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Divyaang – The Divine Body

The respected Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi, in one of the episodes of ‘Mann Ki Baat’, telecasted on dated 27th December 2015, urged the citizens of India to address the differently/specially abled people as ‘Divyaang’, instead of ‘Viklaang’. What a noble thought indeed. Hats off, to the heart and brain which came up with this divinely word ‘Divyaang’. It’s just not about the word, but the sense of pride and feeling of confidence, which comes along with it that matters the most.

Viklaang’, which means disabled, is the word that displays a feeling of pity towards those who may be physically disabled. However, to call these people as disabled is absolutely wrong on our part. Having any physical disability does not mean that these people lack in their abilities on any front as compared to those who are physically abled. On the contrary, with their self-confidence and willingness, they have excelled in many fields, where they got an opportunity to showcase their talents to the world.

Divyaang’, which means the divine body, is the word which brings with it a feeling of respect and positivity. Whenever we hear this word ‘Divyaang’, automatically the thought towards these persons takes a positive turn. In reality, these people don’t want our sympathy, rather they want us to treat them like any normal being and give them an opportunity to prove themselves. Every one of us is blessed with a unique skill. ‘Divyaang’ are not an exception to this and it’s just a matter of opportunity to exhibit their unique skill.

Till this time, we were addressing the people with physical disabilities as ‘Viklaang’. But, if we, as a society, in a real sense wants to treat them at par with all the other human beings then addressing them as ‘Divyaang’ will be the first step towards the same. It’s a known fact that how we address a person has a larger impact in boosting up their morale and self-confidence. So, a simple change in the way of addressing them is certainly going to impact in a drastic manner because this will have a two-way effect. Not only the people who are differently/specially abled will feel good when they are addressed as ‘Divyaang’ but, at the same time, this will also change our perspective towards them in a positive way.

Change is the only thing that is constant. Change for the betterment is what we should strive for. We may differ in our ideology, political preferences etcetera. However, we should acknowledge the good things, irrespective of the source from where it originates. Adoption of the word ‘Divyaang’ is one such thing in which there is nothing to be criticized about. So, let us all welcome this change with a positive outlook and embrace the word, as well as, the human being who are addressed as ‘Divyaang’ in our society. Humanity is all about treating everyone with equality. Let there be no place for pity and disrespect towards others. Let us remove any kind of discrimination present in our society on the basis of physical or mental ability. Let our thoughts and our conduct portray humanity in a true sense.

Divyaang’, truly you have a divine body. We all are proud of you and we have full confidence that you are going to excel in the field of your choice. Never lose hope. Let the flame of confidence and faith always lightened up inside you. May the Almighty bless you all and give you enough strength to face the challenges that come across in life.

Peyush Jain