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Being a Woman

A Woman is an institution in herself. It’s the woman who not only brings a life into existence but also nurtures and turns the same into a Human Being. Life on earth, without the women, is unthinkable and most importantly unmanageable. Aren’t all these sweet words, although true to the core, the reason behind the existential crisis which a woman has to face, throughout her life? This International Women’s Day, let us dig into this extremely serious issue with the very hope that may each and every woman gets awakened.

Being a woman you could either be a mother, sister, friend, wife or any other relation to name with. However, do you ever give it a thought that is your life only meant to revolve around managing these relationships? Is sacrificing your desires for the sake of others happiness the sole objective of your life? Did you arrive on the planet earth to just witness the progress of your children, brother, friend, and husband in front of your eyes, while keeping aside your wishes to die its own death? What about your personal identity?

Being a woman doesn’t mean to live a life full of sacrifices or giving up your wishes for the desires of others. Sooner the better, you all realize this, else most of you are going to regret later on in your life for not investing your precious time in doing something of your interest OTHER than bringing up your family. I know that to bring up a family and take care of the people around you is a whole time THANKLESS job but irrespective of all this, you still got to think beyond it. Mind it; this is not the only purpose of your life.

What? By any chance, did you just say that you are waiting for the right time to arrive? Well, even if you like it or not, let me be brutally honest with you. Your right time is never going to arrive. I am not saying this to demotivate you but simply stating the fact. Waiting for the right time is not going to help you. You have to seriously think about the calling of your life and work towards it, right NOW. Trust me, it’s now or never. You are eventually going to be trapped in a labyrinth if you choose to hold yourself in the boundaries of other people’s wishes.

Do note that if you can manage a family then there is nothing in this world which you can’t manage. It’s just that you have to believe in yourself and take that first crucial step towards the right direction. Forget about the outcome; just do what you wish too. Bring out that hidden desire buried deep down in your heart. To hell with what others might think or say. As it is, people enjoy gossiping about others for no reason. So, why to waste your time and energy thinking about such stupid things? This is your life, so be a master and rule over it.

I hope you all will do something of your interest and reach greater heights in your respective lives. I am eagerly waiting for that day to arrive. I wish that may the Almighty give you enough strength to overcome all the obstacles you face in your journey. Do remember that you are a brave soul which can do wonders. Go for it and achieve the very purpose of your life. Best wishes.

I wish you all a Very Happy International Women’s Day! Thanks for being there and making this world a beautiful place to live in. Keep obliging us with your presence in our life. Do take a very good care of yourself, be happy, keep smiling, stay fit and fine always.

God bless you all!

Stay in touch.

Peyush Jain