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16th December 2012 – The Night that never saw the Dawn – Part 3

Whenever we come across some shocking incident it all of a sudden sends shivers up and down our spine. The cruel incident of 16th December 2012 was certainly one of them. Trust me every time the heading of this blog crosses my vision, it always forces me to think that how aptly it suits in today’s time as well. Yes, the dark night of 16th December 2012 never saw the Dawn.

Ah! India took a sigh of relief considering that finally justice has been achieved in the ‘Nirbhaya’ gang rape case. Everyone around seems to be happy, the courtroom is echoing with the sound of claps, lot of wishes are getting circulated on different platforms because of the very reason that on dated 05th May 2017, the Honourable Supreme court upheld the death sentence passed by the High Court as well as the Lower Court in the said case. A week has passed from that day of judicial pronouncement and almost all the emotional outburst has subsided, so it’s the right time for us to analyse whether Justice is actually achieved in this case or not?

As rightly quoted by Mr. William E. Gladstone “Justice delayed is Justice denied”. Sorry to say, but “Justice has already been denied in the present case” and still we are very proudly celebrating the judicial pronouncement. Mind it this is the situation when the case was taken up in the fast-track court. Now, we can just imagine the fate of all other judicial cases pending before the Honourable courts in our country for years and years. The number of pending cases in the court of law is only going to aggravate the matter and in turn, will leave an impression in the mind of the culprits that they have a free hand to do anything as per their wish.

The time lag in our judicial proceedings could be understood by the very fact that it took almost 9 months to the lower court, 6 months to the Honourable Delhi High Court and 38 long months to the Honourable Supreme Court to pronounce the judgement in the Nirbhaya case. And the culprits still have 3 more chances left to appeal i.e. 1) Reconsideration Petition – A Reconsideration Petition with the Honourable Supreme Court. 2) Curative Petition – If no relief is granted in the Reconsideration Petition then a Curative Petition could be filed 3) Mercy Petition – If no relief is granted against the death sentence in the Curative Petition as well then a Mercy Petition could be filed with the Honourable President of India. (Reference: News article published on dated 06th May 2017 in Dainik Bhaskar, the Hindi Daily Newspaper).

Shame on us that even after such a shocking incidence, which caught the eyes of the world media, we not only missed an opportunity to take strong steps in the area of woman safety but also failed drastically in setting up an example in front of the entire world with a speedy judicial proceeding in such a brutal case. And still, we want to brag about achieving justice in the present case? The hard-core reality is that the victim died a painful death long back, while the culprits still have 3 more options left to prove their innocence even after almost 4½ long years have passed since that incident first took place.

This case truly shows a mirror to our society, and at the same time, unmasks the face of the judicial system in our country. What an irony that in the world’s largest democratic nation, the culprits in a criminal case of this magnitude couldn’t be punished even after almost 4½ long years have passed. We can no more continue to play the game of pointing fingers towards others; rather we as a society have to accept our collective responsibility for such a poor condition of the law and order, as well as, the judicial system in our country.

Herewith, I would like to quote the following paragraph extracted from the second part of this Blog “16th December 2012 – The Night that never saw the Dawn” – Part 2 – Yes, humanity indeed gets killed every time such inhuman act occurs. But, the culprits are not alone to be held responsible for this killing of humanity, rather we, as a society, are equally responsible for all such inhuman acts happening around us. It’s a high time we question ourselves that what learning we took from the past incidents and what corrective measures we took to ensure that no such incidents happen with anyone again. How long will it take for us to realize that today it may have happened with a stranger, but tomorrow it could happen to anyone of us or our family members? Are we waiting for that day when we will be the victim?

Did we actually take any learning from such brutal rape case? NO, the growing graph of rape cases with every passing ‘hour’ clearly shows the condition of law and order in our country. It also depicts the mindset of our society. I would not be wrong in saying that it’s a male dominating society wherein the females of “any age” are considered as a product to satisfy the never-ending lust of inhuman males.

I would like to end this blog with the very hope that we as a society and nation wake up soon. It’s a high time we work collectively towards saving humanity. If we still don’t get shaken up then we should better be ready to witness more of Nirbhaya’s getting raped every now and then around us. It’s an earnest request to every woman, that please stay safe, and at the same time, I urge every man to please give the much-deserved respect to the women and safeguard them from such inhuman who just consider them as a product of flesh and bones to satisfy their lust.

I wish the Almighty give good sense to each one of us.

God Bless!

Peyush Jain

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Happy International Omen’s Day…Oops, Happy International Women’s Day – Part 2

To all those who are confused that why I am referring it as an Omen’s Day instead of Women’s Day. I would just like to say that I am not going to apprise you on the same and hence to know the secret behind it, you all need to go through the first part of this blog i.e. Happy International Omen’s Day…Oops, Happy International Women’s Day. In that blog, the proceedings of the entire case are published, which justifies that why it is an International Omen’s Day too. (And yes, you can very well consider this act of mine as a self-promotion exercise of my other blog to get more views *winks*).

Whoops, at the outset, I apologize for being late in wishing all the females out there “A Very Happy International Omen’s Day…Oops, Happy International Women’s Day”. Please accept my apologies and trust me there is no fault of mine in this unintentional delay. As a yearly ritual, once again on the eve of 8th March, I was shaken up from my sound sleep just to remind me that today is the International Women’s day.

Okay, I agree to the fact that the tons of messages overflowing from every corner in the virtual world hardly let us forget anything these days. But tell me frankly for getting enlightened, one needs to first login into the virtual world, right? And here I am, a lazy soul who most of the times don’t even like to login into the real world. I am sure now you can imagine my situation very well. So, now you only decide that shouldn’t I be getting the benefit of the doubt and hence forgiven?

Now keeping all the crap aside, let me take this opportunity to ask one simple question to all the ladies from Venus (Don’t you know that all the females come from Venus?) that when each and every single day is entirely yours, what is the need for having one single day know as Women’s Day dedicated to you all. I mean you should emphasise on celebrating Women’s Day, the entire year, 365 days, 24*7 hours. Just to have only one single day dedicated to you is so unfair. It is actually against Women’s Rights. Let’s join together and raise our voice against this serious issue of violating your birthright (As if we male have an option not to join in anything that you stand for).

Trust me just a single day dedicated to you lovely souls is nothing else but an insult. Isn’t it equivalent to a Prime Minister showing his consent to fight a Ward Election? Okay, I realise that it’s an irrelevant example and above all nowadays, the Prime Ministers can fight for Ward Elections too, if it helps them in pitching some more Jumlas. Phew! I am drifting from the core serious issue. Okay, I am back on track, but you please don’t counter it by saying that when love should be celebrated every single day then what is the point of having a day dedicated to love known as Valentine’s Day. You know it right, that we males can never win any argument with you smart souls, so just ignore such intelligent thoughts (*joins my hands*).

Okay, I realise that I have bugged you a lot with all the nonsense crap, which I am expert in. So before you kick me out, let me make my move and vanish. Once again, I wish all the women a Very Happy International Women’s Day! Thanks for being there and making this world a beautiful place to live in. Life without you is unimaginable. Keep obliging us with your presence in our life. Do take a good care of yourself, keep smiling, be happy and stay fit and fine always.

God bless you all! Stay in touch.

Peyush Jain

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Ruchita Jain murder investigation – Was the approach of investigation officers right in this case?

Disclaimer: This blog is not meant to bring down the image of the Police department or entire investigation agencies. The blogger in true spirit respects the hard work that the Police Department is doing. However, the content of this blog should be taken as learning by the concerned officers, department and each one of us, so that mistakes like these are not repeated in future and the very motive of true justice is actually achieved in the real sense.

Last year, on dated 01st December 2016, a young lawyer named Mrs. Ruchita Jain w/o Mr. K. B. Gupta was brutally killed in broad daylight in her residence located at Flat No. 702, Orbit Apartment – 1, New Bhupalpura, Udaipur (Rajasthan). As per the post-mortem report, she was mercilessly stabbed 17 times with a wrench tool, resulting in serious injuries on her head and body. She died on the spot.

The soul shivers even with the thought that how painful the last few minutes of her life would have been. The loss of someone’s life is irrecoverable and it surely would have changed the life of her husband and their two little kids. This case indeed shocked the entire peace-loving community of Udaipur and left everyone thinking that how safe we all are. For a few days, there was an air of fear and suspicion, in and around the city, especially in the locality where this murder took place. Everyone was coming up with their version of the case or some latest updates on it.

All eyes were finally gazed on the Police Department to crack this case and unearth the culprit, as well as, the motive behind such a cruel incidence. The Sukher Police Station, on dated 22nd February 2017 i.e. 82 days after the incidence filed the 141-page charge sheet with the court. Although the police department and the concerned officers are patting their back for solving this so-called “difficult” case, still there are a lot of questions that has emerged from the working style of the Police Department as is evident in those crucial 82 days.

There were a few lapses on the part of the investigating team, which somehow points fingers on the credibility of the entire department and their working style. Below mentioned 6 points reflects the approach of investigation officers in this case –

  1. The superfast local police officers actually boasted to have solved this case on the very second day of the murder itself i.e. on dated 02nd December 2016, the Superintendent of Police (SP) Udaipur, claimed that they have solved the murder mystery and arrested the husband of the victim on charges of killing his own wife. – Without any solid evidence, against any suspect, is it justifiable to defame them in front of the entire world simply because the investigation agencies have some doubts about their involvement? Was the department in so much hurry to grab the praises that they even forgot to collect any single evidence against the husband before accusing him of being the murderer? Is there any possibility that this was intentionally done so that the actual culprit could get away in the present case?
  1. However, after the above claim by the police department of solving the case, on day 3 after the murder, a new angle came into limelight when one of the residences of the same Apartment, Divy Kothari, surrendered at Fatehpura, Police Station, claiming that he has murdered Mrs. Ruchita. Hence, the police have to release Mr. Gupta (husband of the victim) on account of acceptance of crime by the accused Divy Kothari. – After realising that it was a blunder on the part of the police department to charge and publicly announce the victim’s husband as the murderer, wasn’t it their responsibility to not only publicly accept their mistake but also apologize to Mr. Gupta and his family for defaming them?
  1. Further, the prime accused in this case Divy Kothari was also successful in misleading the police officers by acting so brilliantly that the police officers blindly believed on his side of the story that he was suffering from some mental disorder. Once again the investigation team, solely based on the story served to them by Divy Kothari, almost concluded that the accused was suffering from the mental disorder known as ‘Psychosis’ (loss of contact with reality) and in the influence of the same he killed the victim. – Is it believable that once again without any supporting evidence the officers concerned were eager to reach on to conclusions every now and then in the same case? Was it just a mistake on the part of the department to believe the story of the accused as told by him or was it done intentionally again?
  1. After realising that once again they have made a blunder in believing the claims with plain eyes, the police department got into a thorough investigation which resulted into the fact that Divy was just trying to fool the police officers and thereby mislead the investigation. Further, the team collected all the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) evidence “based on the information extracted from the accused”, which resulted in factual proofs to claim Divy as the actual accused in the present case. – Is there any valid reason which such learned officials could provide behind not taking help of the FSL evidence on the very first day of the investigation in a murder case? Is this the normal practice followed by the department to reach on to the conclusion? Isn’t the improper investigation major reason of accused being set free of charge in most of the cases?
  1. Quite surprisingly, even after all these blunders on the part of the department, the Station House Officer (SHO) in charge of the case was reported saying that “It was the toughest and challenging case of his entire life”. (Reference: Report published on dated 23rd February 2017 in Dainik Bhaskar Hindi daily newspaper) – Well, who better than the department people could tell that was this case actually difficult to crack or not? Was it actually a complicated case when the accused himself surrendered in front of the police and accepted that he has murdered Mrs. Ruchita? What was left for the department was to simply collect evidence with the help of the FSL team, based on the information extracted from the accused, isn’t it? Now, was it that difficult to do for such experienced and capable officers of the police force?
  1. Finally, I would like to raise an important point which has been altogether neglected in this case. For your information, a tortoise was found in the house of Mrs. Ruchita Jain and the picture of the tortoise that was clicked by the accused, just before the murder is one of the FSL evidence in the present case. However, there is no mention of the fact that was this tortoise a legal breed that is allowed to be kept as a pet in India or not. If not, then why the officials didn’t lodge any FIR against the responsible person for keeping a tortoise in the house, which under the Wildlife Protection Act is illegal. – Although it is not related to the murder mystery, still it should have been taken care of by the concerned team. In absence of which, we are forced to think that was it sheer negligence on the part of the investigation agencies or were they themselves unaware of the laws prevailing in the country?

At the end, I would like to wish that may the departed soul rest in peace and the culprit gets punished for the offence. I do hope that the investigation agencies work diligently in every case and ensure that none of the culprits is set free just because the investigation done at their end was improper. I would further like to appeal each one of you “To be cautious and be safe” because that is the only way we can reduce the number of such incidences happening around us.

God Bless you all.

Peyush Jain

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16th December 2012 – The Night that never saw the Dawn – Part 2

Exactly 4 years back, on this very day of 16th December, humanity was killed. An innocent 23 years girl was brutally gang-raped in a moving bus on the streets of New Delhi, India. The inhuman males went to the extent of inserting a rusted iron rod in her genital organs and assaulting her so bad that even her intestine came out of the body. My fingers were actually trembling while typing all that, can’t even imagine that “in reality” what the girl would have gone through. It was indeed a Night that never saw the Dawn.

Everyone unanimously mourned on the brutal killing of humanity and it looked as if the world is going to change from the very next day. But, unsurprisingly, nothing actually changed as such. Life came back to its normal pace and we got busy in our daily routine. We, the so-called humans, have a tendency to forget everything so easily. The very next moment we tend to behave as if nothing actually happened. After all who cares, right?

Whenever any inhuman act happens, as a ritual we will mourn a bit, sympathetically discuss all such cases and after some time we will be back to our normal chores. It won’t be wrong on my part to say that majority of us are least bothered about others. We actually don’t care about anything that happens with others. The truth is that we are just concerned about the well-being of ourselves and our closed ones. In this fast paced overburdened race of life, who has time to think about other people’s life, right?

Yes, humanity indeed gets killed every time such inhuman act occurs. But, the culprits are not alone to be held responsible for this killing of humanity, rather we, as a society, are equally responsible for all such inhuman acts happening around us. It’s a high time we question ourselves that what learning we took from the past incidences and what corrective measures we took to ensure that no such incident happens with anyone again. How long will it take for us to realize that today it may have happened with a stranger, but tomorrow it could happen to anyone of us or our family members? Are we waiting for that day when we will be the victim?

How shameful on our part that we are not even able to bring down the number of rape cases in our country, forget about stopping them completely. With each passing year, the graph of rape cases is showing an upward trend only. This, in itself, shows the condition of law and order in our country. None of the common men is safe. We can’t be sure whether the females of our family will reach home safely or not. It seems as if we are breeding a criminal safe universe.

At the same time, the judicial system of our country is so fast that even after 4 long years the case is yet to be decided. Who is getting benefited by such judicial system, the culprit or the victims? I fail to understand that when courts can open at odd hours to decide about the hanging of a terrorist, then what stops them to speed up the judicial proceedings in such sensitive cases at least? And still, they expect a common man to have full faith in the judicial system.

Sooner the better we realize that until the time our society gets awakened and shake the political and judicial system to tighten up the law and order condition in our country, nothing is actually going to change in reality. If at all we want to save humanity than matters like woman safety should be on top of our priority list. And do remember that it’s an ongoing process and we have to push things till our objective is met. We can’t afford anymore to forget and wait for another incident to happen wherein we will mourn once again. If we want this world to be a safer place to live in, then we have to take drastic steps right now.

Herewith, I would like to quote the following paragraph extracted from the first part of this Blog “16th December 2012 – The Night that never saw the Dawn” – 16th December 2012, was a day of shame, a day of sorrow, a day of emotional outburst, and a day of introspection for every human soul. It is not about a city, not about a country, not about modernization, not about culture but it is about humanity. Humanity is at stake. Joseph Conrad (a polish author) once said that “Being a woman is a terribly difficult task since it consists principally in dealing with men”. Today, if we look around we will agree to what he said. But is it only about agreeing with what he said or do we want to change the views? Yes, we can change it by giving the much deserved “respect & love to every single woman”. I am sure our respect & love towards the woman will indeed enable us one day, to quote that “Being a woman is the most wonderful task since it consists principally in dealing with men”. That day humanity will feel proud on Humans.

I would like to end this blog with a request to every male that “It’s a high time we male take a pledge, that let the female be our mother, sister, friend, colleague, wife or in any other relation to name with but never ever be our victim”. At the same time, I would like to request every female that please be safe and please be extra cautious.

God bless!

Peyush Jain

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Happy International Omen’s Day…Oops Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Omen’s Day…Oops, I mean Happy International Women’s Day. Sorry for the misspelling, but wait, I think there is no harm in addressing it as an Omen’s (Warning) day too. Come on, now don’t scare me with those frown looks. Don’t you know that there is always some logic behind everything that comes from this side? Okay, Okay, sorry once again, I just realized that “most of the time”, I talk illogical crap. What now? Why you raising your eyebrows again? I can see that your eyebrows are perfectly trimmed, the eyeliner is accurately lined up and the eyeshadow is quite mesmerising, but still, as I have a weak heart, so please stop frightening me always. Grrrr, you are not going to listen to me right? Fine, I stand corrected again, “I ALWAYS talk illogical crap”. Gosh, you guys always take advantage of my honesty and innocence.

Your honour (Dear Women), kindly allow me to present my case, in order to prove my stand that why this day could also be addressed as an Omen’s Day. I assure you that if you are not satisfied with my arguments (which is highly probable), then I will agree to whatever you decide, in the said case. I know, mentioning the last statement hardly mattered, because we men never have a chance to decide on anything in which the smarter gender i.e. Woman is involved. And, with my personal experience, “without any shame”, I can admit that in most of the decisions that we male take, “ignoring or going against the wish of a woman”, we have a consistent track record of messing up things. So, I better let all the women’s to be the judge to decide on this issue and I will accept the judgement gracefully, later on (as if I had any other choice).

So, with your due permission, Your Honour, I would like to start the proceedings of this case, under consideration, with the honourable Women’s Court. With utmost due respect to all the women, I herewith list down the various arguments in favour of my plea i.e. why is it rightful to address this day as an Omen’s (Warning) Day, especially for we men.

  1. It’s a day to warn every stupid male like me that there are smarter souls known as Woman on this planet, who have the courage and the talent to slash away anyone who tries to act ‘smart’ with them. Realization: The sooner, the better it will be if we men realize that our brain is not in our head (I request you to kindly read the next statement before you start locating our brain at some weird places in our body). Actually, it would be best on our part to admit the fact that we men don’t have a working brain. Trust me this self-realization and acceptance will help us in long run, not only by acting as a shield against any foolish thing that we are surely going to attempt, time and again. But also, it will help in proving that the theory, which says that “a man’s brain is located at some weird place in his body” is null and void (Shhhhh, I know this theory is true to core, but don’t you all man agree with me that it’s better to be adjudged as brainless, than to get teased regularly for having brain at some weird place?).
  1. This day comes with a warning to every man that not only this date but each and every single date, along with at least the occasion concerned, needs to be remembered by heart, if we wish to survive peacefully throughout our life. Example: All those dates (if any), where you dared to get into any kind of verbal arguments/fights with a woman, along with the time and reason thereof. It is noteworthy here to mention that the reason for arguments/fights that need to be remembered should not be the core issue on which the arguments/fights actually started, rather it should be the one where it ultimately led to, like, why was the finger being raised, why did you shout, why were you laughing in the mid of a serious discussion and the list goes, on and on. Similarly, other dates like date of birth, date of your first Date, date of marriage, date of the first fight (yes really), date of this and date of that, all needs to be remembered without fail. All in all, an event calendar is supposed to be hanging by default in our head (for that reason, wherever that head is located in our body). Try forgetting any date that is ‘important’ as per the definition of a woman, after that be assured that you will never forget any date in any of your future incarnations too.
  1. It warns us that if we love our life and want to simply live then we can’t be an enemy of this powerful soul. In simple words, it reminds us that we need to agree and surrender to the women’s wish for a peaceful world. Proverb: “Pani mein rahkar, magar se bair nahi kartey” (You cannot live in Rome and fight with Pope). Even if we take a slight possibility that one daring man tries to stand against the women, then let us check beforehand, whether there are any chances of his surviving against all odds or not. Will he score more on smartness, dedication, commitment, leadership qualities, pain tolerating capacity, caring and selfless love? The answer to any of such attributes is a straightaway ‘No’. Yes, a man can never match their scale however hard he may try (I am an exception though). As such, it is better for each one of us to accept the Women Power and crown them the indisputable ruler. Why waste our limited energy in a lost battle? In case any man still has the slightest doubt then I would like to draw his attention towards the warning that “do you love your life and want to live or not”.
  1. It’s an open warning to every man that all women are same and should be looked upon and treated at par. Dare you, this does not mean that we men got the license to stare wishfully at every other woman. As if you are going to stop staring in absence of any valid licence? Now please come out of your dreams, stop drooling and concentrate. On a serious note, this point only talks about the due respect and equality which every woman deserves. Precaution: In the larger interest of the male fraternity, it would be right to mention here that don’t follow this rule blindly. What I mean to say here is that every time a woman asks your opinion about her looks, dress, etcetera, you should not take a reference to this point and later on blame me. In such circumstances, you are not supposed to utter that all woman were looking good (which depicts equality) or that her clothes were as good as the lady in so and so attire (which depicts nothing more than that you were staring that lady the entire time, which is your favourite hobby right). I guarantee that you will be in a deep mess if you try to reply like that. Instead, you should be complimenting her without comparisons and obviously, your replies have to revolve around her praises (I hope you remember the proverb mentioned in point number 3 above).
  1. The above-mentioned list is not exhaustive and if required, more arguments could be laid on the table, in any future hearings, as per the orders of the honourable and learned judges.

Now, I would like to end my arguments with the sheer hope that my points will be taken up in the right sense and the case shall be decided upon the merits concerned, without giving any thoughts to points like my dressing sense, my appearance, the colour of the courtroom walls, the mismatch between the colour of the furniture and the walls, etcetera. I herewith put my case in the Women’s court to decide on the issue concerned or on anything that they think is appropriate to decide upon, “irrespective of the core issue”. Your highness, now the ball is in your court.

Once again, I wish all the women a Very Happy International Women’s Day! Thanks for being a part of our life and mending the hopeless males like me so that we can at least qualify to be considered somewhere near to be a human. Thanks for obliging us by your mere presence on this planet earth. Life would have been dull and boring, without your colourful soul. You give meaning to our live. Men and Women are like two wheels of a vehicle; in absence of one, the other is incomplete. Stay together and be there always.

Be happy and stay fit and fine. Do take a very good care of you (I mean over and above the pedicures, manicures, upper lips, blah blah blah).

Be in touch.

God bless you all!

Peyush Jain