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Humanity is still Alive

Feeling a droplet on the cheek, Realizing an unknown soul’s extreme pain.

Being happy in spite of losing, Witnessing someone else’s little gain.

Forgetting self-hunger, Feeding someone starving.

Overlooking own thirst, Satisfying a strangers craving.

Observing all these emotions make me realize, Humanity is still Alive.


Seeing injustice happening all around, Submerging into a helpless feeling that’s so profound.

Being unable to do anything this time, Resolving to change something the very next time.

Rising bravely all alone, Leaving behind the scared ones to moan.

Trying hard to keep the poise, Gaining the strength and raising the little voice.

Observing all these acts make me realize, Humanity is still Alive.


Calming down the burning sentiments, Stopping the issue from turning into a communal fight.

Trembling hands covering a naked body, Lying frightened on the isolated street on a cold night.

Saving a soul from getting snatched away, Standing as a wall against the lustful eyes.

Unveiling the beautiful smile, Hiding right behind the prolonged cries.

Observing all these incidences make me realize, Humanity is still Alive.


Teaching the life lessons of brotherhood, Cleansing the roads flooded with bloodstreams.

Shielding the life of every living being, When killing is a hobby for some it seems.

Contributing towards a peaceful society, Eliminating every fear from the stressful mind.

Building a close bond between the unknowns, When love among the close ones is also rare to find.

Observing all these deeds make me realize, Humanity is still Alive.


Healing the depressed hearts, Is the best we can do on our part.

When all the known shoulders elope, Surrounding the unknown ones as the only ray of hope.

To be born as a human being was our fate, Being human, requires us to do something great.

Humanity is not a mode to oblige the needy; It’s our foremost duty for which we should always be ready.

Observing with an open mind indeed makes us realize, Humanity is still Alive.


Peyush Jain