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Are you still hopeful for a Reservation-free India?

I would like to start this blog with the following paragraph extracted from my other Blog “India – My Country, My Dream”, under the sub-headingReservation-free India – “Is reservation the only means to uplift the backward class? Is talent dependent on caste? If the answer to both these questions is in affirmative then surely implement reservation in each and every single field. We all know that in order to uplift someone, the support is needed, but reservation in “Opportunities” by no chance could be construed as supporting the backward class. Isn’t free and compulsory education the only way to uplift the backward class? Give them financial assistance to study, give them support to grow. But what is the need to reserve the opportunities?”

Many of you (like me) must be hoping that one day you will witness Reservation-free India. However, the reality is gloomy and you will be heartbroken to know that those in power are least bothered about it. The politicians, in whom you have laid your faith and elected to represent you, have no intention to abolish the reservation system prevailing in our country. And mind it this is not a baseless charge. Anyone who is following the current political scenario will be able to understand it quite easily. I will try to elaborate this point in the subsequent paragraphs for better understanding.

India, the largest democratic nation, is gearing up for the upcoming Presidential Election. President of India is the highest post to be held by any citizen of Motherland India. Obviously, the very first question that comes to any sane mind is that what are the essential attributes one need to possess in order to qualify for this esteemed post? Unsurprisingly, like many other nations of the world, none of the attributes are essential for any citizen of India to be a politician or for that matter to get elected as the President of India too. But yes, one needs to fulfill certain criteria for being on the favoured list of eligible candidates. These criteria’s varies from time to time and situation to situation, sometimes it’s the caste, sometimes it’s the gender, sometimes it’s the financial position, sometimes it’s the relation with the Party Supremo of the aspiring candidates, etcetera.

Isn’t it a matter of shame for the world’s second most populated nation that we can’t even come up with deserving candidates for an esteemed position like President of India? Our politicians are more concerned with the caste or gender of the candidates than their experience or caliber. If that’s not the case, then wouldn’t they be evaluating the Presidential Candidates on the basis of their eligibility, rather than laying emphasis on their caste or gender? Herewith, let it make it very clear that I am not questioning the eligibility of the candidates who have filed the nomination for Presidential election, but I am pointing my finger towards the mentality of the politicians from both the side i.e. the ruling government, as well as, the opposition.

How shamelessly the election for such a dignified post is turned into a caste and a gender-based election. And every single politician is responsible for this. None of the politicians came out in open and stood against this decision or opposed the selection criteria of the Presidential candidature by the political parties. What more we can expect from these politicians when it seems that they simply act as a puppet in the hands of their parties and always blindfolded agree to the decisions taken by their respective parties, even if they believe that it is ethically wrong?

When the present ruling government announced their candidate for the post of President of India, they made it a point to “advertise” him as a Dalit (backward caste) candidate. They were not interested in publicizing his caliber or experience. In counter to this, those in opposition came up with a Dalit face too. Needless to mention here the opposition parties also “advertise” their candidate as a Dalit candidate and they went a step further by playing the gender card too. Wouldn’t it be better on their part to publicize the past good work of their candidate, instead of projecting her as a “female” candidate from Dalit caste?

I fail to understand that what role does the caste or gender has to play in holding the senior most position of any nation? What an irony that this is the mentality of the people who are governing us. At the same time, we all are equally responsible for such a state of political condition in our country because we are surely going to forget all these things (as we did in past) while casting our vote the very next time and once again people like these will be ruling over us. So why do we even hope for anything of this sort to ever happen, until we are ready to change ourselves?

One thing is sure that these politicians don’t intend to abolish the reservation system prevailing in our society. Hence, there is no sense in hoping this to be a reality in any time in the near future. The only possibility left, which I can foresee, for these politicians to take any step in this matter is when they will see any personal benefit resulting from the abolition of reservation in the form of achieving their political ambition. Only then they will think in this direction. Until then there is no hope left for us from these politicians. It’s better if this matter is decided by the Honourable Court only.

I do hope that we all get awakened on this serious issue at the earliest. I wish that the Almighty give good sense to each one of us.

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God bless you all!


Peyush Jain