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Any country which is an offspring of Motherland India cannot be a hell

India is my Motherland and my mother can’t give birth to hell. “Ganga se kabhi nali nahi nikalti, Ganga mein ghul ke toh har cheez nirmal ho jati hai”. Hence, I have no regret in saying that “Any country which is an offspring of Motherland India cannot be a hell”. I very strongly oppose any such thoughts that defame the “innocent” citizens of any other country by saying that “Going to a particular country is like going to hell”. If you remember, post division of our border, those who settled that side were amongst us and it’s none other than the lineage of our ancestors who reside over there. So isn’t defaming that country equivalent to defaming our own ancestors, as well as, their family members?

“Dear” Minister, we may have differences with any other country, but does that mean that any civilized nation has the right to curse the whole country, as well as, the innocent citizens residing over there? If you have any proof that each and every citizen, or, for that sake, even majority of the citizens of any country are involved in conspiring against our motherland then do share the same with the nation and, without any second thought, adjudge that country as a hell, but not otherwise. For your information, Mr. Minster, you are handling the ministry which has the authority to teach lessons to all those countries which create nuisances in our motherland, so I guess instead of giving such statements you are in a far better position to take strong actions against those involved in such activities. Note: I do hope that you won’t feel offended on being addressed as “Dear”, unlike a colleague of yours.

Mr. Minister could you enlighten us that if that country is a hell then why was our “Pradhan Sevak” so keen to step on the soil of the so-called hell, that he made a visit Oops “surprise” visit to that country in the month of December 2015. By any chance, if you don’t remember (there is a very high probability of which), then let me remind you that your boss, after a visit to Russia, on his way back from Kabul to India, made a “surprise” visit to that country without informing his countrymen, “well in advance”. Let me further apprise you about the ground reality that majority of the countrymen are not on social networking websites and other platforms like Twitter. So anything shared over there, “at the last moments”, doesn’t tantamount to informing the countrymen, especially when matters as important as a Prime Minister’s visit, “after over a decade”, to other countries are concerned.

I can’t understand that when people can address a specific country as hell, then what is the reason behind their silence against all those countries which are financing the terrorist activities in those countries, from behind the scene? Are they scared to give names like “Hell” to the so-called “Super Powers” of the world, who for their own financial and other benefits, first give birth to terrorist organisations and later when these organisations start showing eyes to them, they start intruding the borders of other countries in the name of peace and take revenge by killing their disowned illegitimate child.

I further fail to understand that what kind of democracy is this wherein the ministers in power have all the freedom to say whatever they wish to, but, on the other hand, if anyone else speaks their mind out “without defaming others” then fingers are being raised on their patriotism. A lady is being harassed and accused of “sedition” charges on the ground that she expressed her views about that country and said that it is not a hell and people there are just like us.

I would like to ask all those countrymen who are accusing her that is this, the same tolerance which they were advocating some time back? What wrong has she said in that statement? Aren’t the people who reside in that country just like us? Aren’t the innocent citizens of that country themselves the victim of terrorism breeding on their soil? Now, do you think that the common citizens residing in that country will be involved in the mass killing of their own family members? If not, then is it justifiable, by any standards, to address the place they live in as a hell? Isn’t it equivalent to applying salt on their wounds? I know that we all are patriotic and can’t tolerate anything against our motherland. However, doesn’t the same logic apply to all the citizens of each and every single country?

We believe in the philosophy of “Vasudeva Kutumbakam” which means that the whole world is one single family. Isn’t it against our ideology to call names to other countries and bring disgrace to the “innocent” citizens residing over there? Suppose, if one member of a family is involved in illegal activities, and for that reason let that member be the head of the family, then would we blame the entire family and accuse them for the conducts of that member, in spite of the fact that neither the other family members participate in such acts, nor they encourage the illegal activities of that very member?

Grow up guys and realize that some people on both sides simply don’t want our relations to be peaceful. Their sole intention is to keep the fire of hatred always ignited in our hearts. Sooner the better, we realize that it’s not going to help either of us. We got to ignore all such ill minded people and their ideology. Our martyrs, our soldiers and other innocent people who have been the victims of the fight between both the countries, look upon us to do justice to their sacrifice. If we continue to live with such kind of mentality then this fight seems to be never-ending.

At last but not the least, I would like to clarify that I am not questioning anyone’s patriotism herewith. Neither am I justifying any kind of terrorist activities that are breeding on the soil of any other country. I condemn any such inhuman activities and completely stand in support of any kind of actions taken to finish terrorism from its roots. I do hope that we all work towards making this world a peaceful and a heavenly place to live in. I wish that the Almighty give good sense to each one of us.

God bless you all!


Peyush Jain