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Oh! Are we really Independent? – Part 3

India is celebrating its 72nd Independence Day on 15th August 2018. As an Indian, we are proud to be a part of an Independent Nation. We take pride in being the world’s largest democracy. India is blessed to have a strong root and a very rich culture. We have a long list of achievements as our contribution to the world, over the years. Well, I can go on and on when it comes to my country, and, as a matter of fact, every patriotic citizen can endlessly speak when it comes to the pride of their country.

However, we as a nation should analyze that in spite of having such a profound heritage in the ‘past’ are we able to contribute in the ‘present’ in such a manner that our future generations shall also feel proud of our country? Even if we keep aside our declining economic progress and issues like unemployment then also can we thump the table and pronounce it with the utmost pride that our country is Independent of FEAR? If not, then we are not Independent in the real sense.

India, a country where Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, “the strong supporter of Non-Violence”, is addressed as the “Father of the Nation”, is witnessing serious cases of violence in every form. Well, by and large, the citizens of India are the supporter of non-violence and they want to live their life peacefully. However, there are a few individuals/groups, who “with a set agenda”, are engaged in disturbing the peace of our country.

I have listed down 8 of the burning issues that are strikingly erupting, time and again, for which our society is yet to find a permanent solution of. All these issues raise an important question that is the common citizen of our country independent of fear or not? Sooner the better, we find a way out to strongly deal with such issues so that they don’t occur in the near future or else we will drastically fail in keeping intact our values, which we are so proud of.

  1. Mob Lynching, in the nation where even the lifeless stones are being worshipped with utmost devotion.
  2. Rape from kids of all age, in a country where children are considered as the blessing of God.
  3. Unsafe women, in the nation which is addressed as a Motherland and where a number of Goddesses are worshipped every single day.
  4. Senior Citizens life at risk, in a country where even parents are considered equivalent to God.
  5. Youth being brain-washed and dragged into violence, in the name of movies, historical events, or any other irrelevant points “to keep them occupied”, in the nation whose majority of the population is youth.
  6. Journalists and Whistle Blowers being threatened or killed for speaking the truth, in a country whose constitution itself gives the right to Freedom of Speech to every citizen.
  7. Communal riots, in the nation which attained independence on account of the Non-Violence.
  8. Crime graph rising day by day, in a country which boasts about having the strong cultural values.

No doubt, we all should be proud of our Independence, but only and only when we are Independent in the real sense and not otherwise. To be very honest, all our celebrations in the name of Independence Day are nothing but a show-off as we are just trying to cover up our present failures in the light of our past glory. For how long do we intend to continue like this? Is this the nation we want to build for our generations to come? Will our future generation ever forgive us for not taking a stand against the injustice happening around us?

Isn’t it foolish on our part to keep celebrating, year on year, the Independence from the British rule that we attained in the year 1947 when even after 71 years of Independence the citizens are not even safe in their own Motherland? I am sorry to say, but wherever the martyrs are, they must be ashamed of the state in which we have led India into. We have ruined their sacrifices and their dream of a peaceful and progressive independent nation.

If the citizens don’t even feel safe in their own country and if the law enforcement agencies are not been able to maintain peace in the nation then is there a point in spending a huge amount of money in the name of celebrating the Independence Day? If not, then let’s make it a point to celebrate our Independence only if we feel that we were independent of our fears during the last one year and not otherwise. However, the big question is that do we even have the courage to take this pledge?

I wish that may the Almighty give good sense to each one of us.

God Bless you all.

Jai Hind!

Peyush Jain