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Suppress the voice of the Whistle Blower – Municipal Council, Udaipur (Rajasthan)’s New Agenda

The present board of Municipal Council, Udaipur (Rajasthan), which is very well-known for its consistency in not conducting the board meetings on a timely basis, for a change, broke its own custom and finally held its board meeting, on dated 10th March 2018. The said board meeting was headed by the helpless (as claimed by him) Home Minister of Rajasthan, Mr. Gulab Chand Kataria. This board meeting was attended by the Present Mayor Mr. Chandra Singh Kothari, Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) Mr. Phool Singh Meena and other Councillor’s.

In the above-mentioned board meeting, one of the suggestions received from the Chairman of the Construction Committee Mr. Paras Singhvi is worth mentioning and discussing here. Mr. Paras Singhvi suggested the board that in all the cases wherein a complaint is being received by the Municipal Council with regard to illegal construction or encroachment, an enquiry should first be set up against the complainant himself/herself, in order to confirm whether or not an illegal construction or encroachment is done by him/her, and, if found any, then it should be demolished first, before the Municipal Council takes any action on his/her complaint. Unsurprisingly, this suggestion was unanimously accepted by the entire house and further, the Commissioner Mr. Sidharth Sihag assured the house that he will work towards implementing this suggestion. (Reference: Article published, on dated 11th March 2018, in Rajasthan Patrika, the Daily Hindi Newspaper).

Well, there is nothing wrong in demolishing the illegal construction/encroachment done by any person, be it the complainant or the respondent, be it the poor or the rich, be it the politician or the common man. However, my only worry is that are these “respected and learned” politicians even aware that what kind of message they are giving to the residents of the Udaipur city by suggesting, as well as, agreeing to such kind of ‘VALUABLE’ suggestion?

When the board should actually be providing a shield to the complainants, aren’t they trying to threaten the complainants themselves? And, after doing all this, do these politicians actually think that the common men will ever be comfortable reporting against any kind of illegal activity going on around them? Or was this the only motive behind coming up with this suggestion i.e. to create an environment of fear among the residents of the city?

I am sure, if asked, these ‘LEARNED’ politicians will enlighten us that their only motive behind coming up with such ‘SMART’ suggestion is to plant fear in the mind of false complainants. However, as per my personal view, the only objective behind this suggestion is to suppress the voice of the common men who are an awakened citizen and just performing their duty by raising the voice against any kind of illegal activity going on around them.

We all are aware that how the system works and how easy it’s for those in power to trap the common innocent citizens in bogus cases. So, even if these politicians assure us that there is no reason for the honest citizens to worry for, we still know that how this suggestion is going to be misused if implemented. And, above all, this suggestion is definitely going to impact the original complaint, which will either be lingered on for a long time, or else, no action will ever be taken on the same, in light of taking action first against the complainant.

Whatever their motive was behind coming up with this suggestion, as a common man, I definitely think that by this move they are suppressing the voice of the Whistle Blowers. Why else will they want to open up an enquiry against the complainant on the very first place? Isn’t it their own duty to keep an eye on the illegal constructions and encroachments going on in their respective constituency? Isn’t the complainant trying to help them in their work?

Further, if this suggestion is being implemented then what will be the fate of all those secret complaints which might be received by the Municipal Council, Udaipur? Would any action be taken on such complaint or will it simply lie unattended for the sole reason that the identity of the complainant is not known? Herewith, let me be very clear that I am not advocating the false complainants or those involved in illegal construction/encroachment. In fact, a legal action should definitely be taken against all such persons, but it should be done without any kind of bias.

I do hope that those in power, at least apply their brain before coming up or implementing any kind of suggestions and don’t motivate the actual culprits by threatening the honest citizens. I wish that may the Almighty give good sense to each one of us.

God Bless!

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Peyush Jain