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Bombarding another country with the “Mother Of All Bombs” – Who on earth gave anyone the right to do so?

As soon as I read about the news of the so-called Super Power bombarding “once again” the territorial jurisdiction of another country, without even taking consent of the “elected government” of that very country, then these words from my other blog “A ‘qualified’ apology by Mr. Tony Blair for Iraq invasion – Was it even an apology “in real sense”?”, immediately honked in my mind – “Invading other countries to showcase the world that we are a Super Power is supposed to be the favourite pass time of some of the leaders, right?”. These words aptly fit in today’s time as well. Alas! Nothing actually changed in all these years.

First of all, let me make it very clear that I am not against any ‘legal’ Anti-Terrorism step taken in any part of the world. Do note that the stress herewith is on the word ‘legal’ and invading another country in the name of peace, without even taking the consent of the “peace loving” government of that very country, couldn’t be justified as a legal step, by any stretch. On the contrary, if the government of any country is not “peace-loving” and is actually helping terrorism to breed on its soil, then all the peace-loving countries have every right to take action, without obtaining prior permission of the ruling government of that nation, which apparently doesn’t believe in a peaceful world, but not otherwise.

In fact in my other blog “Yes, I am helping the Terrorists”, I have proposed a Joint Anti-Terrorism model and formation of a Global Special Task Force (GSTF). The prerequisite for this model is the prior permission of the Head of that respective peace-loving country, whose territorial jurisdiction the GSTF proposes to enter. This is the legal way of executing such critical missions. One can’t just decide solely on their own, and, on one fine day, proceed to bombard the land of any other nation, simply to flaunt their military power. This is seriously not acceptable and such one-sided step will never ever be able to achieve the mission of peace if that’s what their ultimate motive is, rather it will create hatred and will prompt other countries to call for a war.

Whoever is silent on United States of America’s (USA’s) recent bombarding on the land of Afghanistan, thinking that this is not against them or their nation, should note that tomorrow it could be against them or their nation as well. Do remember that if you don’t oppose any unlawful act now, then you are accepting the dominance of the countries and rulers who are intoxicated in the influence of power. So it’s my earnest request to each and every peace-loving individual and country to very strongly oppose this unjustifiable act of USA, wherein a lot many innocent civilians got killed and were forced to be a victim of someone’s arrogance.

India is a “Peace Loving” nation and also has friendly relations with Afghanistan, so without fail we should stand by the side of Afghanistan government, as well as, the innocent people residing over there. How could a nation, whose Father was a firm believer of Peace and Non-Violence, stay quiet on this illegal act of bombarding any country with the Mother of All Bombs? If any of us think that staying quiet against this act of USA will help us in building our relations strong with them, then sorry to say but we are living in a fool’s paradise. It’s a high time we take a strong stand against any kind of injustice taking place in any part of the world or else the hammer is going to hit hard on us sooner or later.

Mr. Donald Trump this common man very strongly opposes your step of bombarding a peace-loving nation without their permission. Just because you are the President of a so-called Super Power doesn’t mean that you have all the right to intrude the territorial frontiers of any other nation. In the name of peace, no one is authorized to take such steps solely on their own wish. For your kind information, Super Power is not about displaying that you can intrude any nation and bombard them without their permission.

We all should remember that there is a Supreme Soul up there, who has the real Super Power and in front of that Supreme Soul, our power is negligible. So next time even before thinking of taking such steps solely out of arrogance, keep in mind that we are just puppets in the hands of Supreme Soul and one day our arrogance could be the reason of our downfall too.

Let us all strive together to make this world a peaceful place to live in. Live and let others live peacefully too. I wish that the Almighty bless us with good sense.

God bless you all!

Stay in touch.

Peyush Jain

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Surgical Strike 29-09-2016 – The much awaited surgery

At the start of this blog, I would like to quote the following paragraph extracted from my other Blog “My Family and My Neighbour” – “Incidences like yesterday’s terrorist attack always shook our entire family and left us thinking that whether being a peace loving family is taken for granted? Whether they consider us as a weak nation? Was it possible to stop such a brutal incidence, if in the past we would have proved to others that taking our things back is our birthright? Could the situation worsen to this extent, if we would have made it loud and clear, that it’s not that we want to fight, but, at the same time, it’s not that we cannot fight? The most important question that needs to be answered by all of us is that how long will it take for us to change and how long will we wait for others to change”.

From the time India got Independence, the Indo-Pak border is a highly sensitive area. The majority of the terrorists enter from this side of the country, obviously to create disturbances in our Motherland India. The 4 hours, successful surgical strike, which started at 12.30 A.M., on dated 29th September 2016, was, in fact, a much-awaited surgery, needed for decades, in and around, the Indian border that is suffering from the chronic disease of terrorism. The Para Commandos of Indian armed forces outperformed on all the levels in this secret mission. This surgical strike is a tight slap on the faces of all those who are involved in, as well as, support terrorism to breed in, on their soil.

This surgical strike was conducted by crossing the Line Of Control (LOC) and striking in the area encroached by Pakistan, which is unfortunately known as “Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK)”. A similar kind of operation was also successfully conducted, in the recent past, in Myanmar, by the Indian armed forces. However, the impact of the 29th September 2016 surgical strike is much larger in essence, as it is not restricted to that specific area alone. Rather, it stretches beyond the area of operation, by giving a strong message to the entire world that “India should not be mistaken, to be taken, as a soft state, anymore”. This surgical strike is also a message to the Terrorist Nations, as well as, the Terrorist groups that things have crossed way above our tolerance level, better think twice before showing eyes to India, next time.

Without any second thought, this decision taken by the present Indian government needs to be highly appreciated and backed up with full support from each and every patriotic citizen of Motherland India. The present Indian government has been successful in trapping Pakistan on all fronts whether diplomatic, strategic or military. Pakistan’s leadership is trapped in their own net. Their position is similar to the person who is stuck in a situation where s/he can neither swallow, nor throw out, the crap which they themselves cooked.

Rather than viewing this surgical strike as merely a revenge of the Uri attack, it should be looked upon as a favour done by India, on one of its “Most Favoured Nation”, by surgically removing some of the parasites of terrorism that were breeding in that area, which Pakistan has shamelessly encroached, but unable to take due care of. Pakistan should actually feel indebted towards the Indian armed forces, as well as, India as a whole. My suggestion to the Pakistan armed forces is that they should first thank the Indian army on this generous act of cleaning up their soil and eradicating a few of the terrorists from the area which is actually in Pakistan’s control, as of now. Secondly, the Pakistan armed forces should request the Indian government, in writing, to help them eradicate each and every single terrorist, from the mines of terrorists located in their country.

It’s a known fact that the Pakistan’s armed forces have failed drastically in curbing the terrorism from their own land, on the contrary, they are the major contributors behind flourishing the crop of terrorism on their soil. And, at the same time, it’s not a hidden fact as well, that Pakistan’s political leadership is helpless in front of their armed forces and terrorist organisations. Hence, it’s not surprising that the Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif first accepted and later on denied the surgical strike conducted by Indian armed forces. So, as per my views, seeking help from the Indian Politicians and Indian armed forces, for eradicating terrorism from their land, by stretching the surgical strike to the whole of Pakistan, is the only ray of hope left for them if they actually care for their country. I would also like to suggest a name for this noble cause as “Swachh Pakistan Mission”.

We never had any doubts that the Indian armed forces are one of the best-armed forces in the entire world. Once again, they proved it, that they are super in all respect, irrespective of the facilities they have, in comparison to the facilities owned by the armed forces of the developed nations. This brave act of Indian armed forces, well supported by the political and NSA leadership is something on which every peace loving person should feel proud of, irrespective of the nation they belong too. Kudos to each and every single soldier of the Indian armed forces for the terrific operation they have conducted, more importantly without any single casualty happening on our side (that’s what surgical strike actually means). Hats off!

Heartfelt thanks to the Pradhan Sevak, Defence Minister, NSA leader, Armed Forces and each and every single person involved in this operation. A salute to all of you for the commendable job you have done.

Jai Hind!


Peyush Jain

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Can the Kashmir issue ever be resolved by Third Party interference?

As a yearly ritual, the leaders of both India and Pakistan present their side of the story on the issue of Kashmir, in front of the United Nations. Each year, the leaders representing their country gets a lot of applauds, as well as, coverage in the media of their respective nation for putting forward their side of the case, strongly. Every single year, both the countries feel immense pride in exposing their weaknesses in front of the entire world. But did we ever analyse what is the end result of such a practice? Did it help in resolving the Indo-Pak differences by even a bit? Above all, the most important question that we need to ask ourselves is that, what did the common citizens of both the nations achieve from this annual custom of moaning?

I don’t know whether the political parties and leaders of both the nations, really want this issue to be resolved or not? After all, their political carriers are built on this issue and some of them specialize in the field of keeping this issue alive, as well as, seeding hatred in the hearts of innocent people, on both the sides. If at all the politics of both the countries have wished and cared to cure this problem, we would not have been stuck in this situation for almost 70 long years. Still, being an optimist, I do hope that there are political parties and leaders existing on both the sides, who really want this issue to be resolved peacefully, once for all.

But, every time a soldier or a civilian gets killed, the heart cries out and the desperate eyes search for a permanent solution to this chronic situation. Actually, the war is going on in instalments at India and Pakistan border, since inception, as every another day we hear the news of a soldier or a civilian being killed in an attack. So actually, if we end up fighting another war, it will be an extension of the scale of war. From boundaries, the war will extend to the entire nation.

However, before going into war, each one of us needs to introspect and give it a thought that what all we are going to lose and who is going to benefit from the war. It should not happen that we lose our closed ones, on both the sides and those who get benefitted from the war turns out to be an outsider. The same outsider who is enjoying the drama since long from behind the curtains and who is always more than eager to supply the necessary ingredients for keeping the flame of the war lightened up in both the countries. It is the right time we recognize the outsider, who is behind all this tension and realize their cruel intentions behind the same.

Now, for all those who believe that the Indo-Pak differences, which are as old as the geographical division of India, could be resolved by Third Party interference, I would just like to quote the following paragraph extracted from my other Blog “India – My Country, My Dream”, under the sub-heading One India – “I hope we realize that those who wanted to rule us, even after we acquired independence, created the differences in our hearts, in our geographies and we still keep on following their “Divide and Rule” policy. Can’t we take a lesson from the story being taught in the kindergarten; the moral of which states that “In the fight between the cats, it’s the monkey who takes the advantage”? Wars and divisions have never benefited anyone. Peace and unity are the energizing factors of Our Universe. We, humans, are born to stay together. We should work towards the boundary-less “One India” or else one day Nature will exhibit us that the Supreme Soul above, is and will always be, more powerful to swipe away any human-created boundaries”.

If the learned and intelligent souls think that going into war will help us achieve a permanent solution to Indo-Pak tension, then please do the needful, as soon as possible, because the common citizens are too tired of the “war in instalments” that is going on since India was divided. What we want is a permanent solution to this problem, so that, if not us, then at least our generations to come, can breathe freely and stay happily, without being worried about the intruding from the neighbouring countries. We can’t afford to lose our loved ones anymore merely on account of the unwillingness or cowardliness of a few of the persons governing us.

I believe that both India and Pakistan are matured nations. Although, I can’t say the same about the political parties and the leaders on both the sides, but the common masses are matured enough and can resolve the issues peacefully among themselves, but, if and only if, this matter is completely handed over to the common citizens and mind it no political interference is allowed from both the sides. I know, it theoretically sounds so soothing, but practically, it may be impossible, especially in the current scenario. Moreover, it is something too much to ask from the political parties of both the countries, which will never ever let this happen in reality. However, as per my views, this is the only peaceful solution left to resolve the Indo-Pak differences.

Since political parties on both the sides have drastically failed in resolving this issue, so it’s a high time for the masses to wake up, before it’s too late. I know it’s already too late, but still, as they say, “Better late than never”. So, sooner the better, the common citizens of both the nations unite to solve this problem. We can’t just leave it entirely on the politics. Honestly, we don’t have a choice left, if at all, we want to peacefully resolve this issue before we are dragged into another war like situation.

Now, it’s up to the common citizens of India and Pakistan to decide whether they want to carry on losing their brave soldiers and the closed ones in the “war in instalments” or they want a permanent solution to this problem. Do remember that “A sleeping citizen is a threat to the nation itself”. Awake, the nation needs us. Finally, I would like to end this blog with the strong belief and hope that we are able to find a peaceful solution to Indo-Pak differences. “Live peacefully and let others live too”.

I wish that may all of you have a peaceful life ahead.

God bless you all and may all of us get a good sense.

Peyush Jain


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A ‘qualified’ apology by Mr. Tony Blair for Iraq invasion – Was it even an apology “in real sense”?

Disclaimer: The blogger strongly believes that the common people of all the countries are always the believer of peace. However, a few persons/leaders irrespective of the country they belong to, in order to accomplish their greed and satisfy their ego, could go to any extent against humanity. This blog is meant to point a finger towards all such destroyers of peace, and, in no way, should be construed against any specific country or the common people residing over there.

From a past few days, it is being publicized all over the world that in an interview with CNN, Mr. Tony Blair (Former British Prime Minister) made a QUALIFIED apology for Iraq invasion that took place in the year 2003. Well, indeed it’s breaking news if a ruler/ex-ruler of a country apologizes for any of their past conducts. I am sure most of you must have eagerly heard/read the apology, especially because it came from an ex-ruler of a country which has a history of invading other countries in the name of Peace & Prosperity, “but never apologizing for the same”.

So, out of sheer curiosity, I too tried to dig in, to find out that what apology did Mr. Tony exactly made. As reported, Mr. Tony said that “I apologize for the fact that the intelligence we received was wrong”. In the same interview, he further stated that “I find it hard to apologize for removing Saddam”. Now, with my limited reasoning power, what I could understand from these statements is that although Mr. Tony admits (after 13 long years) that there was no genuine reason for invading Iraq, but still, he don’t think that there is any need to apologize for the mass killing of innocent people, in the name of throwing out of a ruler.

I seriously fail to understand that where is the apology for Iraq invasion in those statements? Mr. Tony has only apologized for wrong information received at their end. Did he apologize for any wrong action (if any) taken on their part, that was based on the so-called wrong information received? When he himself justifies his stand of invading Iraq by saying that he finds it hard to apologize for removing Saddam, then on what basis it is being publicized as a QUALIFIED apology for Iraq invasion?

Mr. Tony, I am really thankful to you for not disappointing me on this front, because I never expected an apology from your end just for invading any other country. Although, you have to apologize (out of compulsion of Chilcot report, I guess), for wrong information received, still you acted as a true politician and tried to save your ___ (neck). No wonder you find it hard to apologize for invading any other country, as none of the British PM has till date apologized for invading the ‘prosperous’ land of Mother India. British Empire invaded India, ruled mercilessly for ages, but till date, none of the leaders has officially apologized for this inhuman act and neither they feel that this act of invading the ‘prosperous’ land of India was in any way wrong. So, Mr. Tony, your non-apologetic stand is totally justifiable, in the light, that you are simply carrying the legacy with utmost dedication.

Herewith, let me make it very clear that I am not trying to justify the acts of any of the dictators. Indeed it’s a noble cause to remove a dictator if s/he is a threat to the worldly peace or a cause of trouble and pain in the life of others. But is it justifiable to do so at the cost of the life of millions of innocent people? Did the citizens of Iraq approach any of these nations (who invaded Iraq) to set them free from their ruler? If not, then under what authority these countries invaded Iraq? I mean invading other countries to showcase the world that we are a Super Power is supposed to be the favourite pass time of some of the leaders, right?

It is my earnest request to all the “Destroyers of Peace” that for the sake of humanity please stop playing with the emotions of the innocent people and stop fulfilling your malicious greed’s in the name of peace. The majority of the human beings are peace lovers and you all can’t fool them for long.

I wish that the almighty give good sense to each one of us. Let us all strive to leave a peaceful world for our future generations to live in. Let there be real peace all around.

God bless you all!

Peyush Jain


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My Family and My Neighbour

It’s the story about my family and my neighbour. Our neighbours were actually a part of our family and decades ago we all used to ‘happily’ stay together. But alas, there was a partition and we got separated. I guess, this separation not only resulted in a geographical division, but it also parted away our heart and our soul. Even though the majority of the family members, from both the sides, still love each other, but the malicious intentions of a rotten few never allowed us to unite back and live peacefully.

This is our family. We are peaceful at heart and intentions. We stay peacefully and let others live at peace too. We have neighbours like everyone. Now, you must be thinking that what is different in this story? Well, to know about the different aspect of this story you need to go through the blog, which will reveal the brutal truth that makes this an altogether different story. A story with a deep insight and a deep thought. There is a painful incident that left its scars on our life, it never allowed us to settle peacefully and our neighbour enjoys giving us wounds, time and again.

Why I am writing like this is because, after the division between my family and our neighbour, which took place around 68 years ago, our mother’s head was encroached by our neighbour. Shocking right? Obviously, it is shocking and there is no place for such an act in a civilized nation. Every sane soul will indeed condemn such an act. I am sure after knowing this, you must be eager to know that whether the encroached head is safe or not? Whether we were able to get it back or not? At the same time, everyone must be inquisitive to know that what we did at that time when they committed such a cruel act and what we did till now to take it back from our neighbours?

Sorry to say, but the head is still encroached by our neighbour and our mother is still suffering. I can’t describe what our mother must have gone through in all these years and don’t know how long will she have to stay like this. I don’t know why it is so difficult to bring back something that belongs to us. What stopped us from taking our belongings back from the encroachers? Were we afraid then? Are we afraid now? Are we going to suffer like this till eternity? Do we want to tolerate the nuisances at the cost of the precious life of our family members? Unfortunately, I don’t have the answers to all those questions.

Shockingly, we are not only suffering since ages after that encroachment, but we also made a change post that encroachment. We actually changed the name of the head of my mother as “Neighbour Occupied Head”. Although, I carry a logical mind, still, I could not understand the logic behind this step of my family members. Do we change the name of anyone who is not with us anymore? What purpose has it served? All these questions hit my mind, time and again, but every time I consistently fail to come up with a logical answer.

Oh, mother, I know it hardly matters to you by whatever names your child address you. Your unconditional love towards your child will always be the same, no matter whether the child gives you the due respect or not. But, at the same time, I know that everyone loves to be called by their own name. No one wants their identity to be changed, just because something wrong happened with them. It’s sad, that instead of bringing your head back, we did this and it’s sadder that even after the long period of 68 years the behaviour of our neighbour has not changed a bit.

The reason, why I mentioned that the behaviour of our neighbour has not changed a bit is not only because they haven’t returned the head of our mother yet, but also because, time and again, they illegally cross the frontiers and creates disruption, as well as, kills innocent people of our family. Every time we make an attempt to stretch our hands and open our heart, with utmost love and peace, towards them, they stab our back by gifting us a terrorist attack. This is going on consistently since ages and all our attempts to make a fresh start goes in disdain. However hard we may try to work upon peace “forgetting the past”, the result is always the same in the form of a terrorist attack on our family members, as a token of our love and peace gesture.

I am not a supporter of violence, but do these people really understand the language of love and peace? For me, it will be like a dream come true, if my family and my neighbour unite together once again. But unfortunately, they have stabbed us in the past and very disappointedly I write this that it is surely going to happen in future, as well.

Yesterday, once again, they attacked our innocent people and did a cruel job of killing my family members in a terrorist attack. My family members fought bravely and were martyred in this brutal attack. They are not with us anymore; indeed their absence will always be felt in our heart. They will always stay as a hero in our heart, who fought bravely and gave away their life protecting their mother. May their soul rest in peace, may all the family members get enough strength to overcome this situation. Oh, brother, your sacrifice will not get wasted. Oh, mother, your hunger strike, your tears, your sorrow and your sufferings will not go in disguise. We owe you a lot. Your family members, who care for you, will always be there for you. It is rightly said that “Jake pair na fate biwai wo kya jane peer parai” (Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches).

Incidences like yesterday’s terrorist attack always shook our entire family and left us thinking that whether being a peace loving family is taken for granted? Whether they consider us as a weak nation? Was it possible to stop such a brutal incidence, if in the past we would have proved to others that taking our things back is our birthright? Could the situation worsen to this extent, if we would have made it loud and clear, that it’s not that we want to fight, but, at the same time, it’s not that we cannot fight? The most important question that needs to be answered by all of us is that how long will it take for us to change and how long will we wait for others to change.

Herewith, I would like to quote the following paragraph extracted from my other Blog “India – My Country, My Dream”, under the sub-heading Terrorism free India – “We are spending a substantial amount, year on year, on defence front just to curb the cancer of Terrorism. However, even after spending the huge amount of funds, are we actually able to remove terrorism from our soil? We all know that the common people of any country are always the believer of peace. Then who are these supporters of all the unrest that is developing in the entire world? Is it possible for a few bunch of terrorist to rule over millions of innocent people who hate any kind of violence?”

I would like to end this blog with this thought in mind that may the almighty give everyone good sense and may every problem gets a peaceful solution. Amen!

Peyush Jain