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Was Commonwealth Games 2010 a matter of pride for India?

The Commonwealth Games (CWG) holds an important place, when it comes to international sports events, across the globe. CWG is an international multi-sport event, which takes place every 4 years, in which athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations participates. The CWG 2018 is going to commence from today onwards i.e. 4th April 2018, at Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Hence, I would like to take this opportunity to wish each and every sportsperson all the very best. I hope you all excel in your respective games and make your country proud.

Now, before anyone points out the mistake of writing 2010 instead of 2018 in the heading of this blog, let me clarify that the year 2010 is rightly mentioned in the heading. This write-up actually talks about the CWG 2010 that was hosted by India. At the time, when the center of discussion was the corruption that took place in organizing the CWG 2010, I wrote this write-up to put forward the achievements of the sportsperson in that event, irrespective of all the odds.

Although, this post was written around 7.5 years back, however, I think it’s still relevant. Hence, I decided to share it on this day when CWG 2018 is going to commence, in order to boost up the moral of the sportsperson, as well as, the common men. So, here is the write-up dated 21st October 2010 (with a few edits) –

Just relax I am not here to waste your valuable time in discussing whether the Commonwealth Games 2010 generated ‘Common’ or ‘Personal’ wealth. Our judicial system is capable enough to handle and decide on any kind of wrongful act (if at all, it happened). Please have faith in our judicial system. However, let me make it very clear that it doesn’t mean that we should not raise our voice or concern against any wrongful act. Come on, we all are fortunate enough to be born in the world’s largest democracy, which gives us the freedom of speech. So, make proper use of your freedom.

Anyway, I think I am diverting from the main subject and have actually written so much on the point, which I said I am not going to discuss here. You know, I am also a part of this largest democracy, so I too have the freedom of speech (*Ahem*). Now, you must be confused that what’s this write-up all about? Well, it is a tribute to all the fighters (excuse me, I don’t mean the politicians) i.e. the “PLAYERS” who participated and represented their respective countries in CWG 2010.

Irrespective of the cast, culture, or the country these players belong too, they played like warriors and portrayed what real sportsman spirit is all about. This event was a true display of commitment, passion, and how the results are achieved without getting distracted by factors pulling us every moment to get demoralized. Without any second thought, it could be rightly termed as a live display of conversion of the negativity into positivity by real-life heroes and heroines.

At the same time, let us not fail to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work that has gone into organizing and effectively conducting this event. I know we can’t pat the back of each and every individual who was involved in the successful conduct of this grand event, but our feelings, our wishes, and our positive vibes could definitely make a huge difference. So, let’s cheer up the success and the achievements of CWG 2010. It’s definitely a matter of pride for India, as we have once again shown to the world that we are no less to anyone in this universe.

At last, let me share some statistical data from CWG 2010. Out of 71 teams, who participated in the CWG, 36 teams won medals i.e. almost 51%. Australia topped the chart with 74 gold medals and a total count of 177 medals. While, India grabbed the second position, bagging 38 gold, 27 silver, and 36 bronze medals, all in all, 101 medals. Wow, it’s unbelievable, isn’t it?

Now, I would like to end this blog by reiterating the beautiful lines written by Mr. Muhammed Iqbal – “Kuch baat hai ke hasti mit-ti nahein hamaari, sadiyon  raha  hai  dushman  daur-e-zamaan hamaaraa” (There must be something special that no one could destroy our existence despite the whole world being against us for ages).

Peyush Jain – 21st October 2010



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