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Is justice actually achieved in the current judicial system? – Part 2

Disclaimer – Coincidently, Part 1 of this blog referred to a case in which the person accused, is the same person who is recently held to be “not convicted” in yet another case, as in the former one. However, let me make it very clear, that this blog is not about any single person, but rather it’s about the whole judicial system. Without any second thought, I would like to state that this blog is meant to raise fingers towards the efficacy of our judicial system.

“Once again, a recent judgement by the ‘Honourable’ High Court, on dated 25th July 2016, in a high-profile case, in which the judgement travelled from “Convicted – to – Not convict”, in a ‘short’ duration of 18 years, raises a lot of questions/doubts in the mind of a ‘Common Man’, especially on the working style of the judiciary”. How appropriately those few starting lines from Part 1 of this blog (with a little modification) accommodates over here. And, this is the very reason that forced my brain cells to think that nothing really changed from that judgement to this judgement and it further aroused me to write Part 2 of the earlier blog.

Isn’t it a matter of shame for the investigating agencies and the judicial system who adjudged the accused as “Not Convicted”, majorly on the ground that the main witness in the high-profile case is missing, but the very next day, a news reporter named Mr. Manoj Kumar Purohit of the Hindi Daily Newspaper “Dainik Bhaskar” did a remarkable job of not only tracing out the witness but also getting his interview published in the newspaper, on dated 27th July 2016, wherein the so-called “missing witness” was quoted to have said that “Who says that I am missing, they should have taken my statement, I would have said the same thing what I said earlier i.e. The accused hunted the Chinkara (Indian gazelle)”.

Now, will the honourable court and the judges take a note of the same and reopen the case in the light of new findings? Will a case be registered against those who were responsible for the investigation in the said case? Above all, will the truth ever surface in front of the world? If such things don’t shake the people managing the judicial system than I am sorry to say but nothing can open their eyes. If the learned and respected judicial authorities ignore such shocking incidences than it won’t be wrong on my part to say that our judicial system is in wrong hands. Wake up before the system collapses in totality.

Herewith, I would like to quote the following paragraph extracted from my earlier Blog “Is justice actually achieved in the current judicial system” – “Who is right, who is wrong, whose judgement is correct and whose judgement is incorrect, is for the judiciary to decide, and we are not capable enough to comment on that. However, a simple question pops up in our mind, that if all the evidence are exactly the same in front of both the courts, then what is the reason behind such differences in judgement? Doesn’t this in itself raise doubts on the working style of the judicial system? Could it be considered as merely a matter of personal opinions of the respective ‘Honourable’ judges/benches? What if neither of the parties approaches the higher court in all such cases? Could justice be ever achieved this way?”.

Justice is being raped, every now and then, and still they expect us to believe and say that “We have full faith in the judicial system”? Sorry, but I am not a puppet to repeat or say things as per your likings. Put me behind the bars, but first, give me a valid reason to believe that justice could actually be achieved in the current judicial system. I know that it is too much to ask from the people governing the judicial system. However, every sane person knows it that there is an endless list of valid reasons which are more than enough to justify the disbelief of a common man in the current judicial system.

How many examples are there where a common man got justice against those who moulds every system, as per their wish, solely on account of the so-called Power and Money that they possess? It won’t be wrong on my part to say that most of the times the Judiciary tend to prove that it is for the people who have Power and Money. If you possess anything out of the two, then you are authorized to do anything as you wish to “irrespective of it being legal or not” and there is a high probability that you will get away with it without any charges ever being proved against you.

There are piles of cases which are pending in the court of law, the person who filed the case was no more alive in many of the cases when the time for its first hearing came, a lot many accused persons are set free in absence of adequate proofs against them, a lot many innocent persons are forcefully kept inside the bars by planting fabricated proofs against them. That’s the hardcore reality of our ‘respected’ Judiciary. Isn’t it a matter of shame for our judicial system?

At last, I would like to request each and every person governing the judicial system that if at all they have a awaken soul then take some drastic steps to improve the current judicial system, in order to, restore the faith of common men in the judicial system. Till then, no one can say it for sure that “Justice is actually achieved in the current judicial system”, and, as such, till the time judicial system embraces the much-needed changes, justice would be just an unachievable dream in most of the cases.

I wish that the Almighty give good sense to each one of us.

God bless you all!

Peyush Jain

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A ‘qualified’ apology by Mr. Tony Blair for Iraq invasion – Was it even an apology “in real sense”?

Disclaimer: The blogger strongly believes that the common people of all the countries are always the believer of peace. However, a few persons/leaders irrespective of the country they belong to, in order to accomplish their greed and satisfy their ego, could go to any extent against humanity. This blog is meant to point a finger towards all such destroyers of peace, and, in no way, should be construed against any specific country or the common people residing over there.

From a past few days, it is being publicized all over the world that in an interview with CNN, Mr. Tony Blair (Former British Prime Minister) made a QUALIFIED apology for Iraq invasion that took place in the year 2003. Well, indeed it’s breaking news if a ruler/ex-ruler of a country apologizes for any of their past conducts. I am sure most of you must have eagerly heard/read the apology, especially because it came from an ex-ruler of a country which has a history of invading other countries in the name of Peace & Prosperity, “but never apologizing for the same”.

So, out of sheer curiosity, I too tried to dig in, to find out that what apology did Mr. Tony exactly made. As reported, Mr. Tony said that “I apologize for the fact that the intelligence we received was wrong”. In the same interview, he further stated that “I find it hard to apologize for removing Saddam”. Now, with my limited reasoning power, what I could understand from these statements is that although Mr. Tony admits (after 13 long years) that there was no genuine reason for invading Iraq, but still, he don’t think that there is any need to apologize for the mass killing of innocent people, in the name of throwing out of a ruler.

I seriously fail to understand that where is the apology for Iraq invasion in those statements? Mr. Tony has only apologized for wrong information received at their end. Did he apologize for any wrong action (if any) taken on their part, that was based on the so-called wrong information received? When he himself justifies his stand of invading Iraq by saying that he finds it hard to apologize for removing Saddam, then on what basis it is being publicized as a QUALIFIED apology for Iraq invasion?

Mr. Tony, I am really thankful to you for not disappointing me on this front, because I never expected an apology from your end just for invading any other country. Although, you have to apologize (out of compulsion of Chilcot report, I guess), for wrong information received, still you acted as a true politician and tried to save your ___ (neck). No wonder you find it hard to apologize for invading any other country, as none of the British PM has till date apologized for invading the ‘prosperous’ land of Mother India. British Empire invaded India, ruled mercilessly for ages, but till date, none of the leaders has officially apologized for this inhuman act and neither they feel that this act of invading the ‘prosperous’ land of India was in any way wrong. So, Mr. Tony, your non-apologetic stand is totally justifiable, in the light, that you are simply carrying the legacy with utmost dedication.

Herewith, let me make it very clear that I am not trying to justify the acts of any of the dictators. Indeed it’s a noble cause to remove a dictator if s/he is a threat to the worldly peace or a cause of trouble and pain in the life of others. But is it justifiable to do so at the cost of the life of millions of innocent people? Did the citizens of Iraq approach any of these nations (who invaded Iraq) to set them free from their ruler? If not, then under what authority these countries invaded Iraq? I mean invading other countries to showcase the world that we are a Super Power is supposed to be the favourite pass time of some of the leaders, right?

It is my earnest request to all the “Destroyers of Peace” that for the sake of humanity please stop playing with the emotions of the innocent people and stop fulfilling your malicious greed’s in the name of peace. The majority of the human beings are peace lovers and you all can’t fool them for long.

I wish that the almighty give good sense to each one of us. Let us all strive to leave a peaceful world for our future generations to live in. Let there be real peace all around.

God bless you all!

Peyush Jain