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Does the helmet design with an in-built hands-free device even meet the legal parameters?

The helmet design with an innovative feature of an in-built hands-free device is making rounds since some time now. Even in the promotional advertisement, the company is projecting this in-built hands-free feature as the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of this series of helmets. My serious concern after knowing about this feature in a helmet, which is supposedly a protective armour, is that does the helmet design with an in-built hands-free device even meet the legal parameters or not?

Now before moving any further, let me inform you that as per the motor vehicles rules in India, a driver can’t talk over the phone while driving a vehicle. Further, let me also apprise you that talking over the phone while parking your vehicle on the side of a road is not permissible, as well. Hence, in nutshell, a person can’t talk over the Phone/Hands-free while sitting on the driving seat when the vehicle is on the road, irrespective of driving it or not. Anyone found and caught breaking these rules is penalized by the transport authorities.

Although, in reality, this rule is hardly followed, however, for the safety of the driver, pillion, passengers, other commuters on the road, as well as for safeguarding the public property, it’s essential to keep the driver off from any kind of distractions while driving a vehicle. For this very reason talking on a mobile phone by the driver is not permitted on the road. Now just because people are not following any rule, by and large, is it justifiable to aid them in breaking the rule conveniently, with the help of technological advancement, when it might be a possible threat to their life?

I am not aware that on what basis the Indian Standard Institute (ISI) issued the certificate to this helmet design? By any chance, is the transport ministry or the central government planning to remove the said rules? If yes, then what is the thought behind taking this U-Turn? If not, then on what basis such kind of design is sanctioned at the very first place is something beyond my mind to think of?

Being a creative person, I am up for any kind of innovation but not at the cost of risking the lives of other living beings. Hence, I would like to request the helmet manufacturing companies to take back this design of helmet from circulation and stop manufacturing it immediately so that the life of living beings are not put to a stake just because of a single phone call, being attended by means of a helmet with some advanced features.

Will the concerned authorities take any action in the matter concerned or would they continue allowing such product to be sold in the market and thereby risk the life of the living beings, as well as put the safety of the public property at stake, is something which only the future could tell us.

However, I do hope that the respective ministry and the government department take notice and corrective action on the same. At the same time, it needs to be ensured that the certification process is strengthened to an extent that such life-threatening blunders don’t happen in the near future.

I wish that may the Almighty give good sense to each one of us.

God Bless!

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Peyush Jain