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Oh! Are we really Independent? – Part 2

India attained independence on 15th August 1947, from the 200 long years of British rule. And since that day onwards, we are celebrating our independence every year. Today, when we stand in the year 2017 and look back to the past 70 years since independence, do we think that we have done justice to our independence? Have we achieved what we actually should have, till now? And most importantly are we progressing in the right direction or not?

Herewith, I would like to quote the following lines extracted from the first part of this Blog – “Independence is freedom from fear of any sort. Independence is about Equality and Justice. Independence is about liberty of choice. Independence is about Freedom of Thoughts, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Actions. Independence is all about breathing in the air of freeness. Independence is an integral part of the life of every living being. Independence is the right of every soul”.

Independence is freedom from fear of any sort”. If we take this as a parameter, then could we proudly say that we are free from all sort of external fears? Are the Divyaang (differently able), children, women, senior citizens, youth, and other living beings around us safe? Are basic amenities available to every citizen in the country? Are there no more people around us who are suffering from poverty, illiteracy, and starvation? If the answer to any of these questions is in negative then it is a high time we ask ourselves that do we even deserve to celebrate our independence? Forget about celebrating independence; are we even independent in the real sense?

Whenever such questions are being fired towards us, we start accusing the politicians and system, for all these things. But tell me, aren’t we as a society, responsible for everything that is happening around us? Have we ever asked ourselves that what is our contribution towards securing our independence? Claiming to be a patriotic citizen won’t help much rather our actions should portray patriotism. The day every citizen acts patriotic, will be the day of our independence in the real sense.

Do remember that every change starts with a small step. If we are able to bring even one positive change in and around us, that impacts the society as a whole, then we have done our bit. No need to take the load of changing the entire world. Be the torch bearer for the change that you think is much needed around you and witness the world following your footprints. “Be the change, to see the change”.

Today, India is celebrating the 71st Independence Day, but this celebration will be incomplete without every citizen taking a pledge to work for the betterment of the society, nation and the entire world. We should be watchful of our action and be cautious to ensure that our actions don’t bring harm to anyone in this world. Development is not a solo thing; it can only be achieved by an overall development of the society. Hence, let us all work towards a better and a developed India. At the same time, work diligently towards making this world a better place to live in.

I wish that the Almighty give good sense to each one of us. God Bless you all.

Jai Hind! Happy Independence Day!

Peyush Jain



A writer at heart and creative at art. Someone who wants his words to leave an impact. Someone who is hungry for genuine feedback and not the number of likes. The thought behind my writing has always been to revolutionize the thought process which is overpowered with the set obsolete parameters, as well as, to bring into life, a new perspective towards everything around us. When I am penning down these lines, the beautiful composition by Mr. Dushyant Kumar Tyagi strikes my mind, "Sirf hungama khada karna mera maksad nahi, Meri koshish hai ki yeh soorat badalni chahiye; Merey seeney mein nahi to terey seeney mein sahi, Ho kahin bhi aag lekin aag jalni chahiye". The meaning of this verse (in my words) is that - My only motive is not of rabble-rousing, but my efforts are directed towards bringing about a change; I want the fire of awareness to lit somewhere, if not in my heart then maybe in yours, but the fire has to lit. Readers are a writer’s strength and one of the motivating factors that keep the writer always alive. All the honest readers are undoubtedly the unbiased mirror of a writer’s content. Hope the readers like my blogs and could correlate with them. It will be an honour if the readers are able to gain something worth from my write ups. At the same time, it will be my pleasure to know your honest views. Each and every single feedback is highly appreciated. So do not hesitate to comment with utmost truth in your words. Keep reading and keep learning. I wish you all a very healthy, happy and a prosperous life. Love to all. Be in touch. Take care and God Bless!

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