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Is it really a Generation Gap or are we Generating Gaps?

Grrr why cannot you guys understand my point, Ufff it is impossible to make you understand, Oh God why cannot this generation behave properly, Grow up man…blah blah blah. Oh please, do not get angry on this poor soul because I am not scolding you. Just chill!!! Come on, haven’t all of us heard, used or came across any such remarks in our life? Well, if not, then you can pat your back because in that case, you are really from a rare breed.

To sum up, all the above statements are the offspring’s of ‘Generation Gap’. Heavy word isn’t it? Yes, too heavy to even write, indeed my fingers can feel the pain. Whenever a discussion between persons of different generations does not reach a consensus, the entire blame is laid on the ‘Generation Gap’. Is it right to do that? What exactly is this generation gap syndrome? Why blame someone else for something that is a result of sheer lack at our end? Is it really one of the reasons for differences in opinions/views/actions of persons from different generations or is it one of those excuses that we humans are using since ages to get rid of the core issue? Well, let us see if we can unburden the heavy load placed on the shoulders of the two innocent words.

First of all, let us dissect and understand what exactly these words mean in this parlance. ‘Generation Gap’ is comprised of two words i.e. Generation, which means “Group of genetically related organisms constituting a single step in the line of descent” and Gap, which means “A difference (especially an unfortunate difference) between two opinions or two views or two situations” (Courtesy Word Web).

To understand it better, let us take an example of a Teacher and a Student. Why students agree when a teacher teach them with a logic that H2O = Water, why not students refuse that by saying that H2O = Air? And mind it, this does not apply to the scientific formulas alone (which your mind might be thinking just now), but also to every single thing that a teacher teaches to a student. How come, even though most of our teachers are not from our generation but still they are able to make us learn; to make us understand and eventually mould our personality? Have we ever heard that a teacher refused to teach a student claiming that he/she cannot learn because there is a generation gap between them or vice versa? Then why we take differences in opinions/actions etcetera as an end result of Generation Gap? Will not life be much easier if people are free to put up their views in front of us and are not questioned for raising their opinions or are not accused of suffering from generation gap syndrome? This applies to people of both the generations, young and old.

Now, let us look at the other side of the picture as well. Does not the same person whom we accuse to be having a generation gap with us, tend to listen, as well as, understand from someone (who is of a different generation) with whom they get along well? Why the same person behaves differently with those people? Why not the generation gap syndrome applies with them as well?

The answer to all the questions popping up in our mind lies in two things i.e. the wavelength with the person with whom we are interacting and the logic in our opinion/views. Both of them are equally important and one in absence of the other cannot stand alone. Say for example, if we do not share a good wavelength with a specific person then how much logical we may talk, no guarantee that the other person is going to even listen to our point, forget about considering the same. Similarly, even if we share a very good wavelength with someone, but if we talk illogical, then also our point would not be valued by them.

In nutshell, Firstly, we should remember that it is not a fight and merely a discussion or argument, so the same should be taken up with a positive and open attitude and not with a bad or negative wavelength. Secondly, the discussions and arguments should be logical so that we achieve the ultimate purpose. If at all, the conversation does not reach a consensus then also we can at least “agree to disagree” by showing respect to each other’s point.

Next time, let the discussions be with an Open heart and an Open mind i.e. all in all, a fruitful one, rather than the one that generates gaps in the heart. Do remember that “Learning is an ageless beauty” and we can learn from all age group people. It is not that we will always be right, so we should listen to the other’s viewpoint, give it a thought and if we find it worth, then have the courage to accept the truth.

Henceforth, do not generate gap by bringing up the word Generation Gap, rather “Be open to listening, before you are open to speaking”.

Peyush Jain