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Water, Water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink – Part 2

In the first part of this blog, I have already raised a serious issue of water availability on planet earth, along with the possible solution thereof. So you must be wondering what made me write the second part of this blog. Well, actually a lot of thoughts are flooding in my mind after encountering the news of excess water overflowing in many parts of the country, this monsoon season. So here I am, with part 2 of this blog, with the very hope that the policy makers wake up from their sleep and make, as well as, implement a concrete plan for water conservation, which in turn, will not only save our present but our future, as well.

Whenever rain comes in abundance, we very shamelessly, not only lose an opportunity to conserve water for future consumptions but also put on stake the life of millions of living beings, tangible property, etcetera. I know there is nothing new in this; it’s the same story across nations. The life, the property, the hope, everything just get swamped away in the insane flow of water. It’s happening this way almost every monsoon season, since ages. But the very question is that till how long we want to continue and suffer like this?

Who should be blamed for the loss of precious life of millions of people? Who should be held responsible for the loss of national property? Who is accountable to that poor family, which lost all of their belongings in the floods? Who will be answerable when once again there will be a drought in the summers and that time it will be the thirst and the scarcity of water which will snatch away the life of living beings?

Mind it we can’t save our neck just by passing the responsibility on nature, for all such losses. I agree that nature plays its part and we don’t have any control over the natural calamities, but does it mean that we are helpless and have nothing to do in that? Are we supposed to sit cross-handed and simply watch the destructions taking place around us? It is said that human beings learn from their mistakes, but did we actually learn anything from our past in this case? Isn’t all this happening just because of our unpreparedness and unwillingness?

We witness excess of water and floods during monsoon and face scarcity of water and drought during summer. This is the common scene that we witness almost alternate years. Even though it’s flooding, as of now, and irrespective of the forecasts and claims of weather department, etcetera, about the adequate availability of water, throughout the year, post heavy rainfall, I am quite sure that there will be drought once again in many parts of the country, as and when the summer arise. Once again the life of common people like us will be at stake. Once again the poor soul will lose their belongings. Once again we will do nothing except mourning on our helplessness.

We should either stop bragging that we care about the life of others, especially poor people, or else we should showcase in our actions that we really want to bring a difference in their life. So once again, I urge the policy makers to look into this serious concern and take necessary action at the earliest. I do hope that the responsible persons take a note of this and at least lays the foundation for bringing a drastic change in this area.

I wish that the Almighty give good sense to each one of us. God Bless you all!

Peyush Jain