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Let us celebrate ‘FAILURE’

This blog is dedicated to each one of us. Yes, we all want to achieve success and only success, each and every single time. We all try to run away from the very fact that there is always a probability of failing, in anything that we are going to attempt. But let us all accept the hard core reality that each and every one of us is going to fail, sometimes or the other. We all get depressed with our failed attempts, every now and then. But when it comes to success, we enjoy it like anything. Time and again, this question appears in my mind that is this the right way to deal with failure?

Ever thought that why we treat failure with such inferiority? Is getting depressed and feeling bad about failures, the right kind of attitude to carry on? Aren’t success and failure like two sides of the coin? Can success be achieved without failing ever? Isn’t failure the stepping stone towards achieving success? I sometimes think that is there anything wrong in failing? Why is the failure not accepted at ease in our society? Why is the failure not taken as a usual thing? Isn’t failure an important ingredient of the recipe named as success? So what if one eventually doesn’t succeed? So what if someone was throughout the life a failure? Why can’t we recognize their efforts, irrespective of the end results? Why do we look upon the people who fail, as if they are an inferior soul? Is there anyone on earth who hasn’t failed ever in their life?

I have experienced ‘Failure’ throughout my life. I have failed at least once, in almost everything that I have ever tried. I started my journey of life with a failed attempt when I tried to crawl for the very first time and I failed even when I took my first step to walk. I failed in my exams, in my relationships, in the games that I played, in the arguments, in the fights, in the projects that I handled and the list goes, on and on. I failed at my home, at my workplace, at streets, all in all, there is no place left where I haven’t failed yet. I even failed to save someone’s life. But in spite of these failures, each and every time, I won something that I am always proud of. “I won the lifetime ‘experience’ from every failure”.

Since we attach celebrations with winning, so isn’t failure an occasion to celebrate? Yes, it is something to celebrate about, but, if and only if, we are determined to learn from our failures. I believe that “Failure is the best teacher”. So why to disregard one of our best teachers? We should rather give the due respect this teacher named ‘Failure’ deserves from us and the best way to pay back is by embracing the learning that every failed attempt brings with it. I am sure failure pops up a common question in most of the minds i.e. “Why Me”. Instead, we should learn from our failures by asking ourselves the question that “What’s there for Me” to learn from this failure.

Success is a journey of ‘learning’ which should be measured by the quantum of learning gained, rather than the result achieved”. It’s rightly said that it is far better to fail, then to never try. So keep trying and do whatever your heart wants you to pursue. Don’t care about failure or success. Do remember that in the end what will matter is the baggage of experience one carries with them. It’s the only thing one will be looked upon for sharing with the generations to come. Obviously, the success achieved also brings with it immense learnings. Hence, what we all should be caring about is ‘learning’. Learn from each and everything. Let the fire of learning be always ignited in your heart.

So, stop caring about others and let’s “Flaunt and Celebrate our failures”. After all, the count of failures will always outnumber the winners; as such, we will always have the privilege to, at least, boast about the gathering in our celebration. Let the world envy us for enjoying our failures. Let’s get over the rat race of running after success. Stop thinking about the end results and start enjoying the efforts behind the failed attempts.

Do take a good care of yourself and be in touch.

God Bless you all!

Peyush Jain



A writer at heart and creative at art. Someone who wants his words to leave an impact. Someone who is hungry for genuine feedback and not the number of likes. The thought behind my writing has always been to revolutionize the thought process which is overpowered with the set obsolete parameters, as well as, to bring into life, a new perspective towards everything around us. When I am penning down these lines, the beautiful composition by Mr. Dushyant Kumar Tyagi strikes my mind, "Sirf hungama khada karna mera maksad nahi, Meri koshish hai ki yeh soorat badalni chahiye; Merey seeney mein nahi to terey seeney mein sahi, Ho kahin bhi aag lekin aag jalni chahiye". The meaning of this verse (in my words) is that - My only motive is not of rabble-rousing, but my efforts are directed towards bringing about a change; I want the fire of awareness to lit somewhere, if not in my heart then maybe in yours, but the fire has to lit. Readers are a writer’s strength and one of the motivating factors that keep the writer always alive. All the honest readers are undoubtedly the unbiased mirror of a writer’s content. Hope the readers like my blogs and could correlate with them. It will be an honour if the readers are able to gain something worth from my write ups. At the same time, it will be my pleasure to know your honest views. Each and every single feedback is highly appreciated. So do not hesitate to comment with utmost truth in your words. Keep reading and keep learning. I wish you all a very healthy, happy and a prosperous life. Love to all. Be in touch. Take care and God Bless!

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