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Always be the igniting flame

Trust your instincts, Take the risk to live your passion with all the might

Never be afraid of being alone in the journey, Flap your wings and take the solo flight

Keep striving towards your calling, Never let your goals go out of the sight

Honestly climb the struggling ladder, Embrace the deserving success seated at the extreme height

If you are doing what you like, Then you are doing it right


Chase your dreams and never get tired, Don’t lose hope even if you get fired

Get up and get going, even if at a pace that is extremely slow,

Because the river shall stale if the water doesn’t flow

Be open to everything around, There is a plethora of learning to be found

Let your approach always be sound, Let the thoughts always be profound

Be positive and don’t feel low, But do realize the importance of saying a NO


To earn the dough, You have to plough

Work on your talent to stand out of the row, Only then you can glow

Know when to show, Show when you know

But do remember that first, you have to hound, Only then you can pound

Never let success get on your head, Always keep your feet on the ground


Live your life like a free bird, After all, action speaks louder than words

In spite of all the odds, always stand for your rights, Take learning from that courageous kite

Have a strong belief in peace, Stay far away from every kind of needless fight

Unburden the immense mental load, Experience the pleasure of staying light

Be a healer of the wounds, Not the one holding a grudge uptight


Winning the hearts is far better than a deadly blow, At times it is advisable to just take a bow

Be kind toward others and let them grow, Because we reap as we sow

Build your relations on trust, Don’t simply let your loved ones go

Distances in hearts shall melt in no time, Simply hug them and hold them tight

Amidst the scary dark night, Always be the igniting flame that shines bright



Peyush Jain