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It’s nothing but Crap

Statutory Warning – This blog is nothing but crap. I really mean it, that there is nothing other than crap, which you are going to find out in this blog. You think I am joking? Well then, it’s absolutely your wish, if you think that I am not serious with what I just wrote. If you still choose to waste your time in reading this crap, then you are solely responsible for your act. Don’t blame me later on that I did not warn you and simply wasted your precious time in a sheer crap.

Okay, now let me give my unused brain a little bit pain and think what I should write that will tantamount to crap. Gosh, I am so dumb. Yes, indeed I am a moron to even think like that. Come on, does writing anything that is crap also require some kind of brainstorming? I am really ashamed on that thought. No more thinking now. Just give me a couple of seconds, while I jot down some random words to come up with another crap write up.

Oh wait, I just realized that whatever I write eventually turns out to be crap only. Wow, I am so relieved after this self-realization. How could I forget, that the very reason I always write crap is because it doesn’t require any kind of smartness, which I obviously lack, and that crap flows naturally from this side?

So, let me once again prove my dumbness by writing crap. Now, don’t you dare give me those frowning looks, expressing loud and clear that “What an irony, people nowadays are proud of their dumbness too”? Well anyway, who cares? I know that I am dumb and how much hard I may try to prove myself smart, all the effort will ultimately go in vain. So, in a way, I don’t have an option but to flaunt my dumbness.

At least, I am honest to admit, unlike people who don’t even realize that what crap they utter and more surprisingly, in turn, they also expect us to praise their knowledge and applause their work. I mean, do they ever listen/read what they speak/write? These people should be severely punished and what could be harsher a punishment than to let them listen/read what they themselves speak/write. They should be forced to suffer from this shock treatment, till the time they realise, as well as, admit it that they are “Master in Crapoism”.

When we look around, we will realize that most of the brainstorming sessions, meetings, conferences, training and presentations etcetera are nothing but a compilation of crap material and crap speaking robotic humans. Huge amount and time are being spent on such unfruitful, not so worthy, sessions. These guys, without any shame, deliver crap, waste the time and energy of the attendees and leave them with a mental disorder, after the end of every such session. So, what’s the big deal, if I honestly admit that I write crap, as well as, feel proud of my talent in vomiting crap every single second? At the same time, I don’t think that there is any harm in a blog dedicated to an honest crap when so many people are shamelessly fooling us with their crap, every single day.

Anyway, time to cut the crap and write something serious now. So what could be serious about a crap? “A crap admitted in Intensive Care Unit (ICU)”? Well, that’s the most serious thing about crap that I could come up with. Doesn’t that sound serious? Okay, I know I have bored you a lot. So before you all kick me out, let me pack up my crap session.

However, this proves that I can’t even write anything serious on crap, as well. Maybe, I should first get myself enrolled for the course named as “Master in Crapoism”. Sorry guys, you got to wait until I get my Master’s degree because only after that I will be able to serve you with more recipes of crap. Be assured that my recipes will be far more delicious and presentable than the crap that we have to bear with, as of now.

Keep your cool guys and be in touch.

God Bless you all!

Peyush Jain