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You are good for Nothing!

Yes, you heard it right – “You are good for nothing”. What happened? Why all of a sudden, you submerged into the dual state of surprise and shock? Did no one ever apprise you with the reality or what? If not, then there is a very high probability of you being surrounded by sycophants, all of the time. Well still, nothing to worry about, since I am always around to bring you face-to-face with the reality. See, how considerate I am (*blushes*).

However, by any chance, if you are one of those lucky souls, who receive this compliment, time and again, then the good news is that we are sailing in the same boat (how fortunate of you). Oh, come on, now no need to raise your ‘threaded’ eyebrows. You think it’s not a compliment, is it? Well, at least for me, it is one of the best compliments anyone can ever get. And, in case, you want to know why I am saying so, then you have no other choice left but to read more (*trapped*)…

Yes, I am privileged enough to either hear this compliment or else read it in the eyes of most of the people I come across. And, to be very honest, I seriously don’t know what their real motive behind it is. I mean, either they are considerate enough, or else, they just want to use me as an object of their momentary laughter. Whatever may be their motive, but one thing is common between all of them i.e. they all look so contented after puking the sentence – “You are good for NOTHING”.

Nevertheless, their intention hardly matters to me because I straight away grab it as a compliment. And, without fail, thank them for their flattering remark. Are you thinking that I have gone mad? Well, as it is I was never sane, so… Anyway, you will be amazed to know that, this in turn, miserably fails their attempt to show pity to me and they are left disheartened. Frankly, I do feel sad for them at all such times (*cries out loud*).

Enough of crap talks, right? Well, actually I can’t help it because that’s my speciality (*Ahem, Ahem*). Now, I should better cut the crap and reveal the logic behind referring it as a compliment before you get the urge to kill me. You know, as a matter of fact, whatever I say is always backed by some logic. OMG! What did I just say? I think I have lost it completely now.

Anyway, here comes the logic. I am sure you have heard that “Nothing is Impossible”. Now, when people say that “You are good for nothing” what they actually mean is that “You are good for Impossible”. Sounds soothing, isn’t it? Yes, indeed, it does sound good to know that we are in a far better position being good for nothing than the ones who are just good for something. “We actually belong to the rare breed which has the capability to deal with the impossible tasks”.

Ah! What a compliment, isn’t it? So, now onwards, whenever people say you that “You are good for Nothing”, just replace the word nothing with impossible (in your mind), and let your mind analyse it as “You are good for Impossible”. And, don’t forget to thank them for the compliment. After all, now it’s your turn to leave them into the dual state of surprise and shock (*winks*).

I wish you all a very happy, motivated and a prosperous life.

Stay in touch.

God Bless!


Peyush Jain