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Are you being bullied?

“Hey Fatso, stop eating or you will burst one day”, “Hi stick, you will fly away if I exhale”, “Hello Pole, is it cold at that height?”, “Howdy dwarf, do you carry a ladder with you always”?
And there are countless racist comments like “You are black so you might be invisible at night”, you are brown, you are this, you are that, and the list goes on and on…

Quite often we hear such kind of bullying remarks around us. The intention of the person behind such comments might be to amuse in a lighter way or it might be to hurt the feelings of the targeted person. But is it actually funny by any parameters? Could everything be justified in the light of humour? Don’t the bully themselves feel bad when they are bullied? Shouldn’t every bully think for once about the feelings of that very person who is the victim of their bullying, before passing any such comment?

I am sure most of us have been bullied sometime or the other in our life. Some people get bullied quite often, while the others are bullied on some rare occasions. The reasons for bullying differ, but the end result is always the same. The victim ends up into a state of self-pity, loss of confidence and depression. So what is the way out? How to avoid getting affected by someone’s bullying attempt? Is there any time-tested formula which always works? Yes, there is ‘my’ time-tested formula to avoid getting affected by a bullying attempt, which I am going to reveal in this blog.

Before knowing the formula, let us try to find out that what encourages a bully in the real sense? Is it the feeling of “Being Cool” by making fun of others, which stirs up a bully? Does the bully get provoked because of the persons laughing around and enjoying? Or is it because of the response/argument from the victim’s end that the bully gets stimulated to sharpen their comment? Well, my personal view is that it’s the victim’s response that plays a major role in making a bullying attempt successful.

I am sure the instant questions that come to your mind are that what should be our response when we are being bullied? Should the response be different in different circumstances? Does it work on all the bullies? Well, I would just request you to give your thoughts a break for a while and take a deep breath. You don’t have to think much because all such questions of yours that are obvious to emerge in your mind, will automatically get answered once you know the time-tested formula, which I was talking about in the above paragraph.

So here it goes – My time-tested formula for saving you all from getting trapped in a bully’s attempt. “Whenever a person tries to bully you, your one and only reply should be – THANK YOU (with a broad smile)”. You think I am joking? Well, the choice is yours to try it or not. It’s free of cost formula and you have nothing to lose in trying this formula. So I suggest you all, give it a try by saying Thank You to your bully. And hey, don’t forget to carry that beautiful smile of yours when you thank the bully because without your smile the formula won’t be that effective. Mind it you have to just say Thank You and nothing else (no more arguments, not even a single word to utter).

Now, one may argue that if we just say Thank You and don’t reply to a bully then aren’t we actually encouraging them to come up more vigorously the very next time? Wouldn’t the bully consider it as our weakness and try to bully us more. Well, I totally agree with you on this point. However, this is to inform you that “fortunately” this formula works best when a bully is more vigorous in their attempt. Trust me the sharper the axe, the more effective this formula will be. So just use this time-tested formula and share your “winning” experience with me (Don’t forget to thank me in your mind, whenever you safely come out of a bullying situation because of this formula).

I do hope that now onwards you won’t feel bad on getting bullied, rather you will leave your bully in a shock. Be confident, carry your smile, just say Thank You and walk away (remember no more arguments from a dumb soul).

I wish you all a very happy, motivated and a prosperous life.

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God Bless!

Peyush Jain