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Democracy was brutally killed once again

In the last couple of days, Democracy in India was brutally killed once again. Once again, we the citizens, as a mute spectator, helplessly witnessed the brutal killing. Well, what can we even do when the hard-core reality is that we are least bothered about anything that happens around us, until and unless it directly affects us? As it is, we are too tied up in our individual affairs that there is no time left for anything else, no matter what, it might be extremely important for the future of our nation, as well.

Who cares for the Motherland India? After all, we are privileged enough to be born in an independent country, unlike our ancestors, who have to shed their blood to make India an independent nation from the clutches of the British rule. Although India was officially independent in the year 1947, while the irony is that even today the common citizens are left on the mercy of these so-called Jumla (Empty Promise) politicians, who in reality never practice what they preach.

If we compare the current political condition of our country, it wouldn’t be wrong on my part to say that it’s at one of its worst states. And mind it; I am not passing any “politically motivated” loose comment. I am saying this in full sense, with complete responsibility, and my finger is pointed towards every political party. As it is rightly said that “Hamam mein sab nangeny hain” (Everyone is naked in the bath).

Most of the politicians consider our nation as their personal property. Quite shamefully, they don’t miss any single opportunity to misuse the power granted to them by the constitution of India. Their only motive is to ensure the rise in their personal wealth, as well as, the wealth of their near and dear ones. It seems as if these mentally and financially corrupt politicians are on the expedition to doom the future of our country. Their only agenda is Khud bhi khaunga, aur apney chaheton ko bhi khaney dunga (I will engage in corruption myself, and let my close ones do it too).

Similar high-voltage drama is going on from the past few days in one of the states of India i.e. Karnataka. Politicians, who openly claimed about not taking the bribe and even not allowing others to take bribe didn’t even hesitate for a second before throwing lucrative offers towards the politicians of the opposition parties, in anticipation of achieving the majority figure of seats won in the recent state assembly election. While the opposition parties have to “officially kidnap” their Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA)’s to stop them from joining other political parties on account of getting lured for personal benefits. Sigh! And we trust these politicians to do something for our country.

We can very well know the intention of these politicians, who have millions to offer in bribes but when it comes to passing any project of public welfare the first thing they cry about is the shortage of funds. Above all, when their own party can’t trust these politicians and has to hide them in the fear of they being bought by the opposition political parties, then is there any reason left for us to trust them anymore?

What we witnessed in Karnataka politics during the last couple of days is a live-example of the misuse of power by the political parties to snatch away the chair of Chief Minister from each other. As a matter of fact, they don’t care what the public verdict is. What they only care about is being in power for the next five years by hook or by crook. They can go to any extent in order to fulfill their political agendas, be it killing the nation’s democratic values, on which we stand together, since ages.

Now, before we once again get trapped in the Jumla filled, sugar-coated, speeches of these politicians, each one of us should wisely think that what should be the role of a common citizen in such situations? Well, as per my personal view, there are two major things that need to be necessarily done on the part of every patriotic citizen. And only if we do the below-mentioned two things we will do justice to the Independence, for which our ancestors gave away their life.

Firstly, raise your voice against any kind of misdeed happening around you. Do not fear the consequences or hesitate thinking that your voice wouldn’t actually matter. Just raise your voice, that’s it. Secondly, take learning from every such incidence and make sure you don’t repeat the mistake that has happened in the past in electing the politician from your respective constituency. Trust me, if the citizens ensure that none of the corrupt politicians is re-elected then nothing can stop India from becoming a World Leader.

Think about it and do not waste your vote in electing politicians who only work to fulfill their personal agenda and have no intention to work towards the betterment of our country. It’s a high time for all of us to unite together and raise our voice else the future generation would not forgive us for being a coward citizen. Awake before it’s too late.

I do hope that may the Almighty give good sense to each one of us.

Stay in touch.

Take care. God Bless!

Peyush Jain