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New Year – An arrival of New Hopes

This blog is an attempt to jot down the qualities that I wish we all imbibe in our personality in this New Year. All these qualities will surely make our life beautiful, as well as, the world a wonderful place to live in, with utmost peace and happiness. Let us all strive to attain the qualities that should be a part of the real human being and let the flame of hope always lightened up in our hearts. “Being in love and loving the beings is the driving force of this universe”. Let us all be the soldiers of humanity and ensure that the flag of ‘Humanity’ is always flying high, with utmost pride, up in the sky.

It’s the time to celebrate. It’s the time to enjoy. It’s the time to make a lot of resolutions. It’s the time to let go the sorrows and let in the happiness. It’s the time to embrace a new beginning with lots of positivity. It’s the time to witness the rise of a new dawn of hopes. It’s the time to welcome the arrival of a New Year.

Let us all start this New Year with positive vibes, overflowing from all the directions. Let us ensure that there is no place for negativity in the atmosphere. Let us all pledge that we will make this world a peaceful and happy place to live in. Let us all unite together with the ideology of ‘Humanism’.  Let us throw away all kinds of discriminations that originate from gender, caste, creed, colour etcetera. Let us sow the seeds of a new world wherein love will prevail over everything.

Hope for a new beginning. Hope for opportunities. Hope for a better future. Hope for a divine world. Hope for a united world. Hope for peace. Hope for love. Hope for happiness. Hope for prosperity. Hope for food and shelter for every soul. Hope for good health. Hope for equality. Hope for respect. Hope for kindness. Hope for care. Hope for the well-being of every soul. Hope for a society that breeds good human beings.

Strive to excel. Strive to gain knowledge. Strive to work hard. Strive to achieve the goals. Strive to be aware of the reason of our birth. Strive to prove our worth. Strive to smile in the tough times. Strive to survive the adversities. Strive to make a society that advocates the ideology of equality. Strive to help the needy. Strive to be a good human being. Strive to attain peace of mind. Strive to be contented. Strive to attain Nirvana.

Be creative. Be thoughtful. Be courageous. Be logical. Be excited. Be productive. Be charming. Be humorous. Be sarcastic. Be a kid at heart. Be positive. Be friendly. Be respectful. Be modest. Be polite. Be grounded. Be faithful. Be trustful. Be honest. Be dedicated. Be committed. Be good at heart. Be a reason for a smile in someone’s life.

Love for everyone and everything. Love towards living and non-living beings. Love towards every soul. Love towards the elders. Love towards the animals. Love towards hatred. Love towards the enemies. Love towards the sorrows. Love towards the adversities. Love towards the work.

Now, the clocks tick tock rhyme in our ears is an indication that it’s the time for the arrival of a new phase in our life. So let’s start the countdown – 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….Happy New Year!

Once again I would like to wish you all a very happy and a prosperous new year.

God Bless you all!

Peyush Jain

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Is it worth to analyze our past?

First of all, let me wish you all a very Happy and a Prosperous New Year. It’s a yearly custom that we welcome the New Year and leaves past the old year, in our memories to be remembered, “at our ease”. Well, everything that goes away leaves behind memories to remember and cherish. I deliberately choose to mention ‘cherish’ because we don’t gain anything by sobbing over things that had already faded up. Ek he zindai hai, usey hans ke guzar lo, agar rona he hai, toh khushi ke ansun baha lo” (“There is only one life, live it happily my boy; if at all you need to cry, then let those tears be the tears of joy”).

I want to take this opportunity to pierce one of my thoughts in your pre-occupied mind, so kindly let me penetrate inside the web of your intelligent thoughts. I hope this write-up will benefit you, in some way or the other. So be ready to experience a voyage of enlightenment. There is absolutely nothing to lose, so no harm in travelling and gaining the experience of this ‘free’ tour. Make sure that before starting the trip, you leave aside all the preconceived notions and just let yourself flow with the wind.

Every year, at this time, we all think that how fast the last year had passed away (Jaisey kal he baat thi). But, tell me seriously how many of us, sit peacefully and analyze how our last year departed? What are the takeaway and things to learn from our past? How can we get better in our future? Very few of us do that analysis, right? Why can’t we be one of those few, who dig their past for a better future and thereby contribute towards a better world altogether? Although, it is said that “Leave the past and live in present” but “Being Human” we got to learn from our past. Don’t you agree with me?

So, if you agree and are ready for the expedition, then you got to turn the pages of your autobiography and look around what impacted you during the past 365/366 days. You got to analyze each and every little incidence that left an indelible mark in your life or maybe because of you in someone else’s life too. This sounds good, isn’t it? However, the questions that pop up in our mind are whether this is at all feasible? If yes, then by what means we can travel into our past?

The answer to these questions is quite simple. Till the time, anyone invents the ‘Time Machine’ our ‘Mind’ is the only machine which can possibly take us anywhere. Hence, we got to utilize this ‘free of charge’ machine to travel distances, time, places etc. The only prerequisite to using this machine is ‘Peace’. A peaceful mind is the greatest weapon that anyone can possess. We can reach miles with a peaceful mind. So, we know the mechanism to start our remarkable journey from present to the past. Now, the fuel for this journey is the thought that “We are on this trip only to analyze our life”. We got to fill the machine with this fuel and start the engine. This thought will remind us, time and again, the reason for our trip and will stop us from getting distracted by the bad or sad things, which we will surely come across when we travel the length and breadth of our past life.

Hence, here we are with a peaceful mind, travelling into the world which we had already passed, way back. We got to concentrate now (keeping the above thought in our mind) and start identifying the incidences, one by one. The incidences may vary from having a bed tea on a lazy Sunday morning, our country winning a sport competition, an interesting date with an interesting person, the achievement/failures in our endeavor, a fight with a loved one, a loss of someone special in our life; it could also be any recent controversy in the political/social front or even the thought that which blog of mine was better etcetera. Now, from all these incidences we got to select those which impacted our life in a real sense.

Once we have identified the incidences which impacted us the most, we reach the final stage of our trip. In this stage, we got to analyze the incidences, with the objective to find out the root cause and the solutions thereof. This exercise will not only open up our perspective to deal with adverse situations but also help us in tackling with such incidences if we once again encounter them in the future. Once we are done with analyzing our entire past year (or the time we set for introspection), we can end our journey and jot down the summary of our experience, as well as, take away from this journey.

After this fruitful exercise, I am sure you will be more relaxed and in more peace. I hope you will enjoy the path, as well as, the destination. This is worth trying, indeed a lifetime experience. Well those of you who still think that I have gone mad, I accept that compliment with a smile.

Let us all embrace the prosperous and warm dawn of a New Year with a big smile. The life is beautiful so enjoy it to the fullest, “Kya pata kal ho na ho”. I wish that this New Year brings with it the utmost happiness, peace, and prosperity in everyone’s life.

God Bless! Be in touch.

Peyush Jain