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A Usual Lazy Morning – Instilling life in the Non-Living things

It’s one of those ‘usual lazy mornings’ where I have to constantly fight with my inner thoughts to wake me up from the ever relaxing sleep. As a routine, there is nothing special about my mornings. But nevertheless, I am here to flaunt my lazy morning. Isn’t that brave enough to even think of doing it? Well, I am in love with everything that makes me feel my presence, be it a living being or a non-living being. I believe that we should live our life in this way, where we derive happiness and love from every minute particle.

In order to describe the look of my usual lazy morning, let me explain the three words individually i.e. Usual, Lazy and Morning, taking into consideration the connection between them. These three words will fairly demonstrate my usual lazy morning. So fasten your seat belts, enjoy the journey and if by any chance you happen to correlate yourself with my morning, then it’s a mere coincidence, don’t accuse me of peeping in your mornings.

What makes my morning ‘Usual’ is a series of things that flow exactly the same way, on any usual day. Like, the hairs are all messed up on account of the night long romance they had with the quilt. The eyes are still struggling to capture the beauty named ‘Sleep’. The ears are insensitive to even the creepiest sound of the alarm clock. The lips are trying hard to figure it out that, in the silence of the night, which of the naughty pillow enjoyed their touch. While the mind is engrossed in stitching together the broken pieces of dreams which it dated for the whole night.

Now, the very reason for my morning to turn as ‘Lazy’ is the turbulence of thoughts running in the mind. It seems as if the entire body is discussing or rather arguing on the issue that whether it desperately needs to complete the long-pending sleep or should it be generous enough to forego it for one more day. As an outcome of this heated argument, all the brain cells get drained out and eventually turn my morning lazy. No wonder, I see myself as a strong contender for a bravery award, for conquering all these thoughts every morning and pulling out my body from the cosy quilt.

Last but not the least; it’s a ‘Morning’, simply because everybody says so. Although, I tried to convince them that in my room it’s still night, as all the curtains are diligently performing their duty by hanging intact against the windows and not allowing even a ray of light to trespass in the room. But alas, I always fail to convince these stubborn people. On the contrary, they make sure to brutally accuse me of being stupid to come up with such lame excuses. So eventually this poor soul is left with no other option than to accept it as a Morning.

So, after a long struggle and a series of meetings with the delegates of my body parts, I somehow manage to drag my body in front of the mirror. Herewith, I would like to make it ‘extra clear’ that I did not take this risky step of facing the mirror early morning, in order to see my messed up look and spoil my whole day, instead this is an attempt to start my day with the daily chore of brushing my teeth’s. Don’t you dare give me those surprising looks? Yes, I brush daily and I do feel proud in disclosing that I have an unbeatable record of aromatic breath till date, because none of the pillows, whom I embraced, ever lodged any complaint about my mouth being stinky. In fact, we always enjoy each other’s closeness.

Thus, here I am, standing in front of the mirror; gently holding my adorable ancient toothbrush (toothy), whose bristles seems not to be in sync with each other anymore. I guess the bristles hate the very sight of each other; as such they are stretching themselves to the farthest in opposite directions. I sometimes get the vibes that it is only me who is holding on to this age-long relationship with the toothy, while on the other hand, my toothy is conspiring to ditch me since very long time. However, regardless to the conspiracies (if any), every time I lick the bristles; I try to portray my utmost ‘unconditional’ love towards my toothy and whispers in its ears that I will keep loving it forever and ever.

I guess it’s only because of these little-little loving moments with the toothy that I gather the courage to face the mirror every morning. Even though, time and again, this question pops up in my mind that “Is this process of brushing our teeth performed to kill the bristles or is it to kill the germs in our mouth”. Don’t know who gets killed, but one thing is for sure that after every brushing session the mouth smells good, the teeth feel energetic, while on the contrary, the bristles seem too much exhausted with the attempt.

So herewith, I apply the lip balm called as toothpaste, on the soft lips of the bristles. Now, it’s for the toothy to showcase its feelings towards me. The toothy very calmly enters my mouth and starts massaging my teeth’s and my gums, with the gentle touches of the bristles. I would not deny that I am blushing here while disclosing that I get overwhelmed by the loving touches of my toothy.

While this activity of brushing is going on, I notice that the toothpaste is trying hard to stare the mirror by peeping out from the side of my lips. I am sure the toothpaste is self-obsessed and leaves no chance to glance its look in the mirror. In an attempt to abstain the toothpaste from making me look uglier, I rinse my mouth, wash my face and end the brushing session abruptly. I am sure the toothpaste hates me for this.

Now it’s time to freshen up and let the shower stare at me. Naughty guys, you seriously think that I will unearth the bathing secrets here? Na Na…those are confidential moments between me and the shower. No intruders allowed inside the washroom, please. So that’s all I have to flaunt about my usual lazy morning.

Hope you guys could relate to this blog. The crux of the blog is that one needs to enjoy every moment of life. If we change our perspective to view things, the dullest of the activity will turn into an entertaining blockbuster. So keep smiling guys, life is too beautiful to waste it.

Peyush Jain