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Urban Naxals – Ah! A new term to update our vocabulary

Urban Naxal is the new term developed by none other than the people with filthy thoughts. After “successfully” dividing the nation and celebrating the bloodshed of innocent citizens on unnecessary reasons like religion, caste, food habits, etcetera, now they have come up with a new terminology to divide on the basis of the place of living of a person i.e. urban or rural. Tell me, which sensible person will divide Terrorists based on the place? I mean seriously, “Urban Terrorist, Rural Terrorist”?

The only reason behind coming up with such terms, every now and then, is to distract the citizens from the core issues impacting their life. All these illegitimate steps and fake propaganda is undertaken to suppress every voice that raises their concern against the actions, non-actions, policies, or agendas of the ruling government. Wow! What a smart way to destroy the opposition, isn’t it? It’s unbelievable that just for the sake of meeting their illicit personal agendas these people can fall to such a pathetic level.

It’s quite evident that these politicians are least bothered about the Motherland India. Their only motive is to secure their parliamentary seats by hook or by crook. Since they have nothing much to talk about, as far as their performance is concerned during their term, so nothing else could be expected from them but to come up with such rubbish ideas to divert the minds of the citizens, especially when the elections are nearby.

However, isn’t it shameful on our part, as a patriotic citizen of Motherland India, to allow anything of this sort to happen in our country? But, seriously do we even care? Well, all such stupidity is going on in our nation and we are letting this happen, rather enjoying it as mute spectators. Trust me; all those who think that they are least bothered about anything that happens outside their personal lives are surely going to witness the repercussions of their silence sooner or later.

“Divide and Rule” is the model which these politicians follow to keep ruling and fooling the innocent citizens of India. And, we the citizens, in spite of getting fooled, time and again, don’t take any lessons from our past and keep on electing the same person with a malicious mindset, one term after another. If we intend to continue like this and let the fate of our nation lie in the hands of such politicians, then let’s be ready to witness our democracy, as well as, the country, as a whole, to doom.

Unfortunately, we are giving a free hand to these people to stuff poison in our hearts against each other. However, do keep it in mind that by allowing so it’s we who will first turn into a poisonous being before our poison is spread onto others. Hence, I urge everyone to think sensibly that what is right for you, as well as, the nation, before acting on any kind of emotionally planned agenda that is being served to simply trap you.

It’s said that “Better late than never”. However, “Please be awake before it’s too late” because it’s “Sooner the better”. Don’t let these politicians play with your emotions or divide you for any reason. “Unity in Diversity has always been the specialty of India”. Let’s keep it intact, no matter what. Let’s stay united and save our democracy and our Motherland India. Politically, it’s one of the worst times, our country is going through. Hence, it’s all the more important to stay united and act sensibly.

I do hope that may the Almighty give good sense to each one of us.

Stay in touch.

Take care. God Bless!

Peyush Jain