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Sachin Sachin!

A small note dedicated to the legend Mr. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Although, this note was written on the day when the “God of Cricket”, decided to retire from the fields of cricket, however, I am sharing it today on my website, in order to, commemorate the half-century of my blogs. Yes, this is my 50th Blog and what could be better than to share a note on the “Master of Centuries”, to complete my half century. For me, it is equivalent to attaining a half century with a smashing six.

The note dated 16th November 2013 (the date when Mr. Sachin Tendulkar took retirement) –

“Bharat Ratna Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar”, a legend who gave us 24 dynamic years of sparkling entertainment, a name which became synonym to cricket, a person who showcased honesty and dedication as his two hands, a human being whose acts compelled us to worship him like God, a brand, an institution in himself, a grounded personality whose life is a lesson to learn from. Someone who is beyond cricket, beyond generation, beyond nationality; “He is a Master Piece, a Master Blaster”.

Our expectations from him remained the same every time he took guard on that 22 yard. Nothing less than a century was ever expected from him, and now, if we look back and analyse, we will conclude that to come out and play with such huge expectations and loads of pressure it needs to be a SACH (Honesty) IN.

This expectation did not change even in the last test innings of his career, where everyone wanted a century to come out from his bat. Nevertheless, every single run he scored over the figure of half century in his last test innings represented a year that he dedicated to cricket, making a total score of 74 runs.

He entertained us, he made us feel proud to be an Indian and it’s our privilege to grow up, seeing him play. It will be a real tribute if we can imbibe SACHINISM in our self. Thanks, Mr. Sachin from the depth of our heart.

Mr. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, you may have retired from the fields, but your memories will always stay ‘Not Out’ in our hearts. “A personality that aspires never retires”.

I wish that the Almighty always bless you and your family.

Sachin Sachin!


Peyush Jain – 16th November 2013