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Amidst the chaotic streets traverse a curious soul,

Carrying a wish list of unexplored destinations,

No, the traveller is not walking alone,

Travelling along is a self-built world of imaginations.


Hanging a bag on the back, and flashing, now and then,

Raises a question in every mind that has this soul gone insane?

Moving slowly, as if, every step is a new discovery,

Exploring every corner to unfold a new story.


Enjoying every passing moment and capturing a few of them

To commemorate this serene expedition,

Flashing a smile, all this while,

To thank every being for their picture-perfect contribution.


The excited mind, the mesmerising eyes,

The artistic hands, the energetic legs, all soulfully mingle,

As if, helping the traveller,

To perceive this world, with a different angle.


Soon this journey is going to end,

And gone will be the traveller waving the hand,

Making a move to another unexplored land,

With a promise to meet sometime again.


Yes, we know that life is a journey,

And the world is too small,

So we look forward to meeting again for sure,

Keeping our trips on the roll.


No, the traveller is never ever alone,

Travelling along is a bagful of memories, moments of joy, imprints of souvenir,

Accompanying is the contented smile, expressing another accomplished goal,

Amidst the chaotic streets traverse a curious soul…


Peyush Jain