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Touch the hearts, not the body parts – Part 2

#MeToo, the movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault, is slowly and gradually spreading its wings in India like it did in the other parts of the world. With each passing day, the names of lot many so-called ‘decent’ celebrities and public figures are erupting out in open. #MeToo movement is surely stirring up the entire society and in a way creating ripples in the “taken-to-be-acceptable” norms until now.

Although none of the “not-so-famous” people has yet been hit by the #MeToo wave in India still we know that humans are the same, irrespective of the section of the society that they belong too. I am pretty confident that every section of the society is infected and flooded with cases of sexual harassment and sexual assault. Let’s see how long it takes for the masses to be awakened on this serious issue and come out openly against every person with a filthy intention.

We all are decent until our mask is unveiled” – First of all, we, as a society, have to break this myth that anyone who projects herself/himself as a decent being in public is actually decent behind those 4 walls as well. As they say that “all that glitters is not gold”, likewise a decent behaviour in the public is no guarantee or a certificate of decency because we humans are good at faking. So, the only way out left for us, if at all, we want to be safe and secure is that we have to evaluate each and every individual’s decency before trusting them. Do remember that a blind faith usually leads to trouble.

Blindly accepting and backing anyone who pretends and seems to be decent in the public world is one of the biggest mistakes of mankind. We humans like to spend our entire life hidden behind a fake mask. Hence, “We all are decent until our mask is unveiled.” I know, being a social animal we humans have to trust each other but there is no harm in being extra cautious for our own good, as well as, for the betterment of the society, as a whole.

Speak the very first time” – I do understand that it’s extremely difficult for a person to come out in open and speak against any kind of wrong-doings faced by her/him. Still, we should always try to speak against it the very first time because if we don’t do it now then we are not only feeding the morale of the culprits but we are also giving others an opportunity to point finger towards us that we are making a false allegation after years of happening of that incident.

Herewith, let me make it very clear that I am only pointing out the advantage of speaking the very first time and nowhere it should be construed that there is any harm in speaking against any wrong-doings later on. As it is said that “Better late than never” so voice for justice does matter, if not the very first time then maybe once the person collects enough strength to speak against the injustice.

Let the truth be out at any cost – One thing should be very much clear in our mind that none of the accusations should go unaccounted, without any investigation being made in the matter concerned. We should realize that by blindly taking the sides of either the victim or the accused, we are killing the very intent of the #MeToo movement. Discouraging the victim’s stand, by straight away discarding the case as a false allegation or adjudging the accused as a criminal both are extremely dangerous.

Although, there is a very little chance of any accusations reaching onto its logical conclusion i.e. justice, for the very reason of a long time gap between the happening of the event and its reporting still let’s not try to jump on the conclusion as of now rather leave it on the future to decide the final outcome. Let the truth be out at any cost should be the only intention behind and not discouraging or defaming anyone out there.

Every coin has two sides – I am sure, a few will try to take advantage of this movement by making false allegations and claims just to gain publicity and defame an innocent person. In spite of taking into consideration the possibility of some innocent names being dragged in the movement, we should still back this movement, if at all we want to leave a strong message in front of all those rotten fishes of the pond. If we missed out on this opportunity now then we are surely going to regret forever, as humanity shall continue getting brutally victimized every now and then.

At the same time, it has to be kept in mind that anything done in the past with “mutual consent” of all the sane and matured persons involved could by no stretch be categorized as an act of sexual harassment and sexual assault, in the present. And, for that matter, even if it’s flirting with mutual interest and participation it could not be termed as a crime in spite of the marital status of the person involved.

Movements like #MeToo shall have a larger impact, subject to our society accepting and standing with it, in the right spirit and not otherwise. It’s just a matter of time when we realize the importance of accepting and reporting such cases openly. Until that happens, cases like these are bound to occur and victimize anyone of us.

I would like to end this blog with the following paragraph extracted from the first part of this blog – Touch the hearts, not the body parts – “Touching someone else’s body parts with wrong intentions, sexual abuses and advances, indecent gestures, molestation, and similar verbal or physical actions, denote just one thing i.e. “We are forcing our lust on someone else, without their due permission.” This is not only a crime but it also severely impact the entire personality of the victim and leaves a lifelong scar on the mindset of all those who have to go through any such incident in their respective lives.”

Touch the hearts, not the body parts of any other person, without their due permission.

Stay in touch!

God Bless.

Peyush Jain