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Water, Water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink

“Water, Water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink”, these lines from “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”, a poem by the great poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, spontaneously comes to my mind, when I think about the problem that revolves around the availability of one of the basic necessities of our life i.e. ‘Water’, on our planet earth. What an irony that, on one hand, it is said that about 71% of the earth is water, while, on the other hand, the rest 29% of earth has to face situations like drought, etcetera. Although it’s a known fact that living beings can’t survive without water, however, surprisingly, even after centuries of human existence, we are not able to find out a concrete solution to the problem of availability of water, which is spreading its wings, day by day. If this is the condition of humans, “who claims to be the smartest of all the living beings”, then we can just imagine in which direction we are heading towards.

Let us be honest and accept the hard core reality that most of us (undoubtedly including me) are least bothered about the adequate availability of water on earth. Although, we have heard, read and even shared our “strong views” with regard to availability and misuse of water, quite a number of times, in conferences, seminars, group discussions, informal talks, etcetera, but to be honest, in our conduct, we consider Water as a resource which will be available for our consumption till eternity. However, it is a high time we realize that by ignoring this problem of water availability, we are axing the same branch on which we are sitting and the end result will be nothing else than our downfall.

It is being quoted, at many places, that if ever, God Forbid, the so-called Third World War took place; one of the major reasons behind it will be ‘Water’. Irrespective of the occurrence or non-occurrence of any war, the problem attached with the availability of water is a serious concern for all the living beings. Do remember that one can survive without food, but not without water. We all know the repercussions of Shortage or Excess availability of water. Shortage or Non-availability of water leads to drought condition and Excess availability of water leads to situations like the flood.

Not much is required to be enlightened on the effect of shortage/excess water availability, as we all are pretty much aware of the fact that what our life will be in absence or abundance of water. We all know that we should save the scarce resources like water, as well as, don’t misuse them. Indeed, it is the foremost duty of each one of us to save and stop misusing water. However, the problem is so huge and alarming that these two measures are actually not enough, considering the severity of the problem concerned. If at all, we want to leave behind ‘Water’ for the generations to come, then there is so much to do in this field.

There are many research papers and studies which state that the level of ground water is also declining, day by day, and a serious action is required to be taken at the earliest. The level of ground water is not hidden from us and we very well know that excess extraction of water, without caring to recharge the water bodies, by way of rainwater harvesting, etcetera, has resulted in the level of ground water going down and down. Do remember that our actions in the present are going to impact the life of the future generations. There are organisations which are doing a commendable job in converting the sea water into drinking water so that the salty sea water is made available for human consumption too. Efforts like this should be recognized and properly backed by our society so that we are able to control the water problems to some extent that are occurring across nations. We all should be thinking, as well as, acting on such lines if we don’t want a Thirsty Future.

Now, what’s the solution for this problem of availability of water? If we keep our eyes and ears open then we will indeed find the solution within the problem itself. Yes, the problem of availability of water on earth has a solution in the problem itself. If we look upon and consider the entire ‘Planet Earth’ as a single place, keeping aside the “man-made boundaries”, then we can indeed resolve this serious problem of availability of water to a significant extent. Can we imagine that when one part of the earth is flooding with heavy water, the other part is suffering from severe drought? Now this problem itself reflects the solution i.e. joining the water bodies across nations.

Although the solution stated above of joining the water bodies sounds simple in theory, however, in practicality, it comes up with a lot of complications, if’s, but’s, etcetera. Indeed there will be restraint from all sides with regard to sharing of ‘their’ water with other countries. I mean, water is no one’s property, but still, we humans consider it as our birthright to claim our ownership on each and every single thing that comes across us. The very reason why I mentioned in the above paragraph that “If we look upon and consider the entire planet earth as a single place, keeping aside the “man-made boundaries”, was because, until and unless, the severe problem of water availability is considered as a “Common Problem” across nations, irrespective of the nation we belong too, we could not come up with a concrete solution.

A Unanimous decision needs to be taken by all the human beings that, every nation will work upon the project of joining the water bodies, “keeping aside their personal differences”. Only then this problem could actually be resolved. Imagine the situation where all the water bodies on planet earth are interlinked and joined together. If this happens in reality, then will there be any place left on earth which will encounter drought or flood? Does not this look a feasible solution to such a severe problem of water availability? But yes, the political and other issues must first be kept aside, if we really want to work on this solution.

This solution may sound unrealistic, but it is the only solution which will ensure to keep a check on the availability of water on PLANET EARTH. However, as mentioned above the prerequisite in resolving this issue is to have a broader perspective, at the same time, we need to keep in mind the thought of Humanity and work together, keeping aside all our differences across nations. Only when this happens in reality, we will be able to say that we were considerate enough and did our little bit to save the nature and leave behind a better world for the generations to come.

I do hope that we all, along with organisations that work across nations for the united world, thinks seriously about this problem, as well as, take necessary actions on the solutions thereof and make this picture come true in reality, someday. I would also like to appeal each one of you, to do your little bit by saving water and stop misusing water, because “Every drop does counts”. Be considerate towards other living beings and be human in conduct.

God Bless you all!

Peyush Jain