest for next few weeks.
  17. Rajendra becomes inquisitive – During his stay with Kavita in the hospital, Rajendra observes that she is more worried about delivery of orders than her health. Now, he realizes that Kavilicious means serious business.
  18. Rajendra busted the conspiracy – Rajendra with his business acumen, years of experience, and contacts in the field was able to bust the conspiracy.                                                    To everyone’s shock – “TASTY AFFAIR” lured Rahul to spray stale cream on the cake, while it was in the transit. Rajendra ensured to get this published on the first page of all the leading local newspapers.
  19. Family Bonding – All these incidences once again brought the family closer to each other, almost the way it used to be 3 years back.
  20. Beginning of a new relationship? – Rahul, after being fired from Kavilicious, is so ashamed of his actions that he attempts suicide. Aadya visits him in the hospital and blasts him for taking such a stupid step.                                                                                                     He pleads with her to forgive him once.
  21. Aadya’s personal diary – One day, while cleaning their room, Saisha finds Aadya’s diary. She is impressed with Aadya’s writing skills but also confused that why all the poems only talk about sufferings.
  22. Aadya reveals – Aadya tries hard to hide, but Saisha was in no mood to let go. She finally discloses that her husband Harsh Goyal (31) and in-laws harass her, beat her, demand dowry and also want a boy child.                                                                               Hearing all this, Saisha fumes up and orders Aadya to immediately file an FIR against them, but Aadya requests her that she need some time and promises to get out of this mess soon.
  23. Aadya shares her pain with Rahul – Aadya looks sad and preoccupied with her thoughts. Rahul, noticing all this, forces her to disclose the actual reason.
  24. Rahul the street-smart Hero – Rahul manages to hire a detective agency in Delhi to keep a watch on Harsh. However, he could not believe his eyes, upon seeing the shocking evidence produced by the detective agency.
  25. Saisha the secret keeper – Rahul approaches Saisha in the office with the evidence, as he doesn’t want Aadya to get a shock. Saisha is altogether surprised to see him but goes numb after going through the evidence.                                                        Being unsure of what to do with those proofs, as of now, she hides them in the same secret file, in which the copy of the personal guarantee agreement is kept.
  26. Aashi arrives on Planet Earth – A cute princess “Aashi” arrives in Aadya’s life. Harsh just makes a formal visit to the hospital for a couple of hours. Saisha stayed in the hospital most of the time, besides Aadya and Aashi.
  27. Kavita joins office – Kavita in absence of Aadya and Saisha resumes the work. She was extremely happy to see that her daughters have done a great job in managing the work and training of the staff.
  28. Time to unveil the secret – While searching the cabinet, Kavita finds the secret file. She seeks an explanation from Saisha, Aadya, and Rajendra.                                                            Saisha reveals that Harsh is having an affair with the girl in the photo, who is 3 months pregnant.                                                                                                                                        Aadya reveals that Harsh and his parents harass her.                                                       Saisha takes the complete onus for obtaining the personal guarantee of her father on the loan agreement.                                                                                                                Rajendra explains that “Saisha just did what she thought was right for the future of Kavilicious”.
  29. What happened 3 years back? – In that very moment, Aadya requests Kavita to listen to Saisha’s side of the story, on what happened that night 3 years back. Kavita refuses, but Aadya requests her not to be adamant this time.                                                     Saisha narrates that on 05th July 2014, RITVIK GUPTA (16), her younger brother, told her that tonight he is going to elope from the house for an undisclosed reason.                                                                                                                                                             She took it, as yet another of his pranks, knowing how big a prankster he was.                                                                                                                                                                      “Do you think if I know the seriousness behind his words, I would have let him go just like that?”                                                                                                                              “I am living in guilt since that night and my wounds are still fresh because my own mother didn’t forgive me. I can’t tell you how much I miss him. I am desperately hunting to bring him back and I know, one day I will…”.

Where this series is heading:

  • Rahul shall be reinstated as an Operation Manager.
  • With time Rajendra will get more involved in Kavilicious.
  • Aadya files a divorce case and joins Kavilicious fulltime as Head of Operations.

To be determined:

  1. What happened to Ritvik? Why did he run away from the house? Is he still alive? Will he ever return?
  2. Did Saisha choose to go abroad for pursuing her masters or did she continue to work with Kavilicious.
  3. Does the relationship between Rahul and Aadya get any serious?


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