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Democracy is also “Of the People”

I would like to start this blog by quoting the following paragraph extracted from my other Blog “Democracy is also “By the People”” – As per the dictionary meaning, the word Republic stands for “A political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them”. (Courtesy: Word Web). In simple words, Republic or Democracy is for the people, of the people and by the people. My interpretation of the last statement with regard to democracy is that “For the people” indicates Entitlement, “Of the people” denotes Ownership and “By the people” symbolizes Responsibility.

This Republic day, let’s talk about “Of the People” in a democratic setup and the ownership of the citizens in a democratic nation. Democracy is owned by the ‘awakened’ citizens of a democratic nation. Ownership of democracy is not bestowed by mere attaining the citizenship of a democratic country rather it has to be worked upon by each and every single citizen. If we are not awakened about our ownership rights and are afraid to fight for them, then sorry to say, but we don’t deserve to own anything, forget about democracy.

As an awakened citizen it is our first and foremost duty to protect our freedom and make sure that our democracy is intact. Freedom in all respect and aspect is the basic ingredient of Democracy. Democracy survives on freedom, and hence, if we don’t feel free then we can never own democracy. In spite of the fact that we are born in a free nation, unlike our ancestors who have to fight for the independence of our country, we should realize the importance of freedom and make sure that no one is able to snatch it once again.

No matter what, being an owner of the democracy, we are bound to guard it against all the odds that come its way. There are ill forces all around us which are always in search of an opportunity to snatch away our freedom and dethrone us from our ownership rights. If we are not awake, then slowly and gradually, we will compromise our freedom in the hands of those who have a malicious intention to rule over us.

Do remember that to own something and to maintain that ownership is not an easy task. Ownership brings with it a sense of pride and at the same time accompanies with it a lot of responsibilities. If we are not ready to fulfil our responsibilities, then we should better be ready to turn into a slave. Ownership of anything is extremely precious and it stays only with those who can take due care of it and secure it always.

On this auspicious day of Republic day, being celebrated every year on 26th January, let us all strive together to safeguard our ownership rights at every stage of our life. Let us pledge that if required we would not think twice before sacrificing our life in protection of our freedom and democracy. We should feel proud of being a citizen of the largest democracy in the entire world. As a patriotic citizen, we should always act as a true soldier in our respective fields to safeguard the interest of our nation and contribute towards the growth of Motherland India.

I wish you all a Very Happy Republic Day!

Jai Hind!

Peyush Jain