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Suicide – Just keep that thought aside

When the thoughts of suicide knocks your mind,

Just unfold the memory of your loved ones to remind

When you have made up your mind to Quit and End it, once for all,

Mind it, that there are real-life stories of people rising, after having a great fall.


When you are tired of your life

And you think there is no hope left,

Give it a thought, that there are souls around,

Who, in spite of a lot of misery has nothing to regret.


When you are about to kill yourself,

Just wait for a moment and think what you are going to gain,

As you never know, it might be your last day of suffering

And the prosperity was about to rain.


When the very thought of living another day suffocates you,

When you feel that you are left with no other choice, but to bid life an adieu,

Do remember that there is a reason for our existence, and yours might still be due,

Above all, you don’t have an option to give up because you are one of the chosen few.


Life is a journey; it has its own tide,

One needs to have patience throughout, and simply carry on this ride,

Never lose hope, because no matter what, we will always be by your side,

Win over the sufferings and make us feel pride,

Suicide – Just keep that thought aside.



Peyush Jain