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Sterilising the animals – Who gave Humans the authority to do so?

It seems as if sterilising or neutering the animals (especially the street animals) is the favourite pass time of Humans. After witnessing the way people advocate sterilisation of street animals, it would not be wrong on my part, to say that sterilising animals is one of the activities which we humans are most fond of. A lot of animal lovers also support the sterilising of street animals, with the thought that it will save the newborn animals from getting killed on streets, mainly on account of the over speeding vehicles which we humans drive insanely. There are countries where even the pet animals need to be compulsorily sterilized so that their population could be controlled. Now, the question that arises is that who gave humans the authority to sterilise other living beings? Do note that this blog is not to point fingers towards the genuine sterilisation which is required to be done for logical reasons. But, how can we justify ‘forceful’ sterilisation without any logical reason?

For your kind information, a street is a place to live in for the animals as they can’t construct houses or take accommodation after entering into some kind of leave and licence agreement. First, we humans do encroachments on the jungles, which are the place where the animals have the right to live in, and then we start claiming that place to be ours on the basis of man-made land ownership deeds etcetera. We don’t stop here, but, on the contrary, after this, we very shamefully start claiming and treating the animals as outsiders. We don’t leave any chance to restrict their entry near our households and shoo them off from our surroundings. Wow, we humans are just shameless.

Ever thought, that what we will feel like if the same thing is done with us? What will be our reaction if tomorrow someone throws us out of our home and even sterilise us for no reason? Isn’t sterilising the animals is equivalent to sterilisation of human beings that was done at the time of emergency? How can we, without any logical reason like an animal suffering from a sexually transmitted disease, a spread of epidemic etcetera, go on sterilising the animals? Don’t they have a right to produce?

We, humans, consider it as our birthright to dominate all the other species because we are the ‘self-proclaimed’ superior ones among all the living beings. Time and again, we play with nature. We killed and wiped out the very existence of the creature known as Dinosaurs. And, now we are searching and researching for any opportunity to bring their existence back on planet earth. It is said that humans are the ones who learn from their mistakes. So what did we learn from this mistake of ours, wherein we erased the existence of dinosaurs from earth?

Herewith, I would like to quote the following paragraph extracted from my other Blog “Animals – Are they living beings?” – “We all need to take care of all the living beings around us, else the day is not too far when we will be narrating stories about some of the living beings that used to live around us, as our elders are narrating us about ‘dinosaurs’. Now, it is for us to decide whether we want to see more of ‘Jurasic Park’ with animated creatures that once lived on planet earth or we want to witness ‘Jurasic Park’ sequences with the real creatures”.

Are we superior to nature as well? If not, then isn’t it said that nature controls everything that tries to break its equilibrium? Don’t a number of newborn animals die for various reasons like cold, weakness etcetera? Then what is the need for us to sterilise them even when their population is not growing to an alarming level? Do we think that planet earth is the sole property of only Humans and we want only humans to stay alive on earth? We always talk about human values, but do such acts tantamount to be considered anywhere near to the human behaviour?

I strongly advocate that instead of trying to control the new ones from getting born, we should apply our energy in finding out means by which we can save the newborn from getting killed under the speedy vehicles. A few of the measures, which I think could be devised for saving the life of new born babies of the street animals are installing the temporary sheds at the place where they are born and shifting them in those sheds for initial months, so that they don’t move on the busy roads or if possible then have a dedicated place where the newborn will be shifted along with their mother/father for the initial period or installing a notice board to drive slow, as there are newborn babies on the street etcetera. But, all these measures will not be needed at all, if we behave like humans with other living beings and are considerate towards their existence too.

Only when we take such ‘humanly’ steps we have the right to claim us of being Humans, forget about being the superior of all the species. Live and let others live too. Don’t play with nature, else nature will show us that it always is, and will always be, the superior of all. Better we get awake and check our deeds before it’s too late and nature show its cruel side and thrash us out from the planet earth. Hope we all get a good sense and we act sensibly towards others.

God Bless you all. Do take care.

Be in touch!

Peyush Jain

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Democracy is also “By the People”

First of all, accept my warm wishes on this auspicious day of Republic day, which is celebrated every year on 26th January to commemorate the date on which Constitution of India came into force i.e. 26th January 1950. It means that it is the official day when India became a republic nation. India opted for democracy with the aim of keeping the ultimate ownership and power to govern the nation in the hands of the masses i.e. the citizens of Mother India. Being Democratic, on the one hand, brings with it a sense of pride; while on the other hand, it also places a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of the citizens. The citizens of a democratic nation are solely responsible for leading their nation towards prosperity and growth.

As per the dictionary meaning, the word Republic stands for “A political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them”. (Courtesy: Word Web). In simple words, Republic or Democracy is for the people, of the people and by the people. My interpretation of the last statement with regard to democracy is that “For the people” indicates Entitlement, “Of the people” denotes Ownership and “By the people” symbolizes Responsibility. This Republic day, let’s concentrate on the aspect of “By the People” in a democratic setup and the responsibilities of the citizens in a democratic nation.

The three words “By the People” in itself signifies that “Democracy is a vehicle which is driven by the People”. So in a democratic system, we the common men are seated in the driver’s place and it’s our responsibility to drive Democracy on the path of progress and prosperity. In a democratic setup people can’t shed away their responsibility just by passing remarks like “Everyone is thief”, “Politicians are corrupt”, “Government officers are robbers”, “Nothing good can happen to this country”, blah blah blah. If there is anything in the vehicle that is malfunctioning, then it’s the sole responsibility of the driver to check and repair the same before the vehicle is worn out.

Suppose, if one day, the Almighty forgets their power, then who is going to advise them that they are the Supreme Soul? Neither anyone is capable of doing that, nor anyone is going to do it, right? Yes, the Almighty will have to realize their power on their own. In the same way, in a democracy, the citizens are the Almighty i.e. the supreme power lies in a body of citizens and when the citizens themselves don’t realize their power then no one is going to come to their rescue. Ultimately, it’s the citizens who will have to realize their power and accordingly take the onus of moving the democracy in the right direction on the path of prosperity and growth.

As it is said that “Boond boond se he sagar bharta hai” (Every little effort does matter), as such, we all have to contribute our little bit if we want our country to progress. We can’t simply leave the country in the hands of the elected few, for every five years, and run away from our responsibility by claiming that we have voted and elected our representatives to govern the country. We have to ensure that each and every step that is taken by the government is in the interest of the citizens, as a whole, and not in the interest of the favoured few. As a citizen, our responsibility is not restricted to simply cast our vote, but we have to also keep a check on the functioning of the elected representatives.

In the same way, we have to raise our voice against any misdeeds, injustice, corruption etcetera that comes in our notice. We can’t simply close our eyes and pass on the responsibility on the police and law enforcing agencies. As and when, any such things come to our notice then it is our duty to surface such things in open, as a whistleblower. If we, as a Supremo are afraid, then no one can help the nation. As it is said, that “The Almighty also helps those who help themselves”. So, firstly, we have to stand courageously against any injustice and then only we can think of achieving the Justice.

At the same time, we have to make sure that we keep the environment unpolluted and also ensure that all the living beings are safe. We have to keep our planet clean and green. Grow plants, preserve wildlife, save energy and save the planet should be our motto. It’s also our duty to follow the rules and regulations that are devised to safeguard us. Live and let others live too.

We, the citizens, have to realize our power and use it accordingly. Those who want to rule over us will never let us know what our real power is all about. They will continue to exploit us forever. Awake, before it’s too late. Hope we all stand together for driving the vehicle of democracy on the path of prosperity and growth. May the Motherland India progress and prosper manifolds. Stay united and peacefully.

Happy Republic Day!

Peyush Jain

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Death – The sole destination of every living being

Birth and Death, are the respective start and end point of every living being, irrespective of the species, caste, creed, colour, religion etcetera. From the day, living beings come into existence, the countdown for their end starts. As soon as we are born, we start the journey towards our sole destination i.e. Death. The only thing that is certain to happen with each one of us is Death. None of the living beings has a body that is immortal. No one of us is going to stay alive forever, not me, not you and not any of our loved ones.

Then, why is it that we can never accept this truth named Death and take it as a normal incident? The spontaneous answer to this question is that we are an emotional being and it is our attachment towards others that makes us feel sad for their loss. Now, if that so, then isn’t there any way to overcome this stage of an outburst of sorrow in our life? Obviously, we all feel sad on the demise of our loved ones. We may have a lot of things left inside us that we always wanted to share with them, but alas they are no more around us to lend their ears to our talks. Nevertheless, we have to be strong enough to bear and overcome such incidences. Let’s see, if, in this blog, we can figure out some way or the other, to get over that uninvited sad period in our life.

To be very frank, writing about death somewhere makes me feel low. It gives me the thoughts which I never ever want to come true in reality. As per me, to think about death is the most negative thing in this world. But still, I can’t change the reality that death is the sole destination of every living being. We all are helpless and when our respective time will arrive to embrace the death, no power will be able to stop our soul from leaving the body and moving towards another journey.

We mourn on the departure of the soul, even though we know that the soul is immortal and it’s only the body of the person that dies and leave this world. Most of us can’t stay unaffected by the death of someone who was close to us. We may cry, we may feel their absence, we may curse them, we may miss them, but the reality is that they will not be around us anymore and our feelings no more matters to them. They will not come back to wipe our tears or lend their shoulders to us.

As soon as the body is dead it is unaffected by any worldly things that are going around it. There is no sign of stress, trouble, concern, etcetera on the face of a dead body, whatsoever, may be the state when the person was alive. No more diseases, no more pains, no more tensions, no more fun, no more happiness, no more pleasure. The dead body may have left behind many unachieved dreams, untold secrets, wishes etcetera, but the very time their soul left the body, all these things also get buried inside them. It raises above all the feelings. The body reaches its ultimate peaceful state when it is dead.

Although, we all know this truth that one day each one of us is going to die, but still we fear our death, as well as, we are scared of the death of our closed and loved ones. The very thought that one day someone will not be there with us, completely shatter us from inside. We can’t imagine our life in absence of our near and dear ones. But in reality, our life goes on, even after the departure of the soul who was once our lifeline and heartbeat. Life is all about moving forward.

Now, is there a way we can accept the death with ease? Is there a way we can let go the thoughts of someone who was extremely close to us? Is there a way we can attain peace of mind at the time when the mountain of sorrow fell upon us? One thing, as per me, that could lift us from this blow of death is connecting with the Supreme Soul, the Almighty. I know it is easier said than done. However, this path can help us in getting over the sadness and vacuum that has been created by the death. Connecting with the Supreme Soul through meditation is the way out, that can bring solace and that can settle the turmoil of emotions flowing inside us at such painful times.

Also, until the time we are alive let’s not die inside us and waste our life. Let’s live life to the fullest, live each day as if it is the last day of our life, let’s share all the feelings with our loved ones, Kyunki Kya pata kal ho na ho (Because who knows, if there will be a tomorrow or not).

Do take a very good care of yourself, as well as, everyone around you. Live healthy and long.

God Bless you all!

Peyush Jain

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Divyaang – The Divine Body

The respected Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi, in one of the episodes of ‘Mann Ki Baat’, telecasted on dated 27th December 2015, urged the citizens of India to address the differently/specially abled people as ‘Divyaang’, instead of ‘Viklaang’. What a noble thought indeed. Hats off, to the heart and brain which came up with this divinely word ‘Divyaang’. It’s just not about the word, but the sense of pride and feeling of confidence, which comes along with it that matters the most.

Viklaang’, which means disabled, is the word that displays a feeling of pity towards those who may be physically disabled. However, to call these people as disabled is absolutely wrong on our part. Having any physical disability does not mean that these people lack in their abilities on any front as compared to those who are physically abled. On the contrary, with their self-confidence and willingness, they have excelled in many fields, where they got an opportunity to showcase their talents to the world.

Divyaang’, which means the divine body, is the word which brings with it a feeling of respect and positivity. Whenever we hear this word ‘Divyaang’, automatically the thought towards these persons takes a positive turn. In reality, these people don’t want our sympathy, rather they want us to treat them like any normal being and give them an opportunity to prove themselves. Every one of us is blessed with a unique skill. ‘Divyaang’ are not an exception to this and it’s just a matter of opportunity to exhibit their unique skill.

Till this time, we were addressing the people with physical disabilities as ‘Viklaang’. But, if we, as a society, in a real sense wants to treat them at par with all the other human beings then addressing them as ‘Divyaang’ will be the first step towards the same. It’s a known fact that how we address a person has a larger impact in boosting up their morale and self-confidence. So, a simple change in the way of addressing them is certainly going to impact in a drastic manner because this will have a two-way effect. Not only the people who are differently/specially abled will feel good when they are addressed as ‘Divyaang’ but, at the same time, this will also change our perspective towards them in a positive way.

Change is the only thing that is constant. Change for the betterment is what we should strive for. We may differ in our ideology, political preferences etcetera. However, we should acknowledge the good things, irrespective of the source from where it originates. Adoption of the word ‘Divyaang’ is one such thing in which there is nothing to be criticized about. So, let us all welcome this change with a positive outlook and embrace the word, as well as, the human being who are addressed as ‘Divyaang’ in our society. Humanity is all about treating everyone with equality. Let there be no place for pity and disrespect towards others. Let us remove any kind of discrimination present in our society on the basis of physical or mental ability. Let our thoughts and our conduct portray humanity in a true sense.

Divyaang’, truly you have a divine body. We all are proud of you and we have full confidence that you are going to excel in the field of your choice. Never lose hope. Let the flame of confidence and faith always lightened up inside you. May the Almighty bless you all and give you enough strength to face the challenges that come across in life.

Peyush Jain

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Minimal Mimic – What’s our tolerance level?

We are a nation where art is considered as a divine blessing, and at the same time, we do worship the god and goddess of art. People even treat and worship the artists as god/goddesses. They have a lot of respect towards the artists and, in reality, are crazy about them. Hence, when a mimic is punished in such a nation, then a lot of questions are obvious to evoke in our mind. In this blog, I have tried to jot down the questions that hit in an unbiased mind i.e. questions that come from the side of the performer, as well as, the questions that arise from the side of those who gets hurt, whenever any such incidence takes place around us.

Now, before anyone advises me to watch the act and decide for myself about the incident, let me make it very clear that it’s my good fortune that I haven’t seen the “much talked about” act, till now. As such, I am in a good position to write this blog without any preconceived notions in my mind. I have tried my level best to think about the issue from both the point of views. I hope the readers could dig and come up with the replies to all these questions in their mind.

Questions from the point of view of the performer – What is the kind and level of satire which is treated as ‘bearable’ based on the parameters set by the people of this country? Are there some kinds of ‘untouchable’ subjects which are not to be joked about in our society? If yes, then who is going to decide about those subjects? Isn’t mostly anything that is fun for someone, a reason of hurt to the other? Does that mean one should stop joking at all? Was it something that was not taken in the right spirit by those who got hurt? Before getting hurt do we take into consideration the intentions of the person behind it? If no, then is this the right way to treat a professional artist? Are we so intolerant against something that is not meant to be taken seriously at the very first place? Are we not mature enough to take things in a lighter way? Do we have enough freedom of speech in our democratic society?

Questions from the point of view of the persons who got hurt – Is making fun and mimicking the idols and known personalities, the only talent that is left with the artists to showcase? Was it a cheap comedy that hurt the sentiments of the followers? Before coming up with any material do we consider the repercussions and take a conscious decision to showcase it? If yes, then what is the need for seeking forgiveness? Or is it that we take the content and feelings of the people so casually that we don’t bother about the after effects? Can’t there be a clean fun where we don’t play with the emotions and feelings of others? Have we taken the society for granted that anything that is done in the name of fun is going to be accepted? Does freedom of speech means that anything could be said and done regardless of whether it hurts anyone or not?

As enjoying or getting hurt is solely based on personal views, so are the answers to the questions raised in this blog. Now, it’s for each one of us to find our answers and decide what our tolerance level is, whether we are ready for the full blown mimic or a minimal mimic is our choice and could anything be accepted and taken in a lighter sense or not.

I hope we all are mature enough to think before we speak and act, as well as, take things in the right sense, as they are meant to be taken.

God bless you all!

Peyush Jain

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Youth is all about the Youth factor

What exactly is youth? Is it merely a term used to address someone who is young? Is being youth an age specific thing? What are the attributes of a youth? What are the things that don’t tantamount to being a youth? What does the Youth factor stand for? In a larger perspective, what are the expectations from the youth? On this day of Swami Vivekananda Jayanti, which is celebrated as a Youth day, this blog is an attempt to define ‘Youth’ from my point of view.

Youth is about confidence, youth is about positivity, youth is about energy, youth is about hope, youth is about dream, youth is about openness, youth is about freedom, youth is about revolution, youth is about courage, youth is about enthusiasm, youth is about zeal to learn, youth is about passion for excelling, youth is about commitment, youth is about dedication, youth is about happiness, youth is about faith and youth is all about liveliness.

Youth is not about drugs, youth is not about alcohol, youth is not about participating in crimes, youth is not about disrespecting others, youth is not about running away from the problems, youth is not about losing hopes and committing suicides, youth is not about suffering and tolerating the wrongdoing, youth is not about hatred, youth is not about show-offs and youth is definitely not about forgetting the real world by getting engrossed in the virtual world.

According to me, “Youth is the Youth factor in You”. Now you must be eager to know what does this Youth factor actually means. Well, the “Youth factor means believing in the You that is in You”. It’s all about self-belief. Youth has nothing to do with the age. It’s our belief that makes and keeps us young. “Be young in your thoughts and let the age envy you”. Till the time, the flame of all the essential attributes is ignited within us we are youth, “irrespective of our age”. The day these characteristics die inside us, we cease to be a youth anymore. So, it is totally a self-choice whether or not one wants to be a youth.

Many a time, we come across people who are young at age, but, at the same time, they are also a pool of negativity. Now, will it be right to denote such negative souls as Youth? And, then there are a lot many of senior citizens, who bring with them an electrifying energy of positivity. So aren’t these senior citizens still young, in spite of their ages? Hence, it’s all about one’s attitude that keeps them young until the time they want to be like that. It is rightly said that age is just a number.

It would not be wrong if I say that “Expectation and Youth are like synonyms”. A youth is an arrival of a new dawn of hopes and aspirations, a youth is expected to make the dreams come true, a youth is a means to achieve the ends, a youth is looked upon as the source of energy, a youth is a medium to bring about the positive changes in the world, a youth is a helping hand for those in needs and an armour for the sufferers, a youth is an opportunity for the elders to witness the fulfilment of their wishes.

The world has a lot of hope, expectations, and confidence on the youth. Let the dreams come true by our hard work and let us all work together to make this world a peaceful, progressive and a happy place to live in.

At the end, I would like to express my heartfelt wishes to all of you on this occasion of Swami Vivekananda Jayanti and Youth day. Do ensure that the ‘Youth factor’ inside you never fades away.

Be Young, Be Lively! God Bless you all.

Peyush Jain

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Animals – Are they living beings?

It’s not a hidden fact that animals are living beings. However, the question is that do we humans, in reality, even consider them anywhere near to a living organism? Human Beings are using the animals to serve their purpose right from the time they arrived on the planet earth. Animals are being used to give us company, watch our place, kept as a pride to showcase the status symbol, lot many of them are slaughtered to decorate our places, plates and cover our body, they are hunted for satisfying our arrogance, they are killed on streets by our speedy vehicles, etcetera. All in all, they are just an object to be used, at our ease. So why do we fake to consider them as living beings? Note: Animals in this blog includes birds, as well as, all other living creatures except human beings.

The creator gave us the power to think. Hence, we humans, claim ourselves to be the smartest of all the beings. But smartness is not evaluated based on self-claims, rather it should be reflected in our conducts. I am not pointing the fingers towards the few souls who are really considerate towards other living beings but let us accept the hardcore reality, that most of us don’t care about animals, at all. Whether it’s the questionable transfer of a wild tiger into a sanctuary or mishandling/killing of street dogs, we are simply not bothered. As far as, anything with regard to animals is concerned, we fail in arousing that human touch, which we always boast about.

If the killing of humans is a crime, then why is ‘intentional’ killing of ‘any other’ living being not a crime? Well, to argue on this point a lot of laws in the country could be shown, which advocates the safety of every living being and consider the killing of animals, as a crime too. But, can we keep a hand on our heart and say that these laws are actually followed in reality? How many humans till date got punished for killing a street animal by riding their speedy vehicle over them? Before you get any other thought, let me make it very clear that there is a vast difference between unfortunate deaths of the animals, which all of a sudden comes in front of our vehicle, as against killing the innocent animals by aggressive accelerating of our vehicles to an insane speed.

The saying that “The eyes speak a lot”, applies to the eyes of all the living beings. Did we ever try to understand the feelings of animals? Look into their eyes and you will observe that there is an ocean of emotions waiting for us to take a dip, in order to, understand their feelings. If it was possible for these creatures to convey with us in our language, they would have definitely told us that what they want from humans is just ‘freedom’. They want the freedom to live happily in their world, freedom to roam in their area, freedom to choose where they want to live in and freedom to select with whom they want to spend their life. We are not their ‘owners’ and so we don’t have the right to pet them “against their wish”. If at all, we want to “stay with them” we have to be considerate about their comforts and lifestyles. We should not always expect them to adjust “as per our life”, but instead, we need to accommodate ourselves with their lifestyle too. So, until and unless, we consider them as a part of our family, we have no right to snatch away their freedom by keeping them at our place.

We always complain that the wild animals are entering our territory and killing humans, but did we ever give it a thought, that it’s we who have snatched away their place of living and our greed is driving us crazy to capture, more and more, land which eventually leaves no place for ‘other living beings’ to survive in. Where will these living beings go? What will they eat, if we are not leaving any place free for them to hunt? Most likely, all other living beings, except humans don’t kill for satisfying their greed; rather they kill to feed their hunger or, at the most, when they sense any danger to their life. Now, the question is that after the encroachment on their places of living, are we feeding them enough, so that they don’t kill us for satisfying their hunger? If not, then what other option they are left with, then to eat human flesh? We should keep it in mind that change has to be from both the sides.

We all need to take care of all the living beings around us, else the day is not too far when we will be narrating stories about some of the living beings that used to live around us, as our elders are narrating us about ‘dinosaurs’. Now, it is for us to decide whether we want to see more of ‘Jurasic Park’ with animated creatures that once lived on planet earth or we want to witness ‘Jurasic Park’ sequences with the real creatures.

It’s not so hard to contribute in our small-small ways. Do note that every little help does matter. Say, for example, if we have an open area, in and around, our home, then we should grow plants which eventually develop into ‘big’ trees. Why I mentioned big trees, instead of small plants is because it’s the big trees which provide shelter to the birds and other animals like squirrel etcetera. At the same time, we can feed the street animals in our area because most of them are malnourished. Trust me, if we feed even a small quantity to these little angel souls they start treating us as a Very Important Person (VIP) of our area. They will give us so much love and affection that we will forget all your worries. They are a stress buster for sure. Treat them with love and in turn, get loved in abundance. All these small contributions will matter a lot in the long run.

On a positive side, there are a few souls who are really considerate towards the welfare of other living beings and they are doing a remarkable job in this field. We, as a society, need to recognize their hard and unthankful job. A lot of street and wild animals are able to survive because of these divine souls. Hats off to all those who are sweating their life towards such a noble cause!!!

Let us all pledge to love all the beings, be it living or non-living. Care for them and be there for them. Save Animals, Save Humanity and Save Planet Earth.

God Bless you all. Do take care.

Be in touch!

Peyush Jain