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From Padmavati to Padmavat what changed is just an ‘I’, not ‘We’

Enough has been said for and against the Padmavati controversy, till now. So, nothing much is left on my part to enlighten about. As it is, I am not a scholar on the subject matter and neither, I am one of the panelists who has been invited to watch the Padmavati (renamed Padmaavat) Movie. To be very frank, I have not even read the poem named Padmavat, on which this movie is said to be based on. I am sure now you must be thinking that – Why the hell is he even writing this blog if he doesn’t know anything about it?

Well, there is something important which I want to convey through this blog. No, this blog is not about the Queen Padmavati (Padmini) or anything related to the controversy. It’s about Us – Humans. It’s about the Human Tendency. Hence, if by any chance, you started reading this blog with the hope of getting any information related to the Queen Padmavati or the recent controversy then it’s my humble request to please stop reading any further. I don’t want you to waste your precious time or get disappointed later on.

The topic of this blog says it all. From Padmavati to Padmavat what changed is just an ‘I’, not ‘We’. It’s always like this only. We Humans rarely want to change ourselves. We just want some other ‘I’ i.e. Individual to change. Seriously, what we learned from this Padmavati controversy? Nothing, absolutely nothing. We missed yet another opportunity to look beyond what is being served to us. It seems that over the time, we have stopped thinking and just wait for someone else to order us and take undue advantage of us.

Let me list down a few of the points that, as per my view, we failed to observe and learn from this controversy –

  1. Is there any relevance left of the Censor Board? A movie that is being certified and permitted by the Censor Board can’t get released in the theatres. Further, some of the panelists invited by the Censor Board to watch this movie and give their views, later on, alleged the board for not considering the issues raised by them, before granting the certificate to the movie. Who is saying the truth is an unknown mystery?
  2. Do the feelings of a small section of the public supersede the court’s order? In a Democratic Nation if we are not satisfied with the court’s judgement then we have the right to appeal to the higher court, against the order. However, does anyone have the right to disobey the court’s order and act contrary to it? Well, it seems a few privileged ones have the authority to do so as they are openly challenging and taking the law into their hands, without any fear. Isn’t it a clear case of Contempt of Court?
  3. Is politics only about taking advantage of the situation? Are there any politicians left who stand for a cause, without the fear of losing their vote-bank? Anyway, we the public are only responsible for electing these politicians, again and again, so no point in accusing them. They are doing what they are best at.
  4. The Youth of today’s time need to seriously introspect that do they intend to just be a puppet in the hands of a few people, who use them to fulfill their personal agendas or do they actually want to apply their brain before jumping onto any conclusions. If the youth continue to get misguided and keep on believing the false promises done by people with malicious intentions then the future of our country is something to be worried about.

It’s a high time WE collectively realize that it’s a well thought out agenda of some of the people to brainwash and keep the citizens engaged in something or the other so that they stop thinking about more important issues concerning them and neither ask any relevant questions. Sooner the better, WE collectively get awaken; else it will always be only an ‘I’ that will change and not ‘WE’.

I would like to end this blog with a humble request to all of you that don’t blindly follow anyone or anything. Keep your thinking caps on and at least, in your own interest, do try to figure it out that who all are your true well-wishers and who are just using you for their personal benefits. I wish that may the Almighty give good sense to each one of us.

Stay in touch.

God Bless!


Peyush Jain