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Assent to Ordinance on Jallikattu – Opening of a Pandora Box

In yet another suicidal attempt (after demonetisation) the present Central Government has given its assent to the Tamil Naidu state’s ordinance on Jallikattu (a traditional sport involving bull). By passing an ordinance for permitting the celebration of Jallikattu, the Indian Government has opened up a Pandora Box, which is definitely going to increase their trouble in the near future. Just wait and watch while a lot many demonstrations and demands for the passing of such kind of ordinances are on its way, to flood the Central Government from every corner of the country in the near future. God knows who advice Mr. Pradhan Sevak to take such decisions.

In the current scenario, a question does pop up in the minds of many of us that when the Honourable Court has banned an activity and is yet to decide on a serious issue then what was the urgency to pass an ordinance in the matter concerned? Was this move politically motivated or was it taken sheer out of public concern? If at all it was taken after keeping public concern in mind then does this move somewhere exhibits that our politicians think that the Honourable Courts are not bothered about the public sentiments and does not take into account the public concerns before passing any judgement?

Herewith, I would like to raise a very serious concern with regard to the autonomy of the courts. Aren’t ordinances like this nothing but a ‘legalised’ way of contempt of court? Just because there is a right available to bring an ordinance in order to surpass the orders of the courts, is it justifiable to make use of this right in such matters as well? Isn’t it a threat to the very existence of the courts in any country? What is the need of having courts when the government themselves can decide and finalize the case, which is still pending before the court of law? It’s a high time for the courts to take a note of the same and stand for their existence.

The politicians preach us to respect the orders of the Honourable Courts but it seems that when it comes to politics they don’t even think for a second, before going against any kind of court orders. If they actually acted as they preach, then instead of giving their consent on the ordinance, wasn’t it feasible for the “law abiding” politicians to plead in front of the court with their logical points and let this serious issue be decided only by the Honourable Court? If courts can open at odd hours to decide about the hanging of a terrorist then we are in a far better position to be heard and matters with which public sentiments are attached could indeed be decided on a high priority.

I would like to urge that instead of coming up with ideas like banning an organisation which works for the rights of animals, it would be appropriate if we can come up with ideas which would enable us to carry on our traditions, without ‘intentionally’ torturing and harming any of the living beings for our enjoyment. There is always a mid peaceful way to solve such kind of issues, like in the present case it would have been appropriate to conduct the sport without torturing or harming the animals, as well as, applying the utmost safety parameters.

Torturing or causing harm to other living beings, in the name of tradition, could not be allowed at all. If the traditions need to be changed for the betterment of our society then we should indeed be ready for that. Do remember that right to live freely is the fundamental right of every living being and not alone humans. Live and let others live peacefully too.

I wish that the Almighty give good sense to each one of us.

Peyush Jain

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Sterilising the animals – Who gave Humans the authority to do so?

It seems as if sterilising or neutering the animals (especially the street animals) is the favourite pass time of Humans. After witnessing the way people advocate sterilisation of street animals, it would not be wrong on my part, to say that sterilising animals is one of the activities which we humans are most fond of. A lot of animal lovers also support the sterilising of street animals, with the thought that it will save the newborn animals from getting killed on streets, mainly on account of the over speeding vehicles which we humans drive insanely. There are countries where even the pet animals need to be compulsorily sterilized so that their population could be controlled. Now, the question that arises is that who gave humans the authority to sterilise other living beings? Do note that this blog is not to point fingers towards the genuine sterilisation which is required to be done for logical reasons. But, how can we justify ‘forceful’ sterilisation without any logical reason?

For your kind information, a street is a place to live in for the animals as they can’t construct houses or take accommodation after entering into some kind of leave and licence agreement. First, we humans do encroachments on the jungles, which are the place where the animals have the right to live in, and then we start claiming that place to be ours on the basis of man-made land ownership deeds etcetera. We don’t stop here, but, on the contrary, after this, we very shamefully start claiming and treating the animals as outsiders. We don’t leave any chance to restrict their entry near our households and shoo them off from our surroundings. Wow, we humans are just shameless.

Ever thought, that what we will feel like if the same thing is done with us? What will be our reaction if tomorrow someone throws us out of our home and even sterilise us for no reason? Isn’t sterilising the animals is equivalent to sterilisation of human beings that was done at the time of emergency? How can we, without any logical reason like an animal suffering from a sexually transmitted disease, a spread of epidemic etcetera, go on sterilising the animals? Don’t they have a right to produce?

We, humans, consider it as our birthright to dominate all the other species because we are the ‘self-proclaimed’ superior ones among all the living beings. Time and again, we play with nature. We killed and wiped out the very existence of the creature known as Dinosaurs. And, now we are searching and researching for any opportunity to bring their existence back on planet earth. It is said that humans are the ones who learn from their mistakes. So what did we learn from this mistake of ours, wherein we erased the existence of dinosaurs from earth?

Herewith, I would like to quote the following paragraph extracted from my other Blog “Animals – Are they living beings?” – “We all need to take care of all the living beings around us, else the day is not too far when we will be narrating stories about some of the living beings that used to live around us, as our elders are narrating us about ‘dinosaurs’. Now, it is for us to decide whether we want to see more of ‘Jurasic Park’ with animated creatures that once lived on planet earth or we want to witness ‘Jurasic Park’ sequences with the real creatures”.

Are we superior to nature as well? If not, then isn’t it said that nature controls everything that tries to break its equilibrium? Don’t a number of newborn animals die for various reasons like cold, weakness etcetera? Then what is the need for us to sterilise them even when their population is not growing to an alarming level? Do we think that planet earth is the sole property of only Humans and we want only humans to stay alive on earth? We always talk about human values, but do such acts tantamount to be considered anywhere near to the human behaviour?

I strongly advocate that instead of trying to control the new ones from getting born, we should apply our energy in finding out means by which we can save the newborn from getting killed under the speedy vehicles. A few of the measures, which I think could be devised for saving the life of new born babies of the street animals are installing the temporary sheds at the place where they are born and shifting them in those sheds for initial months, so that they don’t move on the busy roads or if possible then have a dedicated place where the newborn will be shifted along with their mother/father for the initial period or installing a notice board to drive slow, as there are newborn babies on the street etcetera. But, all these measures will not be needed at all, if we behave like humans with other living beings and are considerate towards their existence too.

Only when we take such ‘humanly’ steps we have the right to claim us of being Humans, forget about being the superior of all the species. Live and let others live too. Don’t play with nature, else nature will show us that it always is, and will always be, the superior of all. Better we get awake and check our deeds before it’s too late and nature show its cruel side and thrash us out from the planet earth. Hope we all get a good sense and we act sensibly towards others.

God Bless you all. Do take care.

Be in touch!

Peyush Jain

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Animals – Are they living beings?

It’s not a hidden fact that animals are living beings. However, the question is that do we humans, in reality, even consider them anywhere near to a living organism? Human Beings are using the animals to serve their purpose right from the time they arrived on the planet earth. Animals are being used to give us company, watch our place, kept as a pride to showcase the status symbol, lot many of them are slaughtered to decorate our places, plates and cover our body, they are hunted for satisfying our arrogance, they are killed on streets by our speedy vehicles, etcetera. All in all, they are just an object to be used, at our ease. So why do we fake to consider them as living beings? Note: Animals in this blog includes birds, as well as, all other living creatures except human beings.

The creator gave us the power to think. Hence, we humans, claim ourselves to be the smartest of all the beings. But smartness is not evaluated based on self-claims, rather it should be reflected in our conducts. I am not pointing the fingers towards the few souls who are really considerate towards other living beings but let us accept the hardcore reality, that most of us don’t care about animals, at all. Whether it’s the questionable transfer of a wild tiger into a sanctuary or mishandling/killing of street dogs, we are simply not bothered. As far as, anything with regard to animals is concerned, we fail in arousing that human touch, which we always boast about.

If the killing of humans is a crime, then why is ‘intentional’ killing of ‘any other’ living being not a crime? Well, to argue on this point a lot of laws in the country could be shown, which advocates the safety of every living being and consider the killing of animals, as a crime too. But, can we keep a hand on our heart and say that these laws are actually followed in reality? How many humans till date got punished for killing a street animal by riding their speedy vehicle over them? Before you get any other thought, let me make it very clear that there is a vast difference between unfortunate deaths of the animals, which all of a sudden comes in front of our vehicle, as against killing the innocent animals by aggressive accelerating of our vehicles to an insane speed.

The saying that “The eyes speak a lot”, applies to the eyes of all the living beings. Did we ever try to understand the feelings of animals? Look into their eyes and you will observe that there is an ocean of emotions waiting for us to take a dip, in order to, understand their feelings. If it was possible for these creatures to convey with us in our language, they would have definitely told us that what they want from humans is just ‘freedom’. They want the freedom to live happily in their world, freedom to roam in their area, freedom to choose where they want to live in and freedom to select with whom they want to spend their life. We are not their ‘owners’ and so we don’t have the right to pet them “against their wish”. If at all, we want to “stay with them” we have to be considerate about their comforts and lifestyles. We should not always expect them to adjust “as per our life”, but instead, we need to accommodate ourselves with their lifestyle too. So, until and unless, we consider them as a part of our family, we have no right to snatch away their freedom by keeping them at our place.

We always complain that the wild animals are entering our territory and killing humans, but did we ever give it a thought, that it’s we who have snatched away their place of living and our greed is driving us crazy to capture, more and more, land which eventually leaves no place for ‘other living beings’ to survive in. Where will these living beings go? What will they eat, if we are not leaving any place free for them to hunt? Most likely, all other living beings, except humans don’t kill for satisfying their greed; rather they kill to feed their hunger or, at the most, when they sense any danger to their life. Now, the question is that after the encroachment on their places of living, are we feeding them enough, so that they don’t kill us for satisfying their hunger? If not, then what other option they are left with, then to eat human flesh? We should keep it in mind that change has to be from both the sides.

We all need to take care of all the living beings around us, else the day is not too far when we will be narrating stories about some of the living beings that used to live around us, as our elders are narrating us about ‘dinosaurs’. Now, it is for us to decide whether we want to see more of ‘Jurasic Park’ with animated creatures that once lived on planet earth or we want to witness ‘Jurasic Park’ sequences with the real creatures.

It’s not so hard to contribute in our small-small ways. Do note that every little help does matter. Say, for example, if we have an open area, in and around, our home, then we should grow plants which eventually develop into ‘big’ trees. Why I mentioned big trees, instead of small plants is because it’s the big trees which provide shelter to the birds and other animals like squirrel etcetera. At the same time, we can feed the street animals in our area because most of them are malnourished. Trust me, if we feed even a small quantity to these little angel souls they start treating us as a Very Important Person (VIP) of our area. They will give us so much love and affection that we will forget all your worries. They are a stress buster for sure. Treat them with love and in turn, get loved in abundance. All these small contributions will matter a lot in the long run.

On a positive side, there are a few souls who are really considerate towards the welfare of other living beings and they are doing a remarkable job in this field. We, as a society, need to recognize their hard and unthankful job. A lot of street and wild animals are able to survive because of these divine souls. Hats off to all those who are sweating their life towards such a noble cause!!!

Let us all pledge to love all the beings, be it living or non-living. Care for them and be there for them. Save Animals, Save Humanity and Save Planet Earth.

God Bless you all. Do take care.

Be in touch!

Peyush Jain