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Just a ban on ‘subsequent’ manufacturing, sale and distribution of Fixed Dose Combination (FDC) drugs – Ah our life isn’t worth much!!!

The Health Ministry, Government of India, vide a gazetted notification, dated 10th March 2016, has banned with immediate effect, the manufacturing, sale, and distribution of around 344 Fixed Dose Combination (FDC) drugs and the news is that a lot many of other drugs are also being lined up, to be banned by the government in the near future. It should be noted here that the Honourable Delhi High Court has stayed the above-mentioned government notification, thereby, providing an interim relief to the affected companies who were involved in manufacturing, sale, and distribution of those drugs. Now, it’s for the court to decide whether the ban on the FDC drugs is justifiable or not, in the present case. However, in this blog, I would like to touch upon another important issue i.e. whether the responsible authorities have done justice or not, by simply levying a ban on ‘subsequent’ manufacturing, sale and distribution of the FDC drugs?

Fixed Dose Combination (FDC) drugs – Before going on to the justice part, let us understand what does Fixed Dose Combination (FDC) drugs actually mean. In simple terms, FDC means that two or more drugs are combined (mixed), in a fixed ratio, and the resultant is the single drug which is termed as FDC drug.

Reason for banning the FDC drugs – The reason laid down by the government in the official gazette, behind banning the FDC drugs is quite shocking, as well as, alarming, at the same time. The reason behind banning the FDC drugs is that these drug combinations pose a risk to human beings and that there are safer alternatives available in the market. The government further stated that it is satisfied with the observations and recommendations of the expert committee appointed for this purpose and that it is necessary and expedient in the public interest to regulate, by way of a prohibition of manufacture for sale, sale, and distribution for human use of the said drugs in the country.

Is this justice at all – Now, the question that arises is whether the responsible authorities have done justice by simply levying a ban on ‘subsequent’ manufacturing, sale and distribution of the FDC drugs? If the government has completely relied upon the recommendations of the expert committee, then what about the harm done till date by consumption of these drugs on the life of humans? Are we even considerate about the life of innocent people? What about compensating for the hard earned money that people have spent in consuming these drugs, which as per government are ‘useless and harmful’ to humans. Why no penalty in monetary terms has been levied on these companies? Can any sane person take this as anywhere near to justice, considering the risk of the life of a common man who has relied upon and consumed these drugs for decades? When these companies can charge exorbitant prices, which at times go even more than 100 times of the actual cost of manufacturing these drugs, than why such a soft corner and lenient approach is being adopted towards them, even when the government has reason to believe that the drugs manufactured and sold by these companies have endangered the life of innocent people?

Whether, simply by prohibiting the future actions, it could be said that justice has been achieved against the damage that has happened in the past, especially in cases where human life is at stake? Say for example, could we expect any sound judge to pass a judgement against a serial killer, that the killer should henceforth stop killing innocent people (without punishing the killer for the past killings)? Similarly, in the present case, if at all any harm is done in the past then it could not be overlooked. There has to be an enquiry against all those who were involved, including the government officials, licensing authorities, respective companies, etcetera and they should get the punishment they deserve for this kind of intolerable and unforgivable act. In absence of which, it will be equivalent to conveying a message to the society that people with power and money can do anything they wish to, and, at the same time, also get away with it.

I have no hesitation in saying that the intensity of the reason that the government has laid down, behind banning the FDC drugs is quite severe. However, the action taken against those findings is simply not enough. The responsible authorities have once again missed out on an opportunity to convey a serious message to the society, that for us the life of the living beings is extremely important and whoever will try to play with it should be ready to bear severe consequences.

I still hope that banning is only the first step and the government is going to take serious actions against all those who are involved in such cases, especially wherein human life is at stake. Until the time some harsh actions are taken against the people involved in such cases, our life will continue to be the most unworthy thing, in the eyes of those, for whom money is the sole priority and we should be ready to play a prey in their hands for their personal benefits and agenda.

I wish that the Almighty give good sense to each one of us.

God bless you all!

Peyush Jain

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Death – The sole destination of every living being

Birth and Death, are the respective start and end point of every living being, irrespective of the species, caste, creed, colour, religion etcetera. From the day, living beings come into existence, the countdown for their end starts. As soon as we are born, we start the journey towards our sole destination i.e. Death. The only thing that is certain to happen with each one of us is Death. None of the living beings has a body that is immortal. No one of us is going to stay alive forever, not me, not you and not any of our loved ones.

Then, why is it that we can never accept this truth named Death and take it as a normal incident? The spontaneous answer to this question is that we are an emotional being and it is our attachment towards others that makes us feel sad for their loss. Now, if that so, then isn’t there any way to overcome this stage of an outburst of sorrow in our life? Obviously, we all feel sad on the demise of our loved ones. We may have a lot of things left inside us that we always wanted to share with them, but alas they are no more around us to lend their ears to our talks. Nevertheless, we have to be strong enough to bear and overcome such incidences. Let’s see, if, in this blog, we can figure out some way or the other, to get over that uninvited sad period in our life.

To be very frank, writing about death somewhere makes me feel low. It gives me the thoughts which I never ever want to come true in reality. As per me, to think about death is the most negative thing in this world. But still, I can’t change the reality that death is the sole destination of every living being. We all are helpless and when our respective time will arrive to embrace the death, no power will be able to stop our soul from leaving the body and moving towards another journey.

We mourn on the departure of the soul, even though we know that the soul is immortal and it’s only the body of the person that dies and leave this world. Most of us can’t stay unaffected by the death of someone who was close to us. We may cry, we may feel their absence, we may curse them, we may miss them, but the reality is that they will not be around us anymore and our feelings no more matters to them. They will not come back to wipe our tears or lend their shoulders to us.

As soon as the body is dead it is unaffected by any worldly things that are going around it. There is no sign of stress, trouble, concern, etcetera on the face of a dead body, whatsoever, may be the state when the person was alive. No more diseases, no more pains, no more tensions, no more fun, no more happiness, no more pleasure. The dead body may have left behind many unachieved dreams, untold secrets, wishes etcetera, but the very time their soul left the body, all these things also get buried inside them. It raises above all the feelings. The body reaches its ultimate peaceful state when it is dead.

Although, we all know this truth that one day each one of us is going to die, but still we fear our death, as well as, we are scared of the death of our closed and loved ones. The very thought that one day someone will not be there with us, completely shatter us from inside. We can’t imagine our life in absence of our near and dear ones. But in reality, our life goes on, even after the departure of the soul who was once our lifeline and heartbeat. Life is all about moving forward.

Now, is there a way we can accept the death with ease? Is there a way we can let go the thoughts of someone who was extremely close to us? Is there a way we can attain peace of mind at the time when the mountain of sorrow fell upon us? One thing, as per me, that could lift us from this blow of death is connecting with the Supreme Soul, the Almighty. I know it is easier said than done. However, this path can help us in getting over the sadness and vacuum that has been created by the death. Connecting with the Supreme Soul through meditation is the way out, that can bring solace and that can settle the turmoil of emotions flowing inside us at such painful times.

Also, until the time we are alive let’s not die inside us and waste our life. Let’s live life to the fullest, live each day as if it is the last day of our life, let’s share all the feelings with our loved ones, Kyunki Kya pata kal ho na ho (Because who knows, if there will be a tomorrow or not).

Do take a very good care of yourself, as well as, everyone around you. Live healthy and long.

God Bless you all!

Peyush Jain