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Sachin Sachin!

A small note dedicated to the legend Mr. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Although, this note was written on the day when the “God of Cricket”, decided to retire from the fields of cricket, however, I am sharing it today on my website, in order to, commemorate the half-century of my blogs. Yes, this is my 50th Blog and what could be better than to share a note on the “Master of Centuries”, to complete my half century. For me, it is equivalent to attaining a half century with a smashing six.

The note dated 16th November 2013 (the date when Mr. Sachin Tendulkar took retirement) –

“Bharat Ratna Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar”, a legend who gave us 24 dynamic years of sparkling entertainment, a name which became synonym to cricket, a person who showcased honesty and dedication as his two hands, a human being whose acts compelled us to worship him like God, a brand, an institution in himself, a grounded personality whose life is a lesson to learn from. Someone who is beyond cricket, beyond generation, beyond nationality; “He is a Master Piece, a Master Blaster”.

Our expectations from him remained the same every time he took guard on that 22 yard. Nothing less than a century was ever expected from him, and now, if we look back and analyse, we will conclude that to come out and play with such huge expectations and loads of pressure it needs to be a SACH (Honesty) IN.

This expectation did not change even in the last test innings of his career, where everyone wanted a century to come out from his bat. Nevertheless, every single run he scored over the figure of half century in his last test innings represented a year that he dedicated to cricket, making a total score of 74 runs.

He entertained us, he made us feel proud to be an Indian and it’s our privilege to grow up, seeing him play. It will be a real tribute if we can imbibe SACHINISM in our self. Thanks, Mr. Sachin from the depth of our heart.

Mr. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, you may have retired from the fields, but your memories will always stay ‘Not Out’ in our hearts. “A personality that aspires never retires”.

I wish that the Almighty always bless you and your family.

Sachin Sachin!


Peyush Jain – 16th November 2013

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Factual mistake in the formula adopted for calculation of Urban Development (U.D.) Tax by Rajasthan State Government – Is it a blunder or a well thought out strategy to rob our pockets?

Is it believable that a state government is levying Urban Development Tax on the basis of a formula, which has a flaw in following the basic principle of mathematics? Indeed, one can counter by saying that manual and system errors are bound to occur at every place. However, what would be the justification for continuing this error for, as long as, 9 to 10 years, and still going, on and on, with the same mistake?

It is interesting to note here that although the government changed during this period, still, the formula is intact i.e. the present government intends to continue the “revenue generating mistake”. Herewith, please be noted that the Rajasthan government is fully aware of this mistake, but I guess, they simply don’t want to rectify it, solely because it will lead to a lesser collection of tax. This certainly compels us to think, whether it is a blunder or a well thought out strategy to rob our pockets?

Before we discuss any further, let us check the formula adopted for calculating U.D. Tax in Rajasthan state. Formula for calculating the Urban Development (U.D.) Tax in Rajasthan

Total U.D. Tax Payable =

(Total Plot size in square yard) X (Effective D.L.C. rate in square meter)


As it is evident from above, that the formula adopted for calculating the Urban Development (U.D.) Tax by the Rajasthan Government is factually incorrect. This mistake is apparent from the Urban Development Tax bills issued by the concerned department of Rajasthan Government. The factual mistake in the formula for calculation of U.D. Tax is that the plot size is taken in the square yard, while the D.L.C. rate is taken in the square meter. It is a basic principle of mathematics that two different measures cannot be multiplied to arrive at the desired figure. How can square yard be multiplied with the square meter? I mean, even a school going kid can point out such a mathematical mistake. However, the learned and respected Rajasthan Government leaders/officials are least bothered about this basic principle of mathematics. But, on the contrary, who cares for the basic principles, when keeping them aside, gives one the licence to rob the hard earned money of common men?

For the correct calculation of U.D. Tax, the total plot size first needs to be converted into square meter from the square yard and, thereafter, multiplied by the available D.L.C. rate in square meter, in order to obtain the correct Tax Payable per square meter.

“No wonder Logic’s are only for the common man to follow, the powerful and privileged ones are respectfully exempted”. I am not making a loose statement when I say that the Rajasthan Government doesn’t intend to rectify this mistake. My statement is very well backed by the fact that the Rajasthan Department of Local Self Government (RAJDLSG) had issued an order, by way of a departmental circular, dated 19th December 2012, instructing the concerned officials and departments, that while calculating the Urban Development Tax, square yard should be converted into square meter for arriving at the correct Urban Development Tax Payable (thereby accepting their mistake). However, surprisingly on dated 07th February 2013, RAJDLSG stayed the above-mentioned order with immediate effect i.e. switched back onto the wrong formula for calculation of U.D. Tax. (Reference: An article published, on dated 20th May 2014, in Dainik Bhaskar, the Daily Hindi Newspaper).

I hope the staying of the above-mentioned order in itself shows whether the government intends to rectify the mistake or not. What was the logic behind staying the order? The only reason is a reduction in tax collection on account of correct formula. Wow what a logical reason, right? If the government intends to earn more revenue than can’t they increase the tax rates? Or are the leaders scared of losing their government on account of increased taxes, so they rather choose to rob our pockets by misleading the innocent citizens? As per an article published, on dated 19th May 2014, in Dainik Bhaskar, the Daily Hindi Newspaper, Rajasthan Government is charging almost 20% excess Urban Development Tax on account of incorrect formula being adopted while calculating the U.D. Tax.

If the Rajasthan Government doesn’t intend to rectify the mistakes apparent on record then how come they expect us to deposit misleading taxes on time? When intentionally the government doesn’t want to rectify their mistakes, then who gave them the authority to levy penalties on incorrect taxes that are not being paid by the awaken citizens, till the time they rectify the mistakes at their end? Although, the concerned officials have been requested, time and again, for rectifying the mistake and issuing a revised demand notice, still no action has been taken till date, even after a lot of follow ups and meetings with the concerned officials. In such a case, why would any law abiding citizen pay the “intentionally incorrect taxes” to the government?

Finally, I would like to end this blog with the hope that the leaders and officials of Rajasthan Government get good sense, as well as, get awakened on the issue raised in this blog to rectify the mistake in the formula for calculating the U.D. Tax and they don’t take shelter of such illegal methods to collect revenue in future.

Peyush Jain

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Does your past haunt you every now and then?

Does it happen with you, that your own ‘Past’, time and again, starts banging harshly on your door, in spite of the fact that you have hanged a nameplate showcasing in bold letters the word ‘PEACE’? If your answer to the above question is in affirmative, then no wonder the title of this blog caught your attention and you made a painful attempt to bear with this blog. Nevertheless, if your Past drops in as an uninvited guest, then no need to worry about, because in that case, you are sailing in the same boat in which we all are your co-passengers. Yes, it does happen with each one of us. Our past, all of a sudden, appears in front of us, like a gangster demanding the ‘well-deserved ransom’, on account of permitting us to inhale our next intake of oxygen. Note: Only the negative past is referred to as ‘Gangster’ in this blog. The positive past is indeed an ‘Angel’.

So are you scared of your past? Do you feel depressed because of the past thoughts overpowering your mind? Do you feel helpless at all such times? Do you think of running away from this gangster, in a way, never to be located again? Does this thought ever come to your mind that is there any way out to deal with this gangster? Isn’t there any solution by which we can overcome and ‘Let Go’ our past? As I said that we all are co-passengers, so let us sail together in this journey of the blog and try to find out the answers to all such questions that are stalking our mind since ages.

I tell you this gangster named as ‘Past’ is a shameless fellow; the more one tries to drag it away, the more it will come closer and closer. As a gangster enjoys seeing the people around it as its slave, in the same way, our Past Aka Gangster enjoys ruling over our thoughts. It surely rejoices at our helplessness and pity on our sorrowful condition. Sometimes, I think whether the intention of this gangster behind following us everywhere is to click endless selfies with us or what. Gosh, how can one be so selfies oops selfish with anyone?

I think till now, I am able to successfully portray the picture of ‘Negative Past’ as a ‘Cruel Gangster’ in your mind. Now, the very reason behind addressing this negative past as a ‘Gangster’ is to find out the answers to the countless questions that strike our mind, as and when we encounter our past. Yes, the solution to overcome and let go our negative past lies in the word Gangster. If, while tackling our negative past, we apply the modus operandi of dealing with a real gangster, then it will surely help us in overcoming our past too.

The best way to deal with this gangster is defined in a sequential manner below –

  1. Firstly, stop getting scared from the gangster. As soon as, we gain the confidence in us that we can face this gangster named The Past, we will be able to challenge it with utmost strength. This is the first step towards our ultimate aim of eliminating any sort of negativity from our life.
  1. Once we have the confidence to deal with it, the next step is to make our mind ready for accepting our mistakes and embracing the findings from analysing our past. We have to prepare ourselves that we are going to take things in the right sense and conclude the incidences from our past to a logical end, once for all.
  1. Now, it’s the time for some real action i.e. the right time to face the gangster, on a one to one basis. In this step, we need to sort out every minute thing and the only prerequisite for achieving this is a peaceful mind. We need to question ourselves for the failed relationships, failed attempts, why others are behaving with us in that manner, what is stopping us from getting over our past, all in all, find answers to every such past thing which is a cause of mental disturbance in our present life. We need to question our past with the sole aim of finding the answers to questions like what went wrong, what were our mistakes, what are the learning’s, etcetera.
  1. Mind it, the above step number 3 is not meant to start sobbing upon our past, rather, it is meant to get over our past thoughts which are haunting us, every now and then. In the above step, we need to find the answers to all our queries that are affecting our present, on account of the happenings in our past. We need to search for ‘Our Answers’ to our past events that appear, time and again, in front of us. Do remember that these are our answers, and as such, they should not be influenced by anyone else’s thoughts, actions, etcetera.
  1. We need to continue step number 3 and carry on our wrestle with this gangster until the time we are satisfied with our own answers. Till we find satisfactory answers, against the turmoil of thoughts unsettling our mind, this exercise will not end. Once we are satisfied with our answers, “after an unbiased analysis of our past”, we would be able to accept our past and get over our negative thoughts.

Trust me if you deal with this gangster in the above-mentioned way, it would never haunt you again in your life. Do remember, that like a real gangster, our past also doesn’t like anyone standing against it. If we rise against our past, then, slowly and gradually, the past will start disliking us and would one fine day dump us to live on our own. As the time passes, it will vanish from our memories and leave behind only the learning’s for us to embrace. Thus, we will be able to get over with our past events and the only thoughts which will remain in our mind will be the thoughts pertaining to the moments to cherish and the moments to learn from.

I hope you agree with me that there is nothing wrong in at least giving it a try. Let’s see, if we are able to be a good host the very next time our past knocks on our door. Now it’s solely your choice whether or not you want to give it a try because till the time one gets even with their past and settle scores, it is going to haunt them, time and again, and they will end up staying in their past forever.

I wish you all that you are able to get over the past negative thoughts that are ruining your beautiful present. God Bless you all!


Peyush Jain

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Just a ban on ‘subsequent’ manufacturing, sale and distribution of Fixed Dose Combination (FDC) drugs – Ah our life isn’t worth much!!!

The Health Ministry, Government of India, vide a gazetted notification, dated 10th March 2016, has banned with immediate effect, the manufacturing, sale, and distribution of around 344 Fixed Dose Combination (FDC) drugs and the news is that a lot many of other drugs are also being lined up, to be banned by the government in the near future. It should be noted here that the Honourable Delhi High Court has stayed the above-mentioned government notification, thereby, providing an interim relief to the affected companies who were involved in manufacturing, sale, and distribution of those drugs. Now, it’s for the court to decide whether the ban on the FDC drugs is justifiable or not, in the present case. However, in this blog, I would like to touch upon another important issue i.e. whether the responsible authorities have done justice or not, by simply levying a ban on ‘subsequent’ manufacturing, sale and distribution of the FDC drugs?

Fixed Dose Combination (FDC) drugs – Before going on to the justice part, let us understand what does Fixed Dose Combination (FDC) drugs actually mean. In simple terms, FDC means that two or more drugs are combined (mixed), in a fixed ratio, and the resultant is the single drug which is termed as FDC drug.

Reason for banning the FDC drugs – The reason laid down by the government in the official gazette, behind banning the FDC drugs is quite shocking, as well as, alarming, at the same time. The reason behind banning the FDC drugs is that these drug combinations pose a risk to human beings and that there are safer alternatives available in the market. The government further stated that it is satisfied with the observations and recommendations of the expert committee appointed for this purpose and that it is necessary and expedient in the public interest to regulate, by way of a prohibition of manufacture for sale, sale, and distribution for human use of the said drugs in the country.

Is this justice at all – Now, the question that arises is whether the responsible authorities have done justice by simply levying a ban on ‘subsequent’ manufacturing, sale and distribution of the FDC drugs? If the government has completely relied upon the recommendations of the expert committee, then what about the harm done till date by consumption of these drugs on the life of humans? Are we even considerate about the life of innocent people? What about compensating for the hard earned money that people have spent in consuming these drugs, which as per government are ‘useless and harmful’ to humans. Why no penalty in monetary terms has been levied on these companies? Can any sane person take this as anywhere near to justice, considering the risk of the life of a common man who has relied upon and consumed these drugs for decades? When these companies can charge exorbitant prices, which at times go even more than 100 times of the actual cost of manufacturing these drugs, than why such a soft corner and lenient approach is being adopted towards them, even when the government has reason to believe that the drugs manufactured and sold by these companies have endangered the life of innocent people?

Whether, simply by prohibiting the future actions, it could be said that justice has been achieved against the damage that has happened in the past, especially in cases where human life is at stake? Say for example, could we expect any sound judge to pass a judgement against a serial killer, that the killer should henceforth stop killing innocent people (without punishing the killer for the past killings)? Similarly, in the present case, if at all any harm is done in the past then it could not be overlooked. There has to be an enquiry against all those who were involved, including the government officials, licensing authorities, respective companies, etcetera and they should get the punishment they deserve for this kind of intolerable and unforgivable act. In absence of which, it will be equivalent to conveying a message to the society that people with power and money can do anything they wish to, and, at the same time, also get away with it.

I have no hesitation in saying that the intensity of the reason that the government has laid down, behind banning the FDC drugs is quite severe. However, the action taken against those findings is simply not enough. The responsible authorities have once again missed out on an opportunity to convey a serious message to the society, that for us the life of the living beings is extremely important and whoever will try to play with it should be ready to bear severe consequences.

I still hope that banning is only the first step and the government is going to take serious actions against all those who are involved in such cases, especially wherein human life is at stake. Until the time some harsh actions are taken against the people involved in such cases, our life will continue to be the most unworthy thing, in the eyes of those, for whom money is the sole priority and we should be ready to play a prey in their hands for their personal benefits and agenda.

I wish that the Almighty give good sense to each one of us.

God bless you all!

Peyush Jain

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Yoga Gurus selling fast food products – Have fast foods turned healthy these days?

The renowned and learned Yoga Gurus are selling products which are categorised as fast foods, etcetera. I know that there is no ban on fast foods being sold by Yoga Gurus. But my only worry is that, isn’t such practices contradictory to the very teachings of Yoga? Or is it that all of a sudden fast foods have turned healthy these days and, hence, they could very well be categorized under the head ‘healthy food’. I just want to remind the Yoga Gurus that “to eat healthy food” is one of the basics of Yoga teachings. So, it’s my humble request to all the learned Yoga experts to please enlighten us, that is it a high time to amend the Yoga literature, in order to, incorporate fast foods and other such food products/implements under the category of healthy food?

Can we get drowned into the money business so much that we forget the very basics of the core things, which we publicly preach about? Can the teachings of yoga and business of fast food products go hand in hand? Is this strategy a part of the whole business plan, which states that one should first make people unhealthy (as in, the prospective customers) and then, later on, cure them? Isn’t this equivalent to running a Cancer hospital by the manufacturer of tobacco products? It seems as if everything is fare in the business whose sole aim is to ‘making money’.

We always thought that there is a difference between a Yogi (One who practices Yoga) and a Bhogi (One who is a materialist). But it seems that there is a thin line of differentiation between the two and for money’s sake there is no wrong, in crossing that line. In the current scenario, what matter the most is money and to have that money one can very well shift into a Bhogi from a Yogi, time and again, at their sole convenience. It seems as if the motto is to keep aside all the moral teachings for the public speeches and when it comes to earning money than one should only follow the sole principle, which says that, “Everything is fair in business and one should just concentrate on earning money and more money, by hook or by crook”.

To all the Yoga Gurus who are involved in the ‘business’ of selling fast food products, I simply want to inform you all, that your association with such products sends a wrong impression in the mind of innocent people. Herewith, I am not accusing the Yoga Gurus that they claim such things to be healthy, but my only point is that either such Gurus should not associate themselves with such products, or else, should clearly state that “although they are selling this product, it is not good for health”. That’s the least we expect from a Yogi “to be honest”, right?

The common man, “who has a blind faith” in Yoga Gurus, simply believes in everything that these people say, as well as, takes everything that they associate with as right and healthy. It’s a high time the common man wakes up and realizes that being a blind follower, always leads to a dead end. Each one of us has been gifted with a workable brain, so we should question each and every single thing before adopting it in our life. Remember it, that only when the common man is awake, no one will be able to fool them, play with their emotions and exploit them for one’s own benefits.

My appeal to the Yoga Gurus is that please don’t mix up Yoga with Business. I very well know that to expect such behaviour from those who are money minded, shall be adjudged as foolishness on my part. But still, who knows, maybe one day, some of them may realize that there act is not appropriate as per the teachings of Yoga. May the almighty give them the good sense to decide whether their actions are for the sake of mankind or not.

My humble request to each one of you is “Be a smart consumer, rather than a blind follower”. I hope that at least the customers realize this fact that they are purchasing an unhealthy product before they take their decisions. Now, it’s up to each one of us to decide whether or not, we want to buy an unhealthy fast food product, solely because the person behind that product is associated with an ideology of healthy living. Give it a thought guys, so that no one is able to fool you.

God bless you all. Be in touch!!!

Peyush Jain