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Goods and Service Tax (GST) – Analysis from a layman’s viewpoint

Nowadays, whenever we come across the word GST, it gives us a feeling of a Ghost Seeing Through. The major reasons behind this unfriendly feeling towards GST might be the complicated jargons, ignorance or confusion about the new taxation rules and regulations, lengthy and time-consuming procedural requirements, etcetera. However, there is nothing new in this, because situations like this are bound to occur whenever a new system is introduced anywhere in the world.

As the proposed date for implementation of GST is nearing up i.e. 01st July 2017, a sense of uncertainty and a chaotic situation is building up in our economy. Hence, I have tried to lessen up the burden by throwing some light on the topic of GST from a layman’s viewpoint. Hope it turns out to be useful especially to all those who are a bit scared from this Ghost Seeing Through.

What is Goods and Service Tax (GST)? – Goods and Service Tax, most commonly known as GST is a fusion of Tax on Goods + Tax on Service. The very purpose of introducing GST is to harmonise the tax structure and eliminate a large number of indirect taxes prevailing in the economy. Thus, GST is a “Single Indirect Tax” levied on the manufacture, sale, and consumption of goods or availing of service. Ideally, with the introduction of GST, all other indirect taxes levied on goods and services should be eliminated (except for the tax on goods and services on which GST is not levied).

How is tax calculated under GST? – The methodology adopted to calculate tax under GST is alike to Value Added Tax (VAT) i.e. tax is levied at each stage of “value addition”. It simply means that GST shall be levied only when some value addition has been done on the goods being procured or services being availed. Hence, if someone just procures goods and sell it as-it-is then no GST shall be levied on the same (likewise for services too).

Let us understand this with an example – If you procure a raw material used for manufacturing of the final good in your factory then you might end up paying GST on the purchase of the raw material, which is the input good for you. Further, you will also collect GST at the time of sale of final good manufactured at your end. Herewith, you will be allowed to take “input tax credit” of GST paid on the respective raw material used in the manufacture of the final good. This, in turn, will ensure that there is no double taxation on the cost of the same good.

What does Value Addition mean? – In the present context, value addition means adding some value to the goods or services that are being used as “input” in the resultant “output” goods or service. Value addition implies enhancing the value of input goods or services by applying some means.

What is Input Tax Credit (ITC)? – As mentioned above, GST is levied at each stage of “value addition”. This means that at each stage, the tax shall be calculated on the price of that product/service in that very stage. Since the tax on the same product/service has already been levied in the earlier stages also so this will obviously result in double taxation. Hence, in order to avoid double taxation under GST, the concept of Input Tax Credit was being introduced. The “registered” seller/service provider is allowed to take input tax credit of GST already paid in the earlier stages of the same product/service.

Blogger’s views on some of the hot topics of discussion with regard to GST

Whether prices of commodities/services will go down or rise as a result of GST? – If I talk in bookish terms then by simply comparing the rates of existing tax on goods or service tax against the proposed GST rate, I could very well conclude that prices of some commodities/services will go down, while those of others will rise. However, the hard-core reality is that prices in the practical world never go down in the long run. So, my personal view is that GST should not be looked upon as a measure to reduce prices of goods/services. It is simply one of those “Jumlas” which until now we all should be used to. However, if you still think that the business world is going to share their savings in cost with the consumers “in the long run” then you are free to stay hopeful (*fingers crossed*).

Will the life of business person ease up post implementation of GST? – Ah! On one hand, if you are a registered business person under GST, then you will have to file as many as 37 tax returns per year. And mind it your income tax and other returns are not part of these 37 returns. So either you should be ready to invest your next quarter or half-year in understanding the GST requirements and getting well versed with it or else concentrate on your business and hire a GST professional for taking care of all these issues. While, on the other hand, if you are not a registered business person under GST, then you are not eligible to claim the Input Tax Credit on the goods and services you sell/serve. So you are smart enough to forecast whether your life is going to ease up or not in the GST regime.

Concluding remarks – No doubt GST is a good step in harmonising the tax structure of any economy. And sooner or later, our country has to go for One Nation, One Tax. However, the Government should necessarily look into easing up the procedural requirement under GST. In absence of which, it is surely going to be a difficult task to implement GST in the right spirit. Hope the responsible persons do take note of the same, as well as, take necessary steps in the matter concerned.

Let’s be positive and hope for the best.

God Bless you all! Stay in touch.

Peyush Jain

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A “genuine” feedback from an anonymous person – Means a lot, isn’t it?

Could anything in this world be more rewarding than a “genuine” feedback from an anonymous person? Well at least for me, it’s one of the best things that could happen to someone. It is way above any kind of certificates, awards, likes or even monetary rewards. And to be very frank, I rarely get feedbacks like these, so without fail, I don’t leave any chance to grab them. Who knows when the other person might change their mind? So why to give them any opportunity to back-off, right? (*Winks*)

One of the readers shared this feedback (as displayed in the uploaded picture), for my Hindi Kavita (Poem) – Maa – Ek Ehsaas (Mother – A feeling). I was overwhelmed after reading this emotional conversation between Mother and Daughter. As this poem is dedicated to all Mother’s in this universe, so nothing better could have happened, than receiving a genuine feedback and blessings of a Mother.

To plain eyes, this conversation might look like a routine talk between a parent and a child. Then what is so special about it? Well, the daughter did share the background of this conversation with me, and hence I can guess the kind of emotions out flowing when this interaction was going on between them, “on the occasion of Mother’s Day”.

To give you a hint about the background of this conversation – The Mother and Daughter live far away (like seven seas apart or something) and the daughter was missing her mother badly on this Mother’s Day. She just wanted to pack her bag and fly down to meet her parents. I am sure likewise the mother too was missing her daughter’s presence. And it was during those emotional moments that she read this poem and also shared it with her beloved mother.

Post sharing the poem when the daughter asks her mom “Did you like it”, her Mother replies – “Very Very Much, It brings tears in my eyes”. I don’t know why but I literally got goosebumps reading this comment from her mother. This is one of the best compliments I ever got and what makes it special is that it came straight from a Mother’s heart. It made my day. This is what I live for.

Although, I don’t want any eyes to get moist because of me, however, I am sure those were tears of happiness (not the tears of sorrow, crocodile tears or the peacock tears). Nevertheless, I still don’t want people to cry because of me, so I would just like to quote here the famous dialogue, of the First Superstar of Indian Film Industry, Late Mr. Rajesh Khanna – “Pushpa, I hate tears”.

I can undoubtedly feel the outpouring of emotions and growing of bond between the two ladies, in this short chit-chat between them. Above all, I feel highly obliged to know that my words could actually touch someone’s heart and play a small role in bringing happiness in their life. For a writer, it is highly gratifying to know that their write-up is able to connect with people and more importantly to connect people.

As a matter of fact, her mother doesn’t know me personally and she has no idea about the poet of this poem. The innocent lady doesn’t even know whether the poet is a male or a female. In fact, in the conversation, she requests her daughter to thank me by saying “Give thanks to her” (However, till last checked, I am still a male). So for me undoubtedly she is an anonymous person, whose feedback is unbiased and genuine.

I sincerely want to take this opportunity to thank the Mother, the Daughter, as well as, all the readers out there for always boosting up the morale of the writers by sharing their genuine feedbacks. Trust me guys it doesn’t matter whether the feedback is positive or negative. What is important is the genuineness of that feedback. So it’s my earnest request to each one of you to always give your genuine feedback against any kind of work that you like/dislike. Your genuine feedback is the driving force which helps us keep going and learning too.

Keep reading and sharing your genuine feedbacks.

Stay in touch. God Bless!


Peyush Jain


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16th December 2012 – The Night that never saw the Dawn – Part 3

Whenever we come across some shocking incident it all of a sudden sends shivers up and down our spine. The cruel incident of 16th December 2012 was certainly one of them. Trust me every time the heading of this blog crosses my vision, it always forces me to think that how aptly it suits in today’s time as well. Yes, the dark night of 16th December 2012 never saw the Dawn.

Ah! India took a sigh of relief considering that finally justice has been achieved in the ‘Nirbhaya’ gang rape case. Everyone around seems to be happy, the courtroom is echoing with the sound of claps, lot of wishes are getting circulated on different platforms because of the very reason that on dated 05th May 2017, the Honourable Supreme court upheld the death sentence passed by the High Court as well as the Lower Court in the said case. A week has passed from that day of judicial pronouncement and almost all the emotional outburst has subsided, so it’s the right time for us to analyse whether Justice is actually achieved in this case or not?

As rightly quoted by Mr. William E. Gladstone “Justice delayed is Justice denied”. Sorry to say, but “Justice has already been denied in the present case” and still we are very proudly celebrating the judicial pronouncement. Mind it this is the situation when the case was taken up in the fast-track court. Now, we can just imagine the fate of all other judicial cases pending before the Honourable courts in our country for years and years. The number of pending cases in the court of law is only going to aggravate the matter and in turn, will leave an impression in the mind of the culprits that they have a free hand to do anything as per their wish.

The time lag in our judicial proceedings could be understood by the very fact that it took almost 9 months to the lower court, 6 months to the Honourable Delhi High Court and 38 long months to the Honourable Supreme Court to pronounce the judgement in the Nirbhaya case. And the culprits still have 3 more chances left to appeal i.e. 1) Reconsideration Petition – A Reconsideration Petition with the Honourable Supreme Court. 2) Curative Petition – If no relief is granted in the Reconsideration Petition then a Curative Petition could be filed 3) Mercy Petition – If no relief is granted against the death sentence in the Curative Petition as well then a Mercy Petition could be filed with the Honourable President of India. (Reference: News article published on dated 06th May 2017 in Dainik Bhaskar, the Hindi Daily Newspaper).

Shame on us that even after such a shocking incidence, which caught the eyes of the world media, we not only missed an opportunity to take strong steps in the area of woman safety but also failed drastically in setting up an example in front of the entire world with a speedy judicial proceeding in such a brutal case. And still, we want to brag about achieving justice in the present case? The hard-core reality is that the victim died a painful death long back, while the culprits still have 3 more options left to prove their innocence even after almost 4½ long years have passed since that incident first took place.

This case truly shows a mirror to our society, and at the same time, unmasks the face of the judicial system in our country. What an irony that in the world’s largest democratic nation, the culprits in a criminal case of this magnitude couldn’t be punished even after almost 4½ long years have passed. We can no more continue to play the game of pointing fingers towards others; rather we as a society have to accept our collective responsibility for such a poor condition of the law and order, as well as, the judicial system in our country.

Herewith, I would like to quote the following paragraph extracted from the second part of this Blog “16th December 2012 – The Night that never saw the Dawn” – Part 2 – Yes, humanity indeed gets killed every time such inhuman act occurs. But, the culprits are not alone to be held responsible for this killing of humanity, rather we, as a society, are equally responsible for all such inhuman acts happening around us. It’s a high time we question ourselves that what learning we took from the past incidents and what corrective measures we took to ensure that no such incidents happen with anyone again. How long will it take for us to realize that today it may have happened with a stranger, but tomorrow it could happen to anyone of us or our family members? Are we waiting for that day when we will be the victim?

Did we actually take any learning from such brutal rape case? NO, the growing graph of rape cases with every passing ‘hour’ clearly shows the condition of law and order in our country. It also depicts the mindset of our society. I would not be wrong in saying that it’s a male dominating society wherein the females of “any age” are considered as a product to satisfy the never-ending lust of inhuman males.

I would like to end this blog with the very hope that we as a society and nation wake up soon. It’s a high time we work collectively towards saving humanity. If we still don’t get shaken up then we should better be ready to witness more of Nirbhaya’s getting raped every now and then around us. It’s an earnest request to every woman, that please stay safe, and at the same time, I urge every man to please give the much-deserved respect to the women and safeguard them from such inhuman who just consider them as a product of flesh and bones to satisfy their lust.

I wish the Almighty give good sense to each one of us.

God Bless!

Peyush Jain

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I am Judgemental – Are You too?

Today, I am here to accept and reveal the fact that I am Judgemental (as if anyone cares). Okay, I accept that I am mental too, but that’s not the point of discussion in this blog, so you better concentrate on the core issue right now, instead of forcing me to reveal all my unique characteristics here. You can accuse me as much as you want but that’s still not going to change the fact, even a bit. I am Judgemental and I am going to stay like that forever.

Sorry to disappoint you, but I am not ashamed in accepting the fact that I am Judgemental. On the contrary, I feel proud of “Being Judgemental”. Hey, what did you just murmur? You think it’s a matter of shame for me? Trust me, after reading this blog, you yourself are going to be desperate enough to “Be Judgemental” [Shhh! This is a trap to make you read my blog (*Winks*)].

To start with, let us refer a dictionary to check and understand what does the word ‘Judgemental’ actually mean? Out of the 7 definitions available, I think the one that most appropriately defines the word Judgemental is “The capacity to assess situations or circumstances shrewdly and to draw sound conclusions”. [Reference: Word Web Dictionary, the free version (I am miser too)].

Now let us try to dissect and understand the essence of this definition.

  • The capacity to assess situations or circumstances” – The definition starts with these words, which actually refers to the potentiality of someone to evaluate situations or circumstances. These carefully chosen words indicate towards a person who possesses the skill to appraise situations/circumstances/individuals that come across her/him.
  • Shrewdly” – Then comes the word shrewdly in the definition. The word Shrewd herewith means “Marked by practical hard-headed intelligence”. Practical hard-headed means that the level of intelligence needs to be guided by practical experience and observation rather than theory. [Reference: Word Web Dictionary].
  • And to draw sound conclusions” – The definition ends with these words, which in fact means that the ultimate aim towards assessing anything is to draw sound conclusions. A sound conclusion may signify an outcome which is good enough or which can be logically validated. These words represent that Judgemental Person’s always aspire to achieve sound results by their judgements.

Hence, from the above-mentioned definition, we can conclude that “A Judgemental person signifies someone who is smart and capable enough to evaluate situations/circumstances/individuals, with a practically hard-headed intelligence, in order to draw sound conclusions”. Ahem! Doesn’t the word “Judgemental” or “Being Judgemental” sound good all of a sudden? And till now you were unnecessarily feeling bad over someone calling or rather accusing you of “Being Judgemental”.

I am sure after reading and most importantly ‘understanding’ the above definition, the majority of the readers will agree with me that they are Judgemental and there is nothing wrong in “Being Judgemental”. (See I am again Judgemental to think that majority of the readers are smart enough). In fact “Being Judgemental” is the best trait one can and should possess. So don’t you all think that you are smart enough to possess this quality of “Being Judgemental”?

In case you still have some doubts left, then also nothing to worry about because I am not going to leave you in the middle of nowhere and vanish just like that. In the following paragraphs, I will try to explain with the logic that how and why “Being Judgemental” is extremely important for all of us (just like intake of oxygen).

Do you take any decision based on your Gut Feelings? Did you ever give it a thought that how your gut feelings actually work? Let me tell you that “Gut feelings work only when we are Judgemental about a situation/circumstance/individual”. Hence, the prerequisite for Gut Feelings is “Being Judgemental”. If you are not Judgemental in assessing a situation or a person well in advance, then do you even think that it will be possible for you to take any decision based on your gut feelings?

All those who encounter situations wherein they have to make choices based on their gut feelings are in a far better position to understand this point. Say, for example, you are all alone on a lonely road, at some odd hour of the day, and you desperately need help from someone to drop you home. Now in this situation, just think that will you blindly take help from the very first person who arrives on that lonely road or will you activate your gut feelings to decide from whom you need to take help, out of all those persons who come forward to offer you help? Without fail you have to be Judgemental in this situation so that you can save yourself from an alarming situation. Hence, knowingly or unknowingly we all are Judgemental.

Irrespective of all the above positive sides about “Being Judgemental”, let me warn you that there is a negative side attached to it as well. The only problem with “Being Judgemental” arises when we are not ready to accept the ‘reality’ over our judgement. I mean a lot many times our judgement will turn out to be wrong (For your information, my ratio of Judgement turning out to be wrong is 100%).

In all such situations when our judgement goes wrong, what is required from our end is to show some maturity and accept the fact that we are humans, and hence, we can go wrong at times in judging the people or the output of any circumstance/situation. Sticking to our Judgement, even after it turns out to be wrong, is simply foolishness on our part. Instead, it will be better on our part to accept the reality and take learning from it, so that we can be a better Judge the next time. If we can win over this shortcoming of ours then trust me “Being Judgemental” is a characteristic which everyone should possess and in fact feel proud about it.

I hope that it is very much clear now that there goes a lot of thought process in “Being Judgemental”. So each one of you should be extremely proud for “Being Judgemental” and pat your back for owning such a good quality (*Collars Up*). All those who still have any doubts on this subject matter are requested to read this blog again and again, till they get assured about the goodness of this characteristic.

The next time anyone accuses you of “Being Judgemental”, do thank him/her/it (‘it’ because even robots can accuse us in this digital age). And don’t you dare forget to thank me in your mind on every such occasion, else I am going to Judge you as “Being Ungrateful” (*Coughs*).

God Bless you all! Stay in touch.

Peyush Jain

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Bombarding another country with the “Mother Of All Bombs” – Who on earth gave anyone the right to do so?

As soon as I read about the news of the so-called Super Power bombarding “once again” the territorial jurisdiction of another country, without even taking consent of the “elected government” of that very country, then these words from my other blog “A ‘qualified’ apology by Mr. Tony Blair for Iraq invasion – Was it even an apology “in real sense”?”, immediately honked in my mind – “Invading other countries to showcase the world that we are a Super Power is supposed to be the favourite pass time of some of the leaders, right?”. These words aptly fit in today’s time as well. Alas! Nothing actually changed in all these years.

First of all, let me make it very clear that I am not against any ‘legal’ Anti-Terrorism step taken in any part of the world. Do note that the stress herewith is on the word ‘legal’ and invading another country in the name of peace, without even taking the consent of the “peace loving” government of that very country, couldn’t be justified as a legal step, by any stretch. On the contrary, if the government of any country is not “peace-loving” and is actually helping terrorism to breed on its soil, then all the peace-loving countries have every right to take action, without obtaining prior permission of the ruling government of that nation, which apparently doesn’t believe in a peaceful world, but not otherwise.

In fact in my other blog “Yes, I am helping the Terrorists”, I have proposed a Joint Anti-Terrorism model and formation of a Global Special Task Force (GSTF). The prerequisite for this model is the prior permission of the Head of that respective peace-loving country, whose territorial jurisdiction the GSTF proposes to enter. This is the legal way of executing such critical missions. One can’t just decide solely on their own, and, on one fine day, proceed to bombard the land of any other nation, simply to flaunt their military power. This is seriously not acceptable and such one-sided step will never ever be able to achieve the mission of peace if that’s what their ultimate motive is, rather it will create hatred and will prompt other countries to call for a war.

Whoever is silent on United States of America’s (USA’s) recent bombarding on the land of Afghanistan, thinking that this is not against them or their nation, should note that tomorrow it could be against them or their nation as well. Do remember that if you don’t oppose any unlawful act now, then you are accepting the dominance of the countries and rulers who are intoxicated in the influence of power. So it’s my earnest request to each and every peace-loving individual and country to very strongly oppose this unjustifiable act of USA, wherein a lot many innocent civilians got killed and were forced to be a victim of someone’s arrogance.

India is a “Peace Loving” nation and also has friendly relations with Afghanistan, so without fail we should stand by the side of Afghanistan government, as well as, the innocent people residing over there. How could a nation, whose Father was a firm believer of Peace and Non-Violence, stay quiet on this illegal act of bombarding any country with the Mother of All Bombs? If any of us think that staying quiet against this act of USA will help us in building our relations strong with them, then sorry to say but we are living in a fool’s paradise. It’s a high time we take a strong stand against any kind of injustice taking place in any part of the world or else the hammer is going to hit hard on us sooner or later.

Mr. Donald Trump this common man very strongly opposes your step of bombarding a peace-loving nation without their permission. Just because you are the President of a so-called Super Power doesn’t mean that you have all the right to intrude the territorial frontiers of any other nation. In the name of peace, no one is authorized to take such steps solely on their own wish. For your kind information, Super Power is not about displaying that you can intrude any nation and bombard them without their permission.

We all should remember that there is a Supreme Soul up there, who has the real Super Power and in front of that Supreme Soul, our power is negligible. So next time even before thinking of taking such steps solely out of arrogance, keep in mind that we are just puppets in the hands of Supreme Soul and one day our arrogance could be the reason of our downfall too.

Let us all strive together to make this world a peaceful place to live in. Live and let others live peacefully too. I wish that the Almighty bless us with good sense.

God bless you all!

Stay in touch.

Peyush Jain