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New Year Resolutions Dilemma

Here I am, trying so hard to finalize the would be list of my New Year resolutions.

While grinning right behind me, stands the ‘untouched’ long list of my past resolutions, accumulated over the years.

No wonder, I am forced to believe that our past do haunt us.

Urghhh! This past is not only haunting but teasing me as well.

I know, I have no choice left but to fix this Past, once for all, before stepping into the Present so that it doesn’t reappear in the Future.


Why Oh Why, my dear Past, you are so mean to me?

Come, let us sort out things over a cup of coffee.

Sorry, no hard-drinks to offer. Ah! You already forgot? It’s indeed one of the resolutions.

Just deal with it Past, you are gone, just like your diminishing memory.

Now, be a sport, forgive, forget and move forward.


Okay, I agree it’s my fault that every time I didn’t keep my words.

I am the reason behind your disgrace and I am sorry for letting you down always.

Please forgive me for my Past doings and give me another chance to make you feel proud.

I assure you, I wouldn’t disappoint you anymore.

No, this is not yet another resolution to break but it’s a promise to myself.


So here I am, standing folded hands, in your court of justice.

I resolve to first achieve all my past resolutions before making any new ones.

Above all, I will try won’t be lazy anymore.

I know it is easier said than done but who better than you, to know that I have a strong will.

In fact, you are the ONLY witness of all my achievements, though very little.


Hey Past! By any chance, are you worried about getting forgotten in the shinning Present?

Just throw away all your worries and be assured, the Present will mingle well with you.

After all, whether it’s the Present or the Future, one day they all will just be a ‘Past’.

Now come on, let us open the door, with a broad smile, and let in the Present, wholeheartedly.

And pledge, that together we will work hard to turn this Present into a better Past. Deal?


Peyush Jain