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Is it really impossible to understand a woman?

At the start, let me accept it wholeheartedly that we men are always fascinated by the colourful and interesting soul ‘Woman’. A woman is the one topic which instantly connects the male fraternity and the conversation flows seamlessly. I am writing this with full conviction that no other topic than a woman could ever be more interesting to men. Still, if anyone thinks that talking about sports, is what interest’s man more, then my humble advice to them is – Get your facts straight.

Without a woman, we men can’t and don’t exist. It is the woman who brought us into this world and it is the woman who carries our offspring in her womb. Women are one of the most considerate, loving, caring, emotional, sensible, courageous, living beings on this planet. We man are fortunate enough to have their presence in our life. We are indebted to them for the tiring and thankless job they are doing, day in-day out, to make our life interesting and worth living. However, the irony is that, in spite of all this, we men don’t understand women.

One of the biggest mysteries of mankind is to understand a woman. I am sure each one of us has heard it a million times, that to understand what lies inside a woman’s mind and heart is an impossible task. Trust me I am yet to come across any man, who openly claims, to understand a woman. Now, you can just imagine that with all these thoughts surrounding us, what kind of impression is imprinted on our mind. I wonder at times that is it a woman’s fault that we man are unable to understand them? And above all, is it really impossible to understand a woman? Isn’t there any way to crack this unsolved mystery?

What if I say that it is actually possible to understand a woman? I am sure most of you would think that I have gone insane. But still, I stand by my words. Yes, I definitely believe that it is possible to understand what lies inside a woman’s heart and mind. Curious to know what is the trick? Well, the trick is that – “Not to play any tricks”. Before anything else, you should be honest enough to understand the honesty a woman brings with her.

To understand a woman one should first consider a woman as a fellow human living being and not an object”. Stop considering a woman as an object of your lust, desires, machismo, and dominance. Be considerate towards them and respect their feelings. Lend your shoulders to their trust and lend your ears to their emotions. Most importantly never ever break their trust. Do all these things and the woman will be more than happy to unveil her thoughts with you, “on her own”. Do anything opposite and you will never ever be able to understand a woman.

I hope every man will henceforth be considerate enough towards the opposite sex and give them the much-deserved love and respect. If this happens then women will no more be a mystery for men. Do remember that even the machines need the correct password to boot in. Then how can we expect a living being to open up, without first establishing the trust? Give it a thought, guys. This will not only make your life wonderful but also make this world an interesting place to live in.

Stay in touch.

God bless you all.


Peyush Jain