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16th December 2012 – The Night that never saw the Dawn – Part 3

Whenever we come across some shocking incident it all of a sudden sends shivers up and down our spine. The cruel incident of 16th December 2012 was certainly one of them. Trust me every time the heading of this blog crosses my vision, it always forces me to think that how aptly it suits in today’s time as well. Yes, the dark night of 16th December 2012 never saw the Dawn.

Ah! India took a sigh of relief considering that finally justice has been achieved in the ‘Nirbhaya’ gang rape case. Everyone around seems to be happy, the courtroom is echoing with the sound of claps, lot of wishes are getting circulated on different platforms because of the very reason that on dated 05th May 2017, the Honourable Supreme court upheld the death sentence passed by the High Court as well as the Lower Court in the said case. A week has passed from that day of judicial pronouncement and almost all the emotional outburst has subsided, so it’s the right time for us to analyse whether Justice is actually achieved in this case or not?

As rightly quoted by Mr. William E. Gladstone “Justice delayed is Justice denied”. Sorry to say, but “Justice has already been denied in the present case” and still we are very proudly celebrating the judicial pronouncement. Mind it this is the situation when the case was taken up in the fast-track court. Now, we can just imagine the fate of all other judicial cases pending before the Honourable courts in our country for years and years. The number of pending cases in the court of law is only going to aggravate the matter and in turn, will leave an impression in the mind of the culprits that they have a free hand to do anything as per their wish.

The time lag in our judicial proceedings could be understood by the very fact that it took almost 9 months to the lower court, 6 months to the Honourable Delhi High Court and 38 long months to the Honourable Supreme Court to pronounce the judgement in the Nirbhaya case. And the culprits still have 3 more chances left to appeal i.e. 1) Reconsideration Petition – A Reconsideration Petition with the Honourable Supreme Court. 2) Curative Petition – If no relief is granted in the Reconsideration Petition then a Curative Petition could be filed 3) Mercy Petition – If no relief is granted against the death sentence in the Curative Petition as well then a Mercy Petition could be filed with the Honourable President of India. (Reference: News article published on dated 06th May 2017 in Dainik Bhaskar, the Hindi Daily Newspaper).

Shame on us that even after such a shocking incidence, which caught the eyes of the world media, we not only missed an opportunity to take strong steps in the area of woman safety but also failed drastically in setting up an example in front of the entire world with a speedy judicial proceeding in such a brutal case. And still, we want to brag about achieving justice in the present case? The hard-core reality is that the victim died a painful death long back, while the culprits still have 3 more options left to prove their innocence even after almost 4½ long years have passed since that incident first took place.

This case truly shows a mirror to our society, and at the same time, unmasks the face of the judicial system in our country. What an irony that in the world’s largest democratic nation, the culprits in a criminal case of this magnitude couldn’t be punished even after almost 4½ long years have passed. We can no more continue to play the game of pointing fingers towards others; rather we as a society have to accept our collective responsibility for such a poor condition of the law and order, as well as, the judicial system in our country.

Herewith, I would like to quote the following paragraph extracted from the second part of this Blog “16th December 2012 – The Night that never saw the Dawn” – Part 2 – Yes, humanity indeed gets killed every time such inhuman act occurs. But, the culprits are not alone to be held responsible for this killing of humanity, rather we, as a society, are equally responsible for all such inhuman acts happening around us. It’s a high time we question ourselves that what learning we took from the past incidents and what corrective measures we took to ensure that no such incidents happen with anyone again. How long will it take for us to realize that today it may have happened with a stranger, but tomorrow it could happen to anyone of us or our family members? Are we waiting for that day when we will be the victim?

Did we actually take any learning from such brutal rape case? NO, the growing graph of rape cases with every passing ‘hour’ clearly shows the condition of law and order in our country. It also depicts the mindset of our society. I would not be wrong in saying that it’s a male dominating society wherein the females of “any age” are considered as a product to satisfy the never-ending lust of inhuman males.

I would like to end this blog with the very hope that we as a society and nation wake up soon. It’s a high time we work collectively towards saving humanity. If we still don’t get shaken up then we should better be ready to witness more of Nirbhaya’s getting raped every now and then around us. It’s an earnest request to every woman, that please stay safe, and at the same time, I urge every man to please give the much-deserved respect to the women and safeguard them from such inhuman who just consider them as a product of flesh and bones to satisfy their lust.

I wish the Almighty give good sense to each one of us.

God Bless!

Peyush Jain

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MLA’s husband slapped the Circle Inspector in Kota (Rajasthan) – Isn’t the Police Force themselves responsible for such kind of ill-treatment with their officers?

A recent incidence in Kota (Rajasthan) has once again ignited the “Battle of Superiority” between the Politicians and Police force. This incidence took place on dated 20th February 2017, when the workers of the present ruling party in Rajasthan state i.e. Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), went to protest at the Mahaveer Nagar, Police Station, Kota (Rajasthan).

Police version – The Circle Inspector (CI) Mr. Sreeram Badesara, was slapped by Mr. Narendra Meghwal, husband of Mrs. Chandrakanta Meghawal, Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Ramganj Mandi. In response to the same, the police have to use batons on the BJP workers in order to control the situation. It is also to be noted here with that a video of slapping the CI Mr. Sreeram Badesara has gone viral in the meantime.

Politician version – The police manhandled the workers of BJP and arrested a few of them. Later, the MLA, Mrs. Chandrakanta Meghawal went to meet the workers at the police station. Mrs. Meghawal stated that she along with her husband and the BJP District Head were first beaten up by the police force in the garden and later in the chamber, as well. Mrs. Chandrakanta claimed that her husband has not been involved in any kind of violence and he only came in between to protect her.

After this violence, FIR has been lodged by both the parties involved. Now the ball is in the court of the responsible authorities to decide that whose version out of the two is correct and who actually was at fault. But it seems as if at present the axe has fallen on the concerned policemen only because five policemen of that police station are sent to the police line. Obviously, the orders of sending these policemen to police line have been issued by the seniors in the same police force.

Now did the senior police officers took this decision in order to conduct an unbiased investigation in the matter concerned or was it a step taken solely out of the political pressure, is something which only the senior officers could answer to. On the contrary, the local police force has come out openly in support of the staff of Mahaveer Nagar, Police Station. Many of the police stations in the city boycotted the Mess and an Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) has been reported to have requested for voluntary retirement in protest against this incidence.

Well, there is nothing wrong in supporting an honest person. In fact, we should always stand by the side of truth and, at the same time, protest and raise our voice against all the injustice happening around us. However, the big question is that when a police officer was slapped by the MLA’s husband, the entire police force got united and stood against their colleague, but what would have been their reaction if such an incidence happened with a common man?

Aren’t such incidences happening every now and then with the common men who doesn’t have any support of power, money or influence behind them? Aren’t the innocent victims always being harassed by the dishonest but powerful people? Whose side the “corrupt” police officers are taking in all such cases? Each and every single member of the police force should introspect that what would have been their stand if such an incidence took place between an honest common man and a dishonest powerful person?  Note: The above questions are only for the dishonest policemen. The honest policemen who always perform their duty diligently with utmost honesty should take a bow and keep up the good work.

When the common man pleads in front of the corrupt police officers for justice, don’t they disappoint the victim by taking the side of the powerful person? If yes, then it would not be wrong to say that the Police Force is themselves responsible for such kind of ill-treatment with their officers. It is because of the corrupt policemen that such powerful people get the courage to sit on the head of the entire department and act as if they are the King. It is nothing but the past conduct of the corrupt officials which comes back in the form of such incidences where even the honest officials get ill-treated. So it is for the entire police department to introspect, take learning from such incidences, as well as, take steps to ensure that no such incidence get repeated with the police force in the future.

I would like to end this blog with the very hope that “Truth and Justice should prevail always”. Let us always stand for honesty and justice, even if we have to fight against those who have the backing of money, power or influence. I do wish that there is peace all around and may the Almighty give good sense to each one of us.

God Bless you!

Peyush Jain

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Ruchita Jain murder investigation – Was the approach of investigation officers right in this case?

Disclaimer: This blog is not meant to bring down the image of the Police department or entire investigation agencies. The blogger in true spirit respects the hard work that the Police Department is doing. However, the content of this blog should be taken as learning by the concerned officers, department and each one of us, so that mistakes like these are not repeated in future and the very motive of true justice is actually achieved in the real sense.

Last year, on dated 01st December 2016, a young lawyer named Mrs. Ruchita Jain w/o Mr. K. B. Gupta was brutally killed in broad daylight in her residence located at Flat No. 702, Orbit Apartment – 1, New Bhupalpura, Udaipur (Rajasthan). As per the post-mortem report, she was mercilessly stabbed 17 times with a wrench tool, resulting in serious injuries on her head and body. She died on the spot.

The soul shivers even with the thought that how painful the last few minutes of her life would have been. The loss of someone’s life is irrecoverable and it surely would have changed the life of her husband and their two little kids. This case indeed shocked the entire peace-loving community of Udaipur and left everyone thinking that how safe we all are. For a few days, there was an air of fear and suspicion, in and around the city, especially in the locality where this murder took place. Everyone was coming up with their version of the case or some latest updates on it.

All eyes were finally gazed on the Police Department to crack this case and unearth the culprit, as well as, the motive behind such a cruel incidence. The Sukher Police Station, on dated 22nd February 2017 i.e. 82 days after the incidence filed the 141-page charge sheet with the court. Although the police department and the concerned officers are patting their back for solving this so-called “difficult” case, still there are a lot of questions that has emerged from the working style of the Police Department as is evident in those crucial 82 days.

There were a few lapses on the part of the investigating team, which somehow points fingers on the credibility of the entire department and their working style. Below mentioned 6 points reflects the approach of investigation officers in this case –

  1. The superfast local police officers actually boasted to have solved this case on the very second day of the murder itself i.e. on dated 02nd December 2016, the Superintendent of Police (SP) Udaipur, claimed that they have solved the murder mystery and arrested the husband of the victim on charges of killing his own wife. – Without any solid evidence, against any suspect, is it justifiable to defame them in front of the entire world simply because the investigation agencies have some doubts about their involvement? Was the department in so much hurry to grab the praises that they even forgot to collect any single evidence against the husband before accusing him of being the murderer? Is there any possibility that this was intentionally done so that the actual culprit could get away in the present case?
  1. However, after the above claim by the police department of solving the case, on day 3 after the murder, a new angle came into limelight when one of the residences of the same Apartment, Divy Kothari, surrendered at Fatehpura, Police Station, claiming that he has murdered Mrs. Ruchita. Hence, the police have to release Mr. Gupta (husband of the victim) on account of acceptance of crime by the accused Divy Kothari. – After realising that it was a blunder on the part of the police department to charge and publicly announce the victim’s husband as the murderer, wasn’t it their responsibility to not only publicly accept their mistake but also apologize to Mr. Gupta and his family for defaming them?
  1. Further, the prime accused in this case Divy Kothari was also successful in misleading the police officers by acting so brilliantly that the police officers blindly believed on his side of the story that he was suffering from some mental disorder. Once again the investigation team, solely based on the story served to them by Divy Kothari, almost concluded that the accused was suffering from the mental disorder known as ‘Psychosis’ (loss of contact with reality) and in the influence of the same he killed the victim. – Is it believable that once again without any supporting evidence the officers concerned were eager to reach on to conclusions every now and then in the same case? Was it just a mistake on the part of the department to believe the story of the accused as told by him or was it done intentionally again?
  1. After realising that once again they have made a blunder in believing the claims with plain eyes, the police department got into a thorough investigation which resulted into the fact that Divy was just trying to fool the police officers and thereby mislead the investigation. Further, the team collected all the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) evidence “based on the information extracted from the accused”, which resulted in factual proofs to claim Divy as the actual accused in the present case. – Is there any valid reason which such learned officials could provide behind not taking help of the FSL evidence on the very first day of the investigation in a murder case? Is this the normal practice followed by the department to reach on to the conclusion? Isn’t the improper investigation major reason of accused being set free of charge in most of the cases?
  1. Quite surprisingly, even after all these blunders on the part of the department, the Station House Officer (SHO) in charge of the case was reported saying that “It was the toughest and challenging case of his entire life”. (Reference: Report published on dated 23rd February 2017 in Dainik Bhaskar Hindi daily newspaper) – Well, who better than the department people could tell that was this case actually difficult to crack or not? Was it actually a complicated case when the accused himself surrendered in front of the police and accepted that he has murdered Mrs. Ruchita? What was left for the department was to simply collect evidence with the help of the FSL team, based on the information extracted from the accused, isn’t it? Now, was it that difficult to do for such experienced and capable officers of the police force?
  1. Finally, I would like to raise an important point which has been altogether neglected in this case. For your information, a tortoise was found in the house of Mrs. Ruchita Jain and the picture of the tortoise that was clicked by the accused, just before the murder is one of the FSL evidence in the present case. However, there is no mention of the fact that was this tortoise a legal breed that is allowed to be kept as a pet in India or not. If not, then why the officials didn’t lodge any FIR against the responsible person for keeping a tortoise in the house, which under the Wildlife Protection Act is illegal. – Although it is not related to the murder mystery, still it should have been taken care of by the concerned team. In absence of which, we are forced to think that was it sheer negligence on the part of the investigation agencies or were they themselves unaware of the laws prevailing in the country?

At the end, I would like to wish that may the departed soul rest in peace and the culprit gets punished for the offence. I do hope that the investigation agencies work diligently in every case and ensure that none of the culprits is set free just because the investigation done at their end was improper. I would further like to appeal each one of you “To be cautious and be safe” because that is the only way we can reduce the number of such incidences happening around us.

God Bless you all.

Peyush Jain

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16th December 2012 – The Night that never saw the Dawn – Part 2

Exactly 4 years back, on this very day of 16th December, humanity was killed. An innocent 23 years girl was brutally gang-raped in a moving bus on the streets of New Delhi, India. The inhuman males went to the extent of inserting a rusted iron rod in her genital organs and assaulting her so bad that even her intestine came out of the body. My fingers were actually trembling while typing all that, can’t even imagine that “in reality” what the girl would have gone through. It was indeed a Night that never saw the Dawn.

Everyone unanimously mourned on the brutal killing of humanity and it looked as if the world is going to change from the very next day. But, unsurprisingly, nothing actually changed as such. Life came back to its normal pace and we got busy in our daily routine. We, the so-called humans, have a tendency to forget everything so easily. The very next moment we tend to behave as if nothing actually happened. After all who cares, right?

Whenever any inhuman act happens, as a ritual we will mourn a bit, sympathetically discuss all such cases and after some time we will be back to our normal chores. It won’t be wrong on my part to say that majority of us are least bothered about others. We actually don’t care about anything that happens with others. The truth is that we are just concerned about the well-being of ourselves and our closed ones. In this fast paced overburdened race of life, who has time to think about other people’s life, right?

Yes, humanity indeed gets killed every time such inhuman act occurs. But, the culprits are not alone to be held responsible for this killing of humanity, rather we, as a society, are equally responsible for all such inhuman acts happening around us. It’s a high time we question ourselves that what learning we took from the past incidences and what corrective measures we took to ensure that no such incident happens with anyone again. How long will it take for us to realize that today it may have happened with a stranger, but tomorrow it could happen to anyone of us or our family members? Are we waiting for that day when we will be the victim?

How shameful on our part that we are not even able to bring down the number of rape cases in our country, forget about stopping them completely. With each passing year, the graph of rape cases is showing an upward trend only. This, in itself, shows the condition of law and order in our country. None of the common men is safe. We can’t be sure whether the females of our family will reach home safely or not. It seems as if we are breeding a criminal safe universe.

At the same time, the judicial system of our country is so fast that even after 4 long years the case is yet to be decided. Who is getting benefited by such judicial system, the culprit or the victims? I fail to understand that when courts can open at odd hours to decide about the hanging of a terrorist, then what stops them to speed up the judicial proceedings in such sensitive cases at least? And still, they expect a common man to have full faith in the judicial system.

Sooner the better we realize that until the time our society gets awakened and shake the political and judicial system to tighten up the law and order condition in our country, nothing is actually going to change in reality. If at all we want to save humanity than matters like woman safety should be on top of our priority list. And do remember that it’s an ongoing process and we have to push things till our objective is met. We can’t afford anymore to forget and wait for another incident to happen wherein we will mourn once again. If we want this world to be a safer place to live in, then we have to take drastic steps right now.

Herewith, I would like to quote the following paragraph extracted from the first part of this Blog “16th December 2012 – The Night that never saw the Dawn” – 16th December 2012, was a day of shame, a day of sorrow, a day of emotional outburst, and a day of introspection for every human soul. It is not about a city, not about a country, not about modernization, not about culture but it is about humanity. Humanity is at stake. Joseph Conrad (a polish author) once said that “Being a woman is a terribly difficult task since it consists principally in dealing with men”. Today, if we look around we will agree to what he said. But is it only about agreeing with what he said or do we want to change the views? Yes, we can change it by giving the much deserved “respect & love to every single woman”. I am sure our respect & love towards the woman will indeed enable us one day, to quote that “Being a woman is the most wonderful task since it consists principally in dealing with men”. That day humanity will feel proud on Humans.

I would like to end this blog with a request to every male that “It’s a high time we male take a pledge, that let the female be our mother, sister, friend, colleague, wife or in any other relation to name with but never ever be our victim”. At the same time, I would like to request every female that please be safe and please be extra cautious.

God bless!

Peyush Jain

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Just a ban on ‘subsequent’ manufacturing, sale and distribution of Fixed Dose Combination (FDC) drugs – Ah our life isn’t worth much!!!

The Health Ministry, Government of India, vide a gazetted notification, dated 10th March 2016, has banned with immediate effect, the manufacturing, sale, and distribution of around 344 Fixed Dose Combination (FDC) drugs and the news is that a lot many of other drugs are also being lined up, to be banned by the government in the near future. It should be noted here that the Honourable Delhi High Court has stayed the above-mentioned government notification, thereby, providing an interim relief to the affected companies who were involved in manufacturing, sale, and distribution of those drugs. Now, it’s for the court to decide whether the ban on the FDC drugs is justifiable or not, in the present case. However, in this blog, I would like to touch upon another important issue i.e. whether the responsible authorities have done justice or not, by simply levying a ban on ‘subsequent’ manufacturing, sale and distribution of the FDC drugs?

Fixed Dose Combination (FDC) drugs – Before going on to the justice part, let us understand what does Fixed Dose Combination (FDC) drugs actually mean. In simple terms, FDC means that two or more drugs are combined (mixed), in a fixed ratio, and the resultant is the single drug which is termed as FDC drug.

Reason for banning the FDC drugs – The reason laid down by the government in the official gazette, behind banning the FDC drugs is quite shocking, as well as, alarming, at the same time. The reason behind banning the FDC drugs is that these drug combinations pose a risk to human beings and that there are safer alternatives available in the market. The government further stated that it is satisfied with the observations and recommendations of the expert committee appointed for this purpose and that it is necessary and expedient in the public interest to regulate, by way of a prohibition of manufacture for sale, sale, and distribution for human use of the said drugs in the country.

Is this justice at all – Now, the question that arises is whether the responsible authorities have done justice by simply levying a ban on ‘subsequent’ manufacturing, sale and distribution of the FDC drugs? If the government has completely relied upon the recommendations of the expert committee, then what about the harm done till date by consumption of these drugs on the life of humans? Are we even considerate about the life of innocent people? What about compensating for the hard earned money that people have spent in consuming these drugs, which as per government are ‘useless and harmful’ to humans. Why no penalty in monetary terms has been levied on these companies? Can any sane person take this as anywhere near to justice, considering the risk of the life of a common man who has relied upon and consumed these drugs for decades? When these companies can charge exorbitant prices, which at times go even more than 100 times of the actual cost of manufacturing these drugs, than why such a soft corner and lenient approach is being adopted towards them, even when the government has reason to believe that the drugs manufactured and sold by these companies have endangered the life of innocent people?

Whether, simply by prohibiting the future actions, it could be said that justice has been achieved against the damage that has happened in the past, especially in cases where human life is at stake? Say for example, could we expect any sound judge to pass a judgement against a serial killer, that the killer should henceforth stop killing innocent people (without punishing the killer for the past killings)? Similarly, in the present case, if at all any harm is done in the past then it could not be overlooked. There has to be an enquiry against all those who were involved, including the government officials, licensing authorities, respective companies, etcetera and they should get the punishment they deserve for this kind of intolerable and unforgivable act. In absence of which, it will be equivalent to conveying a message to the society that people with power and money can do anything they wish to, and, at the same time, also get away with it.

I have no hesitation in saying that the intensity of the reason that the government has laid down, behind banning the FDC drugs is quite severe. However, the action taken against those findings is simply not enough. The responsible authorities have once again missed out on an opportunity to convey a serious message to the society, that for us the life of the living beings is extremely important and whoever will try to play with it should be ready to bear severe consequences.

I still hope that banning is only the first step and the government is going to take serious actions against all those who are involved in such cases, especially wherein human life is at stake. Until the time some harsh actions are taken against the people involved in such cases, our life will continue to be the most unworthy thing, in the eyes of those, for whom money is the sole priority and we should be ready to play a prey in their hands for their personal benefits and agenda.

I wish that the Almighty give good sense to each one of us.

God bless you all!

Peyush Jain

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Apple Inc. vs. FBI – Is it a clash between Privacy and Security?

In this blog let us dissect from a “layman’s point of view” the major issue that has popped up from the much talked about legal case between the company named Apple Inc. and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), over the decryption issue of an iPhone (Smartphone), which is alleged to be used by a convicted person in the San Bernardino terrorist attack. The most important question that the aforementioned case evokes in our mind is that “what is more important for us, Privacy or Security”?

At the outset, let me make it very clear that this blog is not meant to take sides of any of the parties concerned in the said case, which is pending before the court of law. However, this blog talks about a serious issue which is going to arise in front of every country and their citizens in the near future, as the technology keeps climbing the advancement stages. This clash between humans and technology is going to take a more extreme form in the days to come. So let’s be prepared to enjoy the technological growth, face the new challenges and bear the consequences in the near future.

In this blog, I have taken reference of the Message dated 16th February 2016, communicated to their customers, by Mr. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. Although, I have cited the relevant points of the said message at relevant places in this blog, however, for the complete message kindly check the company’s official website. (Source:

In his message, Mr. Cook has strongly opposed the United States government order demanding decryption of the iPhone. He claims that this government order not only threatens the security of their customers but also has implications far beyond the legal case at hand. Let us see if this message is clear enough on all the points that arise in our mind or is it that some very important questions are still left unanswered. Mr. Cook has tried to clarify Apple’s stand in 4 points. So, herewith, let us try to comprehend all those points, along with the blogger’s view on the respective points –

1. The Need for Encryption

Apple’s stand – All that information needs to be protected from hackers and criminals who want to access it, steal it, and use it without our knowledge or permission. Customers expect Apple and other technology companies to do everything in our power to protect their personal information, and at Apple, we are deeply committed to safeguarding their data.

Compromising the security of our personal information can ultimately put our personal safety at risk. That is why encryption has become so important to all of us.

For many years, we have used encryption to protect our customers’ personal data because we believe it’s the only way to keep their information safe. We have even put that data out of our own reach because we believe the contents of your iPhone are none of our business.

Blogger’s View – Apple’s stand on encryption and commitment towards safeguarding a customer’s data is quite clear and appropriate. There is no argument on the point that all the information needs to be protected without fail from hackers and criminals. Indeed, we all, as a customer, do expect technology companies to protect our personal information and no exceptions should be tolerated on this front by any company or individual. At the same time, we also need to ask ourselves that do we want to safeguard the information that any criminal might be using against anyone of us. Will this not lead to putting the personal safety of the masses at risk?

It is rightly said in the message that information needs to be protected without fail from “hackers and criminals”. Now the only doubt that I have in my mind is that, on one hand, we are talking about protecting our database from hackers/criminals, while on the other hand, we are letting the other criminals use our “protecting measures”, as a shield against all the criminal activities in which they are involved into. Isn’t this contradictory to our very own purpose? First of all, we should be clear in our mind that whose data we want to protect. Can the same rules be applied to an innocent individual, as well as, a criminal? Shouldn’t there be a difference in approach while dealing with a criminal?

2. The San Bernardino Case

Apple’s stand – We were shocked and outraged by the deadly act of terrorism in San Bernardino last December. We mourn the loss of life and want justice for all those whose lives were affected. The FBI asked us for help in the days following the attack, and we have worked hard to support the government’s efforts to solve this horrible crime. We have no sympathy for terrorists.

When the FBI has requested data that’s in our possession, we have provided it. Apple complies with valid subpoenas and search warrants, as we have in the San Bernardino case. We have also made Apple engineers available to advise the FBI, and we’ve offered our best ideas on a number of investigative options at their disposal.

We have great respect for the professionals at the FBI, and we believe their intentions are good. Up to this point, we have done everything that is both within our power and within the law to help them. But now the U.S. government has asked us for something we simply do not have, and something we consider too dangerous to create. They have asked us to build a backdoor to the iPhone.

Specifically, the FBI wants us to make a new version of the iPhone operating system, circumventing several important security features, and install it on an iPhone recovered during the investigation. In the wrong hands, this software – which does not exist today – would have the potential to unlock any iPhone in someone’s physical possession.

The FBI may use different words to describe this tool, but make no mistake: Building a version of iOS that bypasses security in this way would undeniably create a backdoor. And while the government may argue that its use would be limited to this case, there is no way to guarantee such control.

Blogger’s View – Every sane person will undoubtedly condemn any kind of illegal activities and terrorist attacks. We all mourn for the losses of life and sympathies with all those affected by such cruel attacks, anywhere on this earth. We all want justice and stand united against all the terrorists. As claimed, Apple has taken every effort which was within their power and within the law to help in the investigation. This is worth appreciating and it would be right to mention here that it is the responsibility of each one of us to cooperate and help with the investigating agencies in each and every single case.

Further, it is being mentioned that “But now the U.S. government has asked us for something we simply do not have, and something we consider too dangerous to create”. Herewith, the 4 words in the above statement i.e. “too dangerous to create” caught my attention. After reading those 4 words, I stopped for a minute and questioned myself that what could be more dangerous than innocent people being killed in a terrorist attack. Atom bombs, nuclear bombs, hydrogen bombs and all other destructive weapons are dangerous, but still, we create it in the name of our safety.

I can very well understand the implication that this creation will have when it passes on “in the wrong hands”. But isn’t that risk attached to each and every single activity? Aren’t all the technologies dangerous if they reach in the wrong hands? Aren’t we all bound to live with the risk of destructive weapons reaching in the wrong hands? So, can decrypting a terrorist’s iPhone pass this test of “dangerous to create”?

It is further being quoted that “They have asked us to build a backdoor to the iPhone”. Since I am not an expert in the field of technology, so I won’t be able to comment much on the same. However, I seriously think that if we do not agree to any suggestion then we should come up with another suggestion or try to figure out any other possible option, instead of straight away discarding the possibility of taking any course of action. I do hope that those who can build such powerful encrypted software could surely come up with a technology which could be used to decrypt the same, without weakening the privacy of other users. If this is not feasible then any other solution could be figured out, but only if we desire to reach on to some solution.

3. The Threat to Data Security

Apple’s stand – Some would argue that building a backdoor for just one iPhone is a simple, clean-cut solution. But it ignores both the basics of digital security and the significance of what the government is demanding in this case.

In today’s digital world, the “key” to an encrypted system is a piece of information that unlocks the data, and it is only as secure as the protections around it. Once the information is known, or a way to bypass the code is revealed, the encryption can be defeated by anyone with that knowledge.

The government suggests this tool could only be used once, on one phone. But that’s simply not true. Once created, the technique could be used over and over again, on any number of devices. In the physical world, it would be the equivalent of a master key, capable of opening hundreds of millions of locks — from restaurants and banks to stores and homes. No reasonable person would find that acceptable.

The government is asking Apple to hack our own users and undermine decades of security advancements that protect our customers – including tens of millions of American citizens – from sophisticated hackers and cybercriminals. The same engineers who built strong encryption into the iPhone to protect our users would, ironically, be ordered to weaken those protections and make our users less safe.

We can find no precedent for an American company being forced to expose its customers to a greater risk of attack. For years, cryptologists and national security experts have been warning against weakening encryption. Doing so would hurt only the well-meaning and law-abiding citizens who rely on companies like Apple to protect their data. Criminals and bad actors will still encrypt, using tools that are readily available to them.

Blogger’s View – As per my personal views, decrypting any encrypted software could never be a simple solution. It’s a tough task that requires expertise. As far as, the basics of digital security and the significance of the government demand are concerned, a generalized view could not be applied to each and every single case. Cases which are pertaining to the security of the people and wherein the life of innocent people are at stake, needs to be looked upon with a larger perspective.

The last line in the above mentioned point states that “Criminals and bad actors will still encrypt, using tools that are readily available to them”, which means that even Apple agrees to the fact that the criminals and persons with malicious intentions are always working hard in decrypting all the encrypted software’s in the world, in which they are interested. Doesn’t it mean that no system is full proof? If we agree to this fact then wouldn’t it be advisable for each and every single company which is responsible for the protection of the data to be upfront in decrypting their own software to find out bugs, even before their system is hacked by other hackers/criminals? I am sure all the big technology companies must be having such teams in their research wings. If this sounds feasible enough, then there is a slight possibility of decrypting the iPhone used by the terrorist. If not, then for sure the learned and experienced technical persons can come up with some way out to tackle this decrypting issue.

I completely agree with the concern raised in the above-mentioned point that “Once created, the technique could be used over and over again, on any number of devices”. However, let us take a hypothetical situation wherein one has to enter a premise captured by the terrorists, which has been locked by an encrypted lock which could only be unlocked by decrypting the lock. Now, tell me in this situation, will we back off from decrypting this lock just because all other similar locks could be decrypted post we create that decrypting software? Doesn’t that tantamount to providing a shield to the criminals? Now, it is for each one of us to think with a sound mind and decide that what should be our priority in such crucial situations, security or privacy.

It is also mentioned that “The government is asking Apple to hack our own users and undermine decades of security advancements that protect our customers”. Well, if the government is asking to decrypt all the users, irrespective of being a criminal or not, then without any second thought we can say that Apple has rightfully done in declining that demand straight away. But if that demand is only to decrypt the iPhone of a specific terrorist then it could not be generalized by saying that the government is asking Apple to hack their own users. I leave it on your good sense to decide whom we consider as our customers the innocent people or the terrorists?

4. A Dangerous Precedent

Apple’s stand – Rather than asking for legislative action through Congress, the FBI is proposing an unprecedented use of the All Writs Act of 1789 to justify an expansion of its authority.

The implications of the government’s demands are chilling. If the government can use the All Writs Act to make it easier to unlock your iPhone, it would have the power to reach into anyone’s device to capture their data. The government could extend this breach of privacy and demand that Apple build surveillance software to intercept your messages, access your health records or financial data, track your location, or even access your phone’s microphone or camera without your knowledge.

Blogger’s View – As I am not a subject matter expert so it would not be right on my part to comment on the specific act applicable to the United States. However, with regard to implications of the government’s demands as mentioned in the above point, I would like to once again state that “if the government is asking/asks in future to decrypt all the users, irrespective of being a criminal or not, then without any second thought, such demands should straight away be declined by the concerned company.

Now, I would like to end this blog with these thoughts that sooner or later we all will have to decide whether technology could be allowed to compromise the security of a nation and its citizens or not? What should be our priority, Privacy or Security? Could anything be more important than the life of a living being? Could governments be allowed to break into our privacy in the name of our security? As far as, standalone viewpoints of both the parties i.e. Apple Inc. and FBI, are concerned there is nothing wrong with them. None of the parties could be said to have bad intentions. However, we do hope that the parties concerned looks into the matter with a larger perspective and are able to reach on to some consensus. Finally, it’s for the court to decide the outcome of the case, so let’s wait and watch what lies in the womb of future.

I hope this blog will compel our mind to think on a serious issue which is going to hit every nation and citizens thereof, in the near future. It’s the right time that we take necessary action to overcome any future obstacles that can arise due to technological advancements. The need of the hour is to strike the right balance between technology, privacy, and security.

I wish the almighty bless us with good sense. God bless you all!


Peyush Jain

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Animals – Are they living beings?

It’s not a hidden fact that animals are living beings. However, the question is that do we humans, in reality, even consider them anywhere near to a living organism? Human Beings are using the animals to serve their purpose right from the time they arrived on the planet earth. Animals are being used to give us company, watch our place, kept as a pride to showcase the status symbol, lot many of them are slaughtered to decorate our places, plates and cover our body, they are hunted for satisfying our arrogance, they are killed on streets by our speedy vehicles, etcetera. All in all, they are just an object to be used, at our ease. So why do we fake to consider them as living beings? Note: Animals in this blog includes birds, as well as, all other living creatures except human beings.

The creator gave us the power to think. Hence, we humans, claim ourselves to be the smartest of all the beings. But smartness is not evaluated based on self-claims, rather it should be reflected in our conducts. I am not pointing the fingers towards the few souls who are really considerate towards other living beings but let us accept the hardcore reality, that most of us don’t care about animals, at all. Whether it’s the questionable transfer of a wild tiger into a sanctuary or mishandling/killing of street dogs, we are simply not bothered. As far as, anything with regard to animals is concerned, we fail in arousing that human touch, which we always boast about.

If the killing of humans is a crime, then why is ‘intentional’ killing of ‘any other’ living being not a crime? Well, to argue on this point a lot of laws in the country could be shown, which advocates the safety of every living being and consider the killing of animals, as a crime too. But, can we keep a hand on our heart and say that these laws are actually followed in reality? How many humans till date got punished for killing a street animal by riding their speedy vehicle over them? Before you get any other thought, let me make it very clear that there is a vast difference between unfortunate deaths of the animals, which all of a sudden comes in front of our vehicle, as against killing the innocent animals by aggressive accelerating of our vehicles to an insane speed.

The saying that “The eyes speak a lot”, applies to the eyes of all the living beings. Did we ever try to understand the feelings of animals? Look into their eyes and you will observe that there is an ocean of emotions waiting for us to take a dip, in order to, understand their feelings. If it was possible for these creatures to convey with us in our language, they would have definitely told us that what they want from humans is just ‘freedom’. They want the freedom to live happily in their world, freedom to roam in their area, freedom to choose where they want to live in and freedom to select with whom they want to spend their life. We are not their ‘owners’ and so we don’t have the right to pet them “against their wish”. If at all, we want to “stay with them” we have to be considerate about their comforts and lifestyles. We should not always expect them to adjust “as per our life”, but instead, we need to accommodate ourselves with their lifestyle too. So, until and unless, we consider them as a part of our family, we have no right to snatch away their freedom by keeping them at our place.

We always complain that the wild animals are entering our territory and killing humans, but did we ever give it a thought, that it’s we who have snatched away their place of living and our greed is driving us crazy to capture, more and more, land which eventually leaves no place for ‘other living beings’ to survive in. Where will these living beings go? What will they eat, if we are not leaving any place free for them to hunt? Most likely, all other living beings, except humans don’t kill for satisfying their greed; rather they kill to feed their hunger or, at the most, when they sense any danger to their life. Now, the question is that after the encroachment on their places of living, are we feeding them enough, so that they don’t kill us for satisfying their hunger? If not, then what other option they are left with, then to eat human flesh? We should keep it in mind that change has to be from both the sides.

We all need to take care of all the living beings around us, else the day is not too far when we will be narrating stories about some of the living beings that used to live around us, as our elders are narrating us about ‘dinosaurs’. Now, it is for us to decide whether we want to see more of ‘Jurasic Park’ with animated creatures that once lived on planet earth or we want to witness ‘Jurasic Park’ sequences with the real creatures.

It’s not so hard to contribute in our small-small ways. Do note that every little help does matter. Say, for example, if we have an open area, in and around, our home, then we should grow plants which eventually develop into ‘big’ trees. Why I mentioned big trees, instead of small plants is because it’s the big trees which provide shelter to the birds and other animals like squirrel etcetera. At the same time, we can feed the street animals in our area because most of them are malnourished. Trust me, if we feed even a small quantity to these little angel souls they start treating us as a Very Important Person (VIP) of our area. They will give us so much love and affection that we will forget all your worries. They are a stress buster for sure. Treat them with love and in turn, get loved in abundance. All these small contributions will matter a lot in the long run.

On a positive side, there are a few souls who are really considerate towards the welfare of other living beings and they are doing a remarkable job in this field. We, as a society, need to recognize their hard and unthankful job. A lot of street and wild animals are able to survive because of these divine souls. Hats off to all those who are sweating their life towards such a noble cause!!!

Let us all pledge to love all the beings, be it living or non-living. Care for them and be there for them. Save Animals, Save Humanity and Save Planet Earth.

God Bless you all. Do take care.

Be in touch!

Peyush Jain