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Art of taking bath wearing a raincoat in the bathroom – Aren’t majority of the politicians expert in that art?

The current Prime Minister (PM) Mr. Narendra Damodar Modi on dated 8th February 2017, in his speech on the motion of thanks in the Upper House of Parliament i.e. Rajya Sabha, made a comment on the Former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. To be precise, PM Modi commented that “Itna sara hua, Un par ek daag nahi laga. Bathroom mein raincoat pehen kar nahaana, yeh kala toh sirf Dr Sahab he jaante hain, aur koi nahi janta” (Mr. Manmohan Singh was not charged with a single corruption charge even during the regime of the most corrupt government. It’s only Dr. Singh and no one else, who knows the art of taking bath wearing a raincoat in the bathroom: PM Modi).

As a common man, when I heard this comment from our Pradhan Sevak, I just wondered that till date how many of the politicians are being charged for any kind of offence and most importantly adjudged guilty for any of those charges in our country? Whenever these politicians are being charged for any kind of offence or involvement in any kind of corruption case then their instant reply is that “All the charges against me are Politically Motivated”. History is the witness that cases against these politicians linger on for ages and the ultimate fate of all these cases is that the politicians are set free from any kind of charges.

When the majority of the politicians are not adjudged guilty in any of the charges against them, then isn’t it true that these politicians are indeed expert in the “Art of taking bath wearing a raincoat in the bathroom”. If this is not true then will they throw some light on the fact that which raincoat the politician wore when post-Godhra Train incidence in the year 2002, the entire Gujarat state was burning? Coincidently, the Present PM was the Chief Minister (CM) of Gujarat state, during the occurrence of those riots, when the then PM Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee has to advise him to follow the Raj Dharam (Royal Duty). For your information, the Former CM of Gujarat too has not been adjudged guilty for any of the charges against him.

Time and again this question pops up in our mind that if the present central government is serious about the allegations they make on the Former PM, then why didn’t they unearth the corruption cases against him, till date? Instead of passing loose remarks in the parliament the present government should have brought strong evidence against all those who were involved in the corruption cases. I don’t know what stop them from doing so. Do they lack the willingness to open up cases against those whom they openly allege to be corrupt or are they themselves afraid of any of their own questionable deeds or past wrong acts?

This blame game is never going to end. It seems as if it’s the basic ingredient and part and parcel of the political system. Every party alleges the opposition party and when they themselves come in power they don’t take any actions on the allegations they used to make earlier. We, the common citizens could only wish that one day Justice will prevail over anything else (including power). That will be the day when none of the corrupt politicians will be able to take rescue of any of the raincoat. That will be the day when we will be able to make our nation corruption free. Only that day one politician could point the finger towards the other and say that “Even if you know the art of taking bath wearing a raincoat in the bathroom, it will be of no help”. Until then it would be right to say that “Hamam mein sab nangeny hain” (Everyone is naked in the bath).

I wish that the Almighty give good sense to all of us.

Be in touch.

God Bless!

Peyush Jain



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