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Mr. Donald Trump, do you even understand what is a library and its impact on humans? Ah! LEAVE it

Mr. Donald Trump mocked the Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Damodar Modi, for ‘constantly’ informing him about funding of a library by India in the war-impacted nation – Afghanistan. Referring to the funding in Afghanistan, Mr. Trump said that during their meet, for 5 hours, Mr. Modi only talked about the funding of a library in Afghanistan. In the words of Mr. Trump “I don’t know who is using it (the library).” [Reference: News article published, on dated 04th January 2019, in Rajasthan Patrika, Hindi Daily Newspaper]

Mr. Trump, frankly speaking, it’s beyond your mental capability to understand the actual impact of a library on humans, especially in a war-impacted nation. Hence, it’s a humble request of a patriotic Indian citizen to just LEAVE IT and get back to your busy Tweeting session. Well, what more could be expected from a person who even discards “Global Warming”? There is no point in expecting you to understand the importance of a library and, to be specific, the impact of books on humans. I hope you at least know what books and humans are, right?

Mr. Donald Trump let me take this opportunity to enlighten you that it’s extremely important to educate a person like you with regard to the significance of library and books, in one’s life and that might be one of the reasons why Mr. Modi ‘constantly’ reminded you of funding a library by India in Afghanistan. It gains relevance even more in the case of a President whose number of ministers has resigned from the cabinet after he took the oath as the President of the United States of America (USA) and whose government is currently facing the third shut-down of his reign.

Well, Mr. President, it’s all about the difference in perspectives. You believe in expending funds by deploying your armed forces in other nations in the name of safeguarding them, while, we, the peace-loving nations, believe in constructive development of the shattered societies. Just because you don’t find any significance of social work doesn’t mean it is worthless and the world will stop doing it just to please you. We all are united and will continue our peace establishment process by uplifting the socially backward societies of the world.

Do remember that gestures like the construction of a library are going to have a far-reaching impact in re-building a war-destroyed nation which has been shattered both geographically and mentally by acts like bombarding it with the Mother of All Bombs. So, the next time you plan to visit Afghanistan, do consider climbing the steps of the library funded by India and without fail, spend some time in reading books that can give you a wider perspective towards life.

Well, it’s quite unfortunate for our generation to elect people who even lack the basic etiquettes on how to treat other human beings. And, here we bestow them the authority to govern our nation. No wonder, it’s rightly said that “As you sow so you reap.” Don’t worry Mr. Trump the history will remember you as one of the leaders whom everyone stopped taking seriously after a point. Mr. Trump, by any chance, do you think that you were being appointed to disgrace others and in that way, bring disgrace to the reputation of your nation as well?

Mr. Donald Trump, it’s my humble request to you that stop mocking the politicians and dignitaries of other nations, as well as, your own nation. It’s my free advice to you that during your tenure as the President of the USA do something remarkable for your own nation, if not the world as such so that at least your own people (except the blind followers) remember you for at least one of your contribution in the future. And, mind it when I said something remarkable I didn’t mean a funny (as per you) tweet on Twitter from your side.

We, Indians might have a number of issues and complaints against our Prime Minister or for that matter against any of the ministers of our nation but we wouldn’t tolerate any disrespectful act or thing being said against our citizens by any other nation and in no way tolerate any foul-mouthed leader of the world to mock against any rightful act of our nation. We, the patriotic citizen of motherland India, stand with our Prime Minister and condemn such a mocking statement of Mr. Donald Trump. We demand that Mr. Trump apologize right away from Mr. Modi, as well as, India, as a whole, for such unprofessional behaviour from his side.

I wish that the Almighty give good sense to each one of us.

God Bless you all!

Stay in touch.

Peyush Jain