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Free Basics vs. Net Neutrality in the light of Freedom

A lot of material is available to guide on the concept of free basics and net neutrality. Enough has been said about both these things that there is nothing new I could bring on to the table. At the same time, being a layman my understanding about these terms is, as good as, a drop of water in an ocean of knowledge. As such, at the start of this blog let me make it very clear, that this blog may not enhance the knowledge about free basics or net neutrality, but for sure this blog will throw some light on the mindset of people behind pioneering these concepts. This blog is dedicated to people who vomit their filthy thoughts by advocating British dominion over India just because they were not able to materialize their plan of snatching away the freedom of the virtual world. This blog is an attempt to view free basics and net neutrality in the light of ‘Freedom’.

First of all, let me describe from a layman’s point of view, what do the terms free basics and net neutrality actually means. Free Basics, in this context, means that access to the basic services of internet shall be available free of cost i.e. without any charges (or may be at nominal charges). While Net Neutrality, in this perspective, means the availability of a neutral internet platform i.e. an unbiased internet connection regardless of the source and without favouring or restricting anyone, for that matter. Both these concepts seem noble, right? But, wait a minute, before we jump on to any conclusion, let us dig and find out the real agenda of the people, behind initiating these noble concepts in the virtual world.

Free Basics, indeed sounds a noble thought when seen in the light of the simple meaning of the term, but as it is said that the grass may not be as green, as it appears to the plain eyes. In the same way, there is a hidden agenda behind bringing up this so-called ‘social cause’ of free basics into the virtual world and in order to know the reality we need to look beyond the upper layer of the grass. The concept of free basics is based on the thought that basic access to the internet shall be provided free of cost, while the advanced usage, shall be charged based on personal tie-ups among the telecom providers and the respective companies etcetera. It means that not only the tariffs shall be discriminatory based on company to company, as decided by the originator, but at the same time, the originator will also have the right to permit or restrict the websites/applications from appearing on the free basics platform, solely based on the preference of the originator, as per their tie-ups/rivalry with the respective companies.

It would not be wrong to say that Free Basics is the first step of dominion over the virtual world by the people who don’t care for the freedom “in real sense”. On the contrary what they actually care about is merely their self-interests. I mean there is nothing wrong in doing business, but stop fooling people in the name of charity or social cause. Don’t cover up your hidden agendas in the blanket of social service. In a way, Free Basics is based on the same divide and rule policy adopted years back by the British to rule over India, but in a different packaging and platform this time.

Now, in order to curb the ill effects of the hidden agenda behind free basics, the concept of Net Neutrality arises. As defined above, net neutrality advocates a neutral internet platform that is provided irrespective of any personal tie-ups etcetera. Net Neutrality does not differentiate the usage of internet based on the source from which it originates, as well as, it does not favour or restrict the website/applications from appearing during the usage session. It is completely against the whole concept of a differentiated virtual world, which is for the benefits of the few business houses, who wants to snatch away the freedom of virtual world, in the same way, like people enjoy snatching away the freedom of others in the real world by ruling and dominating over the countries and the mindset of the people residing over there.

In the above paragraph, I deliberately mentioned the phrase “snatching away the freedom of the virtual world” because the mindset of the person governing the companies was recently reflected in the tweets of one of the members of the Board of Directors of the same company which initiated the concept of Free Basics. In his tweet, the person concerned left his ‘Mark’ by saying that “India would be basking in a brighter economic reality if it remained under British rule and didn’t bother with ‘anti-colonialist’ ideas like net neutrality”. Wow, Mr. Intelligent, you really did open our eyes and it was nice to know the thoughts of advocators of free basics about the freedom of a nation.

Mr. Intelligent, I want to throw some questions towards you and as I am not using your Free Basics platform, so I do hope that I don’t need your permission before asking these questions. Mr. Intelligent, please guide us that how could anyone who advocates dominion of other countries, could be trusted to be a believer of anything that comes ‘Free’? Isn’t there any hidden agenda that you wanted to materialize in the name of the social cause? Just because your plans could not be successful does it give you the right to vomit filthy comments on public platforms against a peace loving nation?

Mr. Intelligent, we enjoy our Freedom, but we are not FreeDumb that you can compel us to believe and act as per your wish. Who better than an Indian would know the true worth of Freedom? We love freedom and won’t let our freedom to be snatched away by anyone, for that matter. We very well know how useful and important social networks are these days, but no not at the cost of anyone attacking the pride of our Motherland. You crossed the limit which is not expected from anyone who is holding a post of high calibre.

Although, you had to delete your tweets, as well as, had to publicly apologize later on for your act, at the same time, your colleagues also had to sideline themselves from the tweet of an ‘important’ person of their organisation. But still, it was too late, as the arrow had already left the bow and the entire covering up actions was not enough to hide the real agenda of you people, who went crazy when their biased concept of Free Basics was slashed away by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). Hats Off to TRAI for taking up a bold step in chasing away Free Basics from the virtual boundaries of Motherland India.

Mr. Intelligent, it’s only you and the people around you, who knows whether your apology was a real one or not, in the sense that you actually wanted to apologize from your heart or not, for whatever you said. I know many actions in the corporate world are to be taken in compulsion, and as such, at times people have to do things against their will, as well. Everyone is aware of the fact that people have to apologize at times in the light of losing a big market like India. But still, I hope that you really felt bad about your thoughts, actions and you would not repeat such thing with any other person or nation in the future. At the same time, I also believe that no one else around you shares the same thoughts like you did.

Mr. Intelligent, although, you said “Good Bye India”, but in reality, none of the businesses and countries can stay away from our developing nation with immense opportunities and a large user base. So next time think twice before vomiting poison against anyone. Just to apprise you Mr. Intelligent, many of the world’s largest companies are headed by Indians like Mr. Satya Narayana Nadella (Microsoft) and Mr. Sundar Pichai (Google), who are of Indian origin. We Indians are proud of all our countrymen who are leaving their mark all over the world and glorifying the soil of their Motherland. Who knows one day your organisation may also be headed by an Indian. “This is an advice to you Mr. Intelligent that never disgrace any country whether small or big and never hurt the sentiments of any true countrymen”. It’s this attitude of treating others with inequality that had led to the downfall of many organisations and people in the past. Hope, you realize your mistake and don’t repeat it in the future. Once again, we Indians remind you that freedom means Net Neutrality and not discrimination with Free Basics. So think about it and do join our endeavour of keeping the virtual world free “in real sense”.

At last, this unknown citizen of a world famous Independent Largest Democratic nation called INDIA, wish that the almighty blesses everyone with good sense and may they get well soon from the sick thoughts running in their mind.


Peyush Jain