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The Selfless Tree and The Life Lessons

Amidst the dry leaves scattered everywhere in the garden, my thoughts started dripping heavily.

Are the trees so emotionless that they don’t feel bad, even for a bit, while detaching away from their leaves?

And is this the same reason, why I never see them celebrating the arrival of any new leaf on their branches?

But then, a counter thought instantly hit my mind, how will the new soft leaf even sprout if the old ones still continue hanging over there?

Oh, my beloved Tree, you just taught me a life lesson – “For inner peace, stay unaffected of the outer circumstances“.


Hey Tree, I heard that “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”.

Doesn’t this rule apply to you, as well? And if it does, then why don’t you ever retaliate when an axe hits you hard?

How could you refrain yourself from hitting it back? Isn’t that a cowardly act?

But then, a thought strikes my mind, that to take the blow and still grow, needs a lot of courage. Isn’t it?

Oh, my beloved Tree, you just taught me a life lesson – “Perform your duties diligently and ignore the Haters“.


Poor tree, sorry to say, but you have a pretty boring life.

You don’t move an inch in your entire life, you don’t visit places, you just stand still.

Don’t you ever get frustrated with all this? After all, who in life doesn’t need a change?

But then, a thought erupts in my mind that does change only means running away from your origin?

Oh, my beloved Tree, you just taught me a life lesson – “Always stick to your Roots“.


Don’t you have needs, Tree? You intake whatever is available, never ever ask anything from us, not even water.

Although you know it very well that you won’t be able to survive, in absence of the basic necessities for your survival, you still choose to keep silent.

Are you so egoistic that you don’t mind embracing the death rather than asking for the basic needs?

But then, a thought emerges in my mind that what could be more selfless than to live a life devoid of any material expectations?

Oh, my beloved Tree, you just taught me a life lesson – “Selfless attitude is the key to Happiness“.


Couldn’t we humans act like a grown-up Tree? Is that too wishful on my part to even think so?

Do we even deserve to be called as Humans if we can’t even imbibe some of the Tree’s qualities?

Time and again we humans cut them mercilessly, just to fulfill our never-ending greed.

Yet, how they always manage to sprout and grow manifolds, leaves me astonished.

Oh, my beloved Tree you just taught me a life lesson – “Never Say Die”.


Peyush Jain