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A “genuine” feedback from an anonymous person – Means a lot, isn’t it?

Could anything in this world be more rewarding than a “genuine” feedback from an anonymous person? Well at least for me, it’s one of the best things that could happen to someone. It is way above any kind of certificates, awards, likes or even monetary rewards. And to be very frank, I rarely get feedbacks like these, so without fail, I don’t leave any chance to grab them. Who knows when the other person might change their mind? So why to give them any opportunity to back-off, right? (*Winks*)

One of the readers shared this feedback (as displayed in the uploaded picture), for my Hindi Kavita (Poem) – Maa – Ek Ehsaas (Mother – A feeling). I was overwhelmed after reading this emotional conversation between Mother and Daughter. As this poem is dedicated to all Mother’s in this universe, so nothing better could have happened, than receiving a genuine feedback and blessings of a Mother.

To plain eyes, this conversation might look like a routine talk between a parent and a child. Then what is so special about it? Well, the daughter did share the background of this conversation with me, and hence I can guess the kind of emotions out flowing when this interaction was going on between them, “on the occasion of Mother’s Day”.

To give you a hint about the background of this conversation – The Mother and Daughter live far away (like seven seas apart or something) and the daughter was missing her mother badly on this Mother’s Day. She just wanted to pack her bag and fly down to meet her parents. I am sure likewise the mother too was missing her daughter’s presence. And it was during those emotional moments that she read this poem and also shared it with her beloved mother.

Post sharing the poem when the daughter asks her mom “Did you like it”, her Mother replies – “Very Very Much, It brings tears in my eyes”. I don’t know why but I literally got goosebumps reading this comment from her mother. This is one of the best compliments I ever got and what makes it special is that it came straight from a Mother’s heart. It made my day. This is what I live for.

Although, I don’t want any eyes to get moist because of me, however, I am sure those were tears of happiness (not the tears of sorrow, crocodile tears or the peacock tears). Nevertheless, I still don’t want people to cry because of me, so I would just like to quote here the famous dialogue, of the First Superstar of Indian Film Industry, Late Mr. Rajesh Khanna – “Pushpa, I hate tears”.

I can undoubtedly feel the outpouring of emotions and growing of bond between the two ladies, in this short chit-chat between them. Above all, I feel highly obliged to know that my words could actually touch someone’s heart and play a small role in bringing happiness in their life. For a writer, it is highly gratifying to know that their write-up is able to connect with people and more importantly to connect people.

As a matter of fact, her mother doesn’t know me personally and she has no idea about the poet of this poem. The innocent lady doesn’t even know whether the poet is a male or a female. In fact, in the conversation, she requests her daughter to thank me by saying “Give thanks to her” (However, till last checked, I am still a male). So for me undoubtedly she is an anonymous person, whose feedback is unbiased and genuine.

I sincerely want to take this opportunity to thank the Mother, the Daughter, as well as, all the readers out there for always boosting up the morale of the writers by sharing their genuine feedbacks. Trust me guys it doesn’t matter whether the feedback is positive or negative. What is important is the genuineness of that feedback. So it’s my earnest request to each one of you to always give your genuine feedback against any kind of work that you like/dislike. Your genuine feedback is the driving force which helps us keep going and learning too.

Keep reading and sharing your genuine feedbacks.

Stay in touch. God Bless!


Peyush Jain