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There are souls living happily in their own dream world,

Sometimes their life is straight, sometimes it is curled.


Living a new dream every other day,

Scattered everywhere, their aspirations lay.


Anticipating every time to deliver a masterpiece from their raw hands,

Finding solace even in the barred lands.


Letting their dreams fly free, they never try to tame,

Since they are hopeful to step one day from dark into the fame.


Always ready to travel the long gestation period of anonymity,

Because they know that someday their hard work will get all the publicity.


Disappointments often try hard to adorn these courageous souls with an everlasting dent,

Yet, they know that disappointments are temporary while learning is permanent.


Little praise and guidance is all that they seek,

Just to boost their morale and a periodical tweak.


Time and again, they are forced to think – Is dreaming a crime?

What if they don’t ever succeed to hold a position that is prime?


Why do we always curse them for nothing wrong on their part, that they do,

Is it because they live a life that we secretly aspire to?


If nothing else then at least we can stand by their side,

Let them pursue their dream and take pride.


Nothing ever is achieved without foreseeing a dream,

It’s only the Dreamers who keep igniting our world with this necessary beam.


Without the Dreamer, the dream won’t originate,

Without a Dream, nothing will illuminate.



Peyush Jain