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Oh! Are we really Independent?

Independence is freedom from fear of any sort. Independence is about Equality and Justice. Independence is about liberty of choice. Independence is about Freedom of Thoughts, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Actions. Independence is all about breathing in the air of freeness. Independence is an integral part of the life of every living being. Independence is the right of every soul. On this occasion of Independence Day, let us try to diagnose our Independence in the light of all these factors.

If we evaluate our independence on the above-mentioned criteria then could we really feel proud on attaining the independence that we boast about? We might have achieved Independence from the 200 years of long British rule, on dated 15th August 1947, but was it a complete independence? Are our country and we, the citizens of Motherland India, independent in the real sense? Is this the independence that our ancestors dreamed of? Is this the independence which the freedom fighters fought for? Is this the independence for which the martyrs’ gave away their life?

No doubt India has grown manifolds and no one can stop it from growing ever. As rightly said by Mr. Muhammed Iqbal, “Kuch baat hai ke hasti mit-ti nahein hamaari, sadiyon raha hai dushman daur-e-jahaan hamaaraa”.  In spite of all this, can we keep a hand on our heart and say that we made India the country which it should have been post-Independence? Do the following achievements compel us to call ourselves independent?

  • Earlier also foreigners ruled us and now also they rule our minds and our policies. They divided us and we stay divided till date.
  • It’s 70 long years since attaining Independence but the availability of basic amenities to the citizens is still a dream to come true.
  • The hard-core reality is that the common men don’t feel secure in the independent nation.
  • We made a remarkable progress in the per capita rate of rape, extortion, bribery and other unlawful cases.
  • Our politicians are busy fulfilling their agendas in the light of Jumla
  • Can we imagine that still, the election manifestos of the political parties speak about removal of poverty and hunger from the country?
  • And the list goes on and on.

Now it’s for each one of us to introspect and decide whether we are independent in the real sense or not. Independence is not a destination but rather a journey. However, the question is that are we moving towards the right direction on this journey or not? The sleeping citizens are a threat to any country. Awake before it’s too late. When are we going to realize that awakening our patriotism once or twice in a year is not going to help anyone, rather it will serve the purpose of the traitors?

The flag of any country can fly high only in the air of independence. Heartfelt gratitude to all those who contribute/contributed their little bit to keep our flag flying high. Let us all pledge to always strive for our independence, as well as, fight for the independence of every soul that is being deprived of it. INDependence Is an Attitude. I do hope that each one of us carries that attitude always.

Peyush Jain