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Touch the hearts, not the body parts

Touching someone else’s body parts with wrong intentions, sexual abuses and advances, indecent gestures, molestation, and similar verbal or physical actions, denote just one thing i.e. “We are forcing our lust on someone else, without their due permission.” This is not only a crime but it also severely impact the entire personality of the victim and leaves a lifelong scar on the mindset of all those who have to go through any such incident in their respective lives.

Irrespective of the caste, creed, colour, age, gender, or anything else for that matter, almost all of us has sometimes in our life either been a victim of a sexual abuse or else is one of those involved in the act of sexual abuse. Whether we accept it or not but it’s the hard-core reality. The sooner we realize it, the better it will be for us and our society. Do remember that without acknowledging this fact, we would never ever be able to find a way out to deal with this chronic issue.

Just like “Charity begins at home”, so do sexual abuses too. Yes, “Sexual Abuse begins at home.” Most of the cases of sexual abuse and rape happen in and around the home and the culprit is none other than the relative or any other known person. There is enough statistical data available in support of this statement. Now, just imagine that if we are not safe in our home itself, then is there any other place left in this universe where we will feel safe enough? To be very honest, none of us is actually safe.

It sends shivers down the spine when we hear the heartbreaking news of sexual abuse and rape with children’s who haven’t even learnt to speak properly yet. Then there are cases of teenagers, elderly people, and young ones getting molested every now and then. At the most, whenever any of such incidences comes into limelight we start pointing the finger towards the law and order condition. However, what about the condition of basic morality present in our society? Haven’t we failed drastically in building a society on a strong moral foundation?

We are teaching our kids to beware of the wrong physical touches, but at the same time, do we even teach them that touching anyone else without their due permission is an unforgivable crime too? We should keep this in mind that to eradicate anything from its root we have to wipe out the source of its very existence. Until and unless we teach everyone around us of not getting indulged in any kind of immoral act we won’t be able to meet our purpose of bringing up a safe society to live in.

If we are only teaching how to protect ourselves from such acts, we are somewhere neglecting the core issue of the very existence of this lustful act. We need to ensure that we pass on the moral values in our society in such a way that we are able to make people aware of the aftermath of abusing others. Only when we are considerate enough towards the feelings of others we will be able to move a step further in the right direction.

It’s easy for anyone of us to imagine that what goes in the mind of an abuser. On the contrary, however hard we may try to envisage the mindset of the victim, we won’t be able to figure out the actual pain they are going through. The victim goes into depression, they lose the trust on the humankind, and they are no more comfortable in any kind of relationship. It’s unimaginable that how difficult it will be for them to overcome this painful situation. Will they ever be able to live a normal life again?

I would like to take this opportunity to make a humble request to each one of you that not only be cautious of the wrong touches and sexual abuses but also never ever take sexual advantage of any other person. Let your thoughts and deeds touch the heart of other living beings but never try to make them a victim of your wrongdoings. Touch the hearts, not the body parts of any other person, without their due permission.

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God Bless.

Peyush Jain