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Walk that extra mile

Standing uptight, on the toes, over the cliff, The whole body turned so stiff.

Inhaling the last few breaths, Exhaling the fear buried deep down in the depths.

The entire life incidences flashing in front of the eyes, Events of falling and moments of rise.

Biding an adieu to everyone, In anticipation of an afterlife that might be fun.

To take away the life is the only way out left it seems; Kill yourself fast, the devil inside screams.


Everything is dark, there is no sparkling beam, Scattered lays the shattered dreams.

Tired, sweating and agitated, Thinking hard if there is any achievement to be celebrated.

All thoughts just lead to disappointment, Is it a life without even a single accomplishment?

Every eye seems to be questioning the very existence, But fail to observe a creative soul trapped in the societal fence.

Is it a crime to live your life on your own terms, Believing in your dreams and standing firm?


Why is winning so dear, Can’t we embrace the failure?

So what if success is not tasted yet, Is it the only parameter to evaluate?

Doesn’t the learning means anything at all, Isn’t it essential for us to evolve?

It takes years of sleepless nights, To achieve that success, which seems overnight.

Enjoy the journey, destinations are momentary, Break the boundaries and set yourself free.


If you really want to excel, Forget about others and compete with yourself.

You will be tested, time and again, Be a fighter and overcome every pain.

Gain your strength and face every blow, Life will not always be a smooth flow.

You got to push yourself beyond the extremes, To bring into reality your own dreams.

Never lose hope, the darkness just arrives to shake, The dawn is destined to break.


Life is a marathon, not a few meters race. You got to carry on, maintaining your pace.

Hurdles are bound to arrive, You have to face them and stay alive.

Keep fighting with the demon, Until the time it gets tired and leaves you on your own.

Do remember that Nothing is Impossible, Everything is Achievable.

Walk that extra mile, Carrying that lovely smile.


Peyush Jain